Dhruba Ghosh & Sultan Khan

Two new Sarangi Archive entries:

Ramesh Mishra Dhruba Ghosh – Ramkali (recorded from ‘Star World’, one summer morning in 1997).

Sultan Khan – Basant Mukhari

Please let us know if you would like to share solo sarangi recordings of other artists like Gopal Mishra and Ghulam Sabir on this website.

4 thoughts on “Dhruba Ghosh & Sultan Khan

  1. You have made a great effort here. Your website is awesome – I mean I could never find these recordings anywhere. Yeah, we would like you to add other artists to the sarangi section. Sarangi is my most favorite instrument. Please add Raga Durga on sarangi, please. Thanks in advance…

  2. I wish to have the e-mail address of Ustad Sultan Khan and Pandit Dhruba Ghosh.

    I am a sarangi Learner. I wish to get guidance from them.

    Grateful kindly provide the e-mail of both.

  3. sir you sould put great sarangi mestro pt.santosh mishra sarangi playing on this site,you cal listen him on youtube rag jog,
    from sangeet mishra

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