6 thoughts on “D. V. Paluskar”

  1. Mind blowing,Thanks.

  2. Neelesh Ishwarchandra said:

    do anyone have a tappa recording of Pt. d. v. paluskar.
    and can someone help in finding out any tarana recording of him.
    how can it be possible that such a great vocalist and he never sung tappa & tarana, that too being a representative of GWALIOR gayaki of hindustani music.

  3. Barun Kanti Chakrabarti said:

    Very neat always in his gayaki. A great Master of Hindustani Classical Music, of whom we could not hear more for his short span of life.

  4. Dr.V.P.Gargav said:

    Devine! Hart touching! !

  5. Dipankar Naik. said:

    Undoubtedly the greatest Hindustani Classical singer of all times.

  6. Dr.A.N.Tikle said:

    The Gayaki of Paluskarji takes us to the highest level of eternal music which gives Darshan of Gandharvas.

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