Aftab Datta

We would like to thank Aftab Datta for sharing with us the following recordings:

A. Kanan – Puriya Kalyan
Amanat Ali & Fateh Ali – Bairagi, Gunkali, Jaijaivanti (Fateh Ali’s Jaijaivanti has been removed).
Amir Khan – Shree
Bakhsh Gullo – Marwa
Bhimsen Joshi – Puriya Dhanashree
Nazakat Ali & Salamat Ali – Bhopali, Kedara, Nat Naraini
Nisar Hussain – Puriya Dhanashree
Sharafat Hussain – Puriya
Tansen Pande – Todi

In addition to the above, we have uploaded:

Amir Khan – Bairagi
Fateh Ali Khan – Adana
Mallikarjun Mansur – Sughrai

2 thoughts on “Aftab Datta

  1. I see you have replaced Ustad Fateh Ali Khan’s Jaijaiwanti by a shorter version by the duo. Why the replacement ? Why have you not kept both of them ?

  2. I did not have a good enough reason to remove it, aside from the fact that Fateh Ali’s Jaijaivanti was a long live fragment. I have provided a link to it again on the Amanat Ali & Fateh Ali Khan page.

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