Gouri Banerjee

Gouri Banerjee started learning sarangi at the age of nine from her mother. Then she started taking lessons of sarangi from Pandit Kashi Mishra of Benaras, till his death. Thereafter, she is continuing her advanced lessons (talim) of sarangi from world renowned Sarangi Sartaj Ustad Sabri Khan Sahab of Delhi. She has tagged a number of prizes in India. She became Yuv Vani Artist at the age of 16 and then she became approved Radio Artist from Music Audition Board, Delhi. She has also received National Scholarship from the Ministry of Human Resources, Govt. of India for a period of two years. She is the third generation musician of her family. Her grandfather Late Pandit Manik Lal Banerjee was a disciple of Late Ustad Keramatullah Khan Sahab of Kolkata.”

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3 thoughts on “Gouri Banerjee

  1. It is a treat, delight and pleasure to listen to Maru Behag, on a very difficult and complicated instrument, Sarangi, and by such a young girl. It is amazing.

  2. I just came across an email of Mr. Mian Naseer Ahmed. I wonder if you happen to be one of my old friends who used to live in Pakistan and now in the US. I’ll appreciate if you could reply through the same link.

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