More recordings and pictures

These photographs have been kindly sent to us by Denis Meyer.

________________ We would like to thank Nazir Khan for contributing the following recordings:

Umeed Ali Khan – Basant, Desi, Puriya Kalyan

Mubarik Ali (sarangi nawaz) – Chandar Prabha

________________ Saqib Razaq of has kindly sent us Nazim Ali Khan’s Durga.


Naseer-uddin Saami performed at the APMC Lahore Annual Festival on 31 March & 1 April 2006. We have published his rendition of Raga Aiman from the second night of the festival. ________________ The following two recordings are from a concert arranged by Suhaib Kiani at his home on 22 March, 2006:

Ghulam Hassan Shaggan – Puriya Kalyan

Allah Rakha – Chandarkauns

It is worth noting that Ustad Shaggan and Ustad Allah Rakha are now 78 and 74 years old respectively.


42 thoughts on “More recordings and pictures

  1. Been waiting for an update! yaaaay.

    One thing I’d like to request is Gorakh Kalyan by Veena Sahasrabuddhe; she does a vilambit khayal, madhya khayal, and then a tarana in this raag.

    Kalavati, Hansdhuni, Shankara, Gorakh Kalyan, Rageshri are all well appreciated by everyone, so more of these please!!

    Also, Begum Parveen Sultana and Ajoy Chakraborty are glaringly missing from this otherwise wonderful site… :)

    Just wondering why… ?

  2. I was waiting for an update too – thanks to all concerned. Mr Taimur I saw u perform on rising Pakistan. A few taans of bilaskhani todi which u rendered were enough to show that u r a promising artist who likes to improvise. I would appreciate if u mail me on my mail address thanks in advance good bye

  3. A truly wonderfull site. Congratulations and thanks to all involved in setting up this unparralled source of musical delight any where on the internet. Unfortunately I do not have a precious recording to offer, but I do have a request. This is Ustad Amir Khan Saheb’s LP recording of the vilambit jhumra taal khiyal, jinka re mana rama biraje, in raag Malkauns. I cannot find a commercial version anywhere, but if anyone has it in their collections and are kind enough to share it with us on this site, a world of thanks to them in advance!

  4. This is a wonderful site – a true khazana for music lovers. Chapeau to the creators of this site!
    I have a relatively big collection and want to share some of my music. Can anyone help me to manage updating files?

  5. Dear Sir,

    Ustad Hussain Bakhsh Gullo recordings must be published in large number at your website. Plus his name should also be edited on your website.
    It is just Bakhsh gullu mentioned on your website. So please update.

    If you want more recordings of khaansaab Hussain bakhsh I have some.

    You can contact me any time. thanks.

  6. Dear everyone,

    Thank you for this wonderfull website,
    I am a true lover of pakistan classical vocal music and looking for all recordings or videos from Nazakat & Salamat Ali Khan, Amanat & Fateh Ali Khan, Umeed & Ashiq Ali Khan, Chottey Ghulam Ali Khan, Akhtar & Zakir Hussain Khan, Asad Amanat & Hameed Ali Khan, Badaruzzaman & Qamaruzzaman, and all great ustads from “raga mala” and “gharanon ki gaiki” produced by Khurshid Anwar. I have already all commercial recordings and what is proposed on websites. I would like to exchange or buy, please contact me on
    I can offer all ustad sarahang’s discography (50 cds) and several films on dvd.

  7. Saqib Razaq, Thanks alot for the Durga, God Bless you…. i love this raag and i have couple of them but was looking for it on sarangi since years….Thanks again

  8. Reply to Zikriya: I have that recording with me. If the the site managers allow, I can upload it right away.
    To the site managers: Please be a little more careful about the recording quality and editing, visitors of your site would not mind larger downloads, if you do not mind bandwidth usage of your server 🙂

  9. You know…

    One person who I’ve always wondered about… she was the most famous of the female singers next to Lata….

    Noor Jehan. I know she has sung many ghazals along with film songs and some folk numbers. At any rate, I wanted to know if she had done any purely classical work… like at a concert or what not.

    Same goes for Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. While we all know he was Shahenshah-e-Qawwali…. and did excellent sargams…. why did he not ever sing a tarana? Or at least, I have not heard him singing one.

    This becomes especially apparent when you hear someone like Abida Parveen sing a tarana after “man kunto maula” but when Nusrat and party sang “man kunto maula” there was no tarana finish. Even the Sabri brothers whose “gharana” training I am unsure of, sang this tarana with ease. Does anyone know the backstory?

  10. Oh please! please, site managers, let the most gracious Mr Parthapratim upload the Ustad Amir Khan malkauns. It will surely be great value to all.

  11. well zeeshan!
    dunno abt noor jahan…but i have heard nusrat fateh ali khan’s khayal accompanied wid a tarana which he rendered in ,i reckon, 72 or 73 at faisalabad at his father’s anniversery…

  12. Dear Parthapratim,

    that is wonderful. I have only heard a little snippet of that performance, and I thought it one of the most sublime pieces of music I have had the pleasure of listening. I really can’t wait to heart it in its entirity, thank you so much.

  13. Rageshri by Kishori Amonkar…

    Anyone have it?!!?!?

    Vilambit-Ali Palak Ba Laagi

    Drut-Dekho Shyam Bairini

  14. Just expressing my gratitude to the creators of this marvellous Web-site. Thank, thank you for taking a labor of bringing this dazzling musical culture to the world!

    With the deepest respect of mine- Mike Polevoy

  15. My name is Asif Mahmood and I am a grandson of Ustad Ghulam Muhammad (sarangi player). My father, a classical singer, and the rest of my family are delighted to see this valuable website.

