3 thoughts on “Nazir Khan

  1. Dear rasika,

    I am preparing a thesis on Ustad Sarahang at la Sorbonne Paris. I’m searching for rare video concert, private recordings and all documents on this master. I am also looking for Nazakat and Salamat Ali Khan videos and all documents on great Pakistani ustads. Can you help me?

    Best regards

  2. Well, I firstly thank Mr. Nazir Khan for sharing the recordings of Ustad Mohammad Hussain Sarahang with this such a great website of sarangi.com

    Indeed, he was the greatest Musician of Afghanistan and one of the bigest Masters of Eastern Classical Music. As he recieved various titles like Sartaaj-e Musiqee, Koh-e Buland, Baba-e Musiqee and Sher-e Musiqee from various Musical Schools of India.

    Just to remind Mr. nur ratnakar, that he can easily find his recordings and some descriptions about his life from most of the Afghan Websites. There was a a project of University of Montpellier a year ago, if I am not mistaking, about the Kharabat Musiqee of Kabul, especially on the works of Ustad Sarahang. So you can also refer to that source also.

    Thank you

  3. Dear Sir,
    I must thak you for your great job of making this wonderful web site but, I have a small suggestion if you accept it I would be really happy and thankful to you.
    Could you please add some more Khayals and Vocal from Ustad Amir Khan Saheeb in your web?
    I am looking forward to see some more of him on his page.
    Your cooperation will be appreciated.
    With true Regards,
    Ali From Afghanistan

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