These photographs have been kindly sent to us by Denis Meyer.

________________ We would like to thank Nazir Khan for contributing the following recordings:

Umeed Ali Khan – Basant, Desi, Puriya Kalyan

Mubarik Ali (sarangi nawaz) – Chandar Prabha

________________ Saqib Razaq of has kindly sent us Nazim Ali Khan’s Durga.


Naseer-uddin Saami performed at the APMC Lahore Annual Festival on 31 March & 1 April 2006. We have published his rendition of Raga Aiman from the second night of the festival. ________________ The following two recordings are from a concert arranged by Suhaib Kiani at his home on 22 March, 2006:

Ghulam Hassan Shaggan – Puriya Kalyan

Allah Rakha – Chandarkauns

It is worth noting that Ustad Shaggan and Ustad Allah Rakha are now 78 and 74 years old respectively.