    Unfortunately, I have no video recording of my grandfather. Can you help me in this matter?

    With best wishes,

    Asif Mahmood

    Faisalabad, Pakistan

    my email is

  16. Dear visitors,
    After conveying my best and warm regards I hope anyone of you should help build this site a real treasure of classical music .I am going to request all of you to kindly donate any kind of music, vocal or instrumental, to the (Sarangi Site) specially recordings of Ustad Amir Khan, Kishori Amonkar, Mohammad Hussian Sarhang, and many other Great Names.
    Your cooperation will truly be appreciated.
    True Regards,
    Ali from the Netherlands

  17. Hi,
    Any one having collection of begum parveen sultana please collaborate it to this web site it will kindly be appreciated.

  18. Hello friends, my name is Farid Azar . I’m a tabla player and one of the students of Shree Abhijit Banerjee. I live in Germany. This site is very, very good for any musician because of all the music we can hear by old classical Artists.

    If someone has old recordings of tabla players, please contact me.


  19. hi everyone.The recording of Kishori Amonkar of bhoopali is superb.Plz add the recordings of parveen sultana,rasoolan bai,ashwini bhide deshpande and ustad abdul waheed khan.By the way,I have got the recordings of parveen sultana namely shudh sarang,miyan ki malhar,sarangkauns and kafi thumri.Have also the recordings of Kishori namely Todi,lalit and bageshree.Anyone interested??

  20. Hey guys!!!
    i m looking for da rare un-published recordings of u.barkat ali khan,bade ghulam ali khan and salamat ali khan….
    i will be more then thankful if somone cld help me in dis regard

    with best regards

    ya can contact me at

  21. Anybody having any of the following Unpublished recordings of
    Ustad Nazakat ali & Ustad Salamat ali, email at

    Ahir bhairav,Asavari,Jonpuri,Gunkali, Ramkali,Bhairav, Bilaskhani todi,
    Basantmukhari,Todi, Multani(vilambit), Bhatiyar, Lalit,Shudh sarang,
    Kaushik dhwani (kaushi dhani),Asha mand, Naiki kanda, Jogkauns,
    Jogkanda,Puria, Puria kalyan, Kaunsi kanda, Bihagda, Jhinjhoti
    Rajeshwari(not rageshree or rageshwari),Malkauns(taaro bhari raat),

    Live thumri of des, tilak kamod, khamaj, tilang,

  22. Hi. I have many Cds of vilayat khan, and a few from rashid khan, rajan and sajan mishra, ajoy chakrabarty, sultan khan, shujaat khan, nikhil banerjee, ali akbar khan, nishat khan, irshad khan, imrat khan, bhimsen joshi, pandit jasraj, wasifuddin dagar, Z.M. dagar. You can email me at or im me at drummerboy3847. I like any classical indian music other than ravi shankar.

  23. I’m searching for MARWA by Pt Kumar Gandharva and Smt. Kishoree Amonkar for years. If anybody has any of these please contact or send to me. I’ll be very thankful.

  24. hi every one i have vedio of u.bade ghulam ali and i have 7 bandish indulind thumriees ,and vedio of amir khan ,fatheahemad , mallikarun , begam aktar, . and adio of a kanan ,amir khan ,anani bai, ashiwini beghe,azam bai [kolapur] ,ammazat hussain , b.r deodhar, bade ghulam ali, badi moti bai ,bal gandarv, bala bai, bande khan ,begam aktar, bhimsen , d.v.pulshar , faiyaz khan , gaharjan , gangubai hangal , hira bai, innayat khan , janki bai , kesar bai kerkar , omkar thakur , pt. dinar kaikini , shubra gahu , many records of rasidh khan and jasraj any one for exchace contant me at

  25. Dear visitors,
    After conveying my best and warm regards I hope anyone of you should help build this site a real treasure of classical music .I am going to request all of you to kindly donate any kind of music, vocal or instrumental, to the (Sarangi Site) specially (a/v) recordings of Ustad salamat ali nazakat ali, and mehdi hassan sahib ,many other Great Names.
    Your cooperation will truly be appreciated.
    True Regards
    daljit hans

  26. I have Ustad Salamat Ali Khan’s recordings. Not sure how to load them on the site.

    Amardeep Singh

  27. hi
    good evening
    myself ashish paliwal from tanodia
    at present i am living in gwalior
    its nice to say that still , in gwalior , the classical music is going on, but when compared to past it is a very poor condition , in the past at very occassions one may hear classical progs. but the condition is not the same now.

    anyway, i came to know about your site while searching,
    i am simply giving a suggestion, offcourse , it contains a precise request , that there is one great artist , with good respect , living in gwalior [ -i will give the postal address later on -]
    His name is Dr.Ishwar Chandra Karkare,very famous personality in gwalior, i think , the only representative of hindustani classica vocal , in gwalior.[at present]
    i heared him in TANSEN sangeet mahasamaroh , wayback in 2002.
    and then i got oppurtunity to hear him once again , in Srimant MADHAV RAO SCINDIA kala rang manch -dec.2003.
    he always give splendid performance.

    anyway/ its upon u to approach him.

    his postal add;-
    satguru sadan
    Ramchandra Karkare Road,
    Chhatri Bazaar,
    Lashkar [west]

    Ashish Paliwal
    Paliwal group of Companies

  28. Good evining

    Just now I found this website. It is very useful to those who take interest in classical music. Just now I am in a hurry to see it in detail, but I promise that I’ll give more feedback soon.

    Thank You


  29. do you have rare recordings of Pt. D.V.Paluskar and Dr.Ishwarchandra ji Karkare . If , yes please give link to it ,so that music lovers can hear .

    thank you

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