turns one year old


Recently, we requested Shubha Mudgal to share some of her music with us, and she kindly sent a Thumri in Raga Khamaj, which is now featured on our website.

We would like to thank Ali Zafar from Lahore for sharing with us the following recordings:

Amanat Ali & Fateh Ali – Basant, Lalit

Nazakat Ali & Salamat Ali – Rageshri, Madhuvanti, Gavati

Other vocal recordings:

Mehfooz Khokhar – Bihag

Afzal Khan & Hafiz Khan (Talwandi Gharana) – Adana Bahar, Hussaini

Roshan Ara Begum – Bhatiyar, Marubihag

Sarangi recording:

Dhruba Ghosh – Komal Re Asavari (Star World, 1997)

Why ICM excluded harmony from its musical system? (

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20 thoughts on “ turns one year old

  1. Dear Webmasters,

    My heartfelt thanks and appreciation of this wonderful site. I am a lover of Dhrupad; I am overwhelmed by the availability of wonderful recitals from venerable artists. My trigger to write is the Talawandi Gharana’s Gouhar vani Dhrupad by Ustad Afzal Khan and Ustad Hafiz Khan. I was looking for this Gharana’s Dhrupad for quite a while and I am thankful for making it available for download.

    I would request to upload all the Dhrupad available at your disposal and if possible give me pointers to find those in other places.


  2. Happy birthday to & whole team !

    Good addition of clips on this occasion !

    Can you please confirm dhrub ghosh basant mukhari Rag ?
    Is it komal rishabh asavari or some variant of basant
    mukhari that replaces shudh gandhar with komal gandhar ?

    Any detail about rag sakh by fatehali/amanatali duo ?

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!!
    This is a great website and people who visit this site are very generous and neat people. I’m thankful to everyone who shares music over here and give us a chance to listen to these great tracks. Can someone tell me about Raga Durga by Ustad Fateh Ali Khan? Does anyone have it? or any Raga Durga?

  4. Hello, i have several recordings too that i want to share with you. please tell me the procedure for it. i have most of Ustad Sultan Khan’s Recordings please let me know… thanks……

  5. this is the best place for music lovers indeed very generous of you GOD BLESS the founders and the involved

  6. Hi everyone, is indeed a wonderful place to collect and rejoice in the sur of our sub-continent’s artists. I am overjoyed that such a website even exists considering the current rarity of real melody in the world.

    Insha’Allah I hope to receive many, many more hours of musical bliss from the site and its contributors. Therefore, I encourage the site operators to take notice in offers of rare recordings by visitors and to quickly facilitate their distribution to all of us.

    Great work being done on the site and best of luck to all.

    PS I do love Roshan Ara Begum, so get those recordings up fast! 😉

  7. Hello all. I would like to know if any one has Raga Jogandhari, Poorbi and others sung by Roshan Ara Begum. Please share them here. Secondly, do you know if Roshan Ara sang Darbari?

  8. Zulqarnain,

    I want, I want! Can you send it to me, also?

    Anything you have of Roshanara Ji, I would love to listen to… she’s especially awesome in raags like Shankara and Kalavati. So, if you have those too or any of hers…I would greatly appreciate it.

    Btw, how did you get a hold of her darbaari? I can’t find any CDs of her and I’ve asked both in both pakistani and indian specialty shops like Khazaana.

    Anyhoo, nice to meet all of you classical mausiqui fans. I am willing to share from my Salamat Ali, Parveen Sultana, and others’ CDs, though I’d be surprised if you guys didn’t already have ’em.


  9. well zeeshan,me too an ardent listener of roshan ara begum..actually i got her DARBARI from radio pakistan(lahore)…there archives contains lot of her other stuff..

    well i have a good collection of her(both video n audio)….in particular i would like to mention
    lalit,bhatiyar,marubihag,adana,marwa,bheempalasi,anad bhairon,mian ki malhar,shudh kalyan,kamod,aiman,jhinjhoti,pahadi,bhoplai,bibhas,bahar,des,basant,kalavati,naiki kannra,maand,anandi,madhuvati,bhairavi,jaunpuri,biragi bhairov,bageshri,shankara etc and lot of thumris,dadras and ghazals.
    tell me u belong to wich area and how can i send u?
    wht u have of mian salamat ali?


  10. Hi Zulqarnain,

    I’m in US (Tn). How about you?

    You seem to have an excellent collection of hers. Email me at and we can discuss how you might go about sending it.

    As for my Ustad Salamat Ali collection, I have a variety of his recordings… including a couple of his rare later recordings with his sons. Actually, I have a ton of classical music that I’ve bought from Khazana. Salamat Ali, Amir Khan, Kishori Amonkar, some Bhimsen Joshi and a lot of Parveen Sultana. I also have Bade Ghulam Ali Khan with Munawar Ali collection. There are others too… it’s a decent collection with a lot of fairly recent stuff.

    What I seriously dislike about classical music though is the limited availablity. Just can never get enough 😉

    Do email me and hopefully we can work something out.

    Nice to meet you, btw.

  11. thnx for your reply zulqurnain I would seriously say that if u like share your recordings on sarangi info so that all people may benefit from them b/c u know many people visit the site but few care to leave comments u have my thanks in advance if otherwise l;et me know by the way it is said that darbari is a male throat raag so I thought that roshan’s darbari is a myth but I read about it that while she sang darbari khurshid sahib asked her to correct a taan during recording I really want to hear roshan’s darbari and will be thankful to all who share her recordings on this site especially I want to here her drut in marubihag which she sang in Pakistan I think and which is featured in ram format on vijay parrikar site in roshan ara page I will write here again good bye and thnx .

  12. well salim,i won;t mind sharing my stuff wid u all…becoz i very well now all da ppl who visit dis site r great admirer of classical muzic…but da prob is how can i?
    if u want darbari or anything else?
    i can send u,but let me know frm where r u?

  13. dear sir,

    thank you for providing all these treasures for download. i am especially enjoying the dagar brothers (senior).

    one question: do you know how i can find recordings of shahida parveen? the EMI one i understand is not available. the only other i know of (internationally) is by a german compilation. ‘shah raja alebela jogi’.

    thank you,

  14. adaad, you have lots of rare collection of music but you must find ustad siddique ahmed khansahab’s solo sarangi – grandfather of murad ali khan from new delhi.

  15. Would like recordings of Roshanaraji. Particularly, Todi, Bilawal, Khat, Deskar, Sarang, Multani, Maarwa, Darbari, Bhoop, Malkauns, Hameer, Bihag, Nat, Jaijaiwanti, Malhar, Paraj, Sohni, Khambavati and Bheempalasi.

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