J. S. Pande

His Excellency Jyoti Swarup Pande has kindly sent us the following recordings from Baku, Azerbaijan:

Sharatchandra Arolkar – Bhimpalasi, Kamod

Majid Khan – Patdeep, Durga & Bhopali (sarangi)

Shakoor Khan – Darbari (sarangi)

Bundu Khan – Various Ragas: Darbari, Miyan Malhar, Bhairavi, Malkauns, Jaunpuri


1. Raga Ramkali published on Ramesh Mishra’s page has actually been played by Dhruba Ghosh and is now featured on his page.

2. Bundu Khan’s recording labeled Shuddh Kalyan has been relabled Bhopali.

3. Ragas on Ghulam Mohammad’s page have also been labeled correctly:

Harikauns = Kauns Kalyan

Saraswati = Samant Sarang

Bhairavi = Khamaj

7 thoughts on “J. S. Pande

  1. One more feather in the crown of sarangi.info

    Any body having preserved the Bundukhan’s national programme of music aired from all india radio on following dates :

    1. 16-2-73

    2. 07-12-85

    It contains raags like shahana bahar, maluha kedar, kafi. along with few commercial tracks.

  2. Dear.Dr Kashyap
    i have been trying to text u and even have send some recordings…but every time i recieve a delivery failure notice…plz check ur net connection or inform me abt anyother valid email address….btw which was da last barkat ali khan’s recording which u recieved?

  3. as far as my info is majid khan is the son of ALLAH diya khan the founder of jaipur gharana his pupil include kaesar bi kerkar I would like to listen to majid sahib’s recording.

  4. We know about three sons of Ustad Allahdiya Khan, Manji Khan, Bhurji Khan, both were vocalists, and a third one who was not into music. Who is Majid Khan among them? Please enlighten us a little more.

  5. Dear C Parthapratim,
    Majid Khan is the eldest son of Abdullah Khan. He was born in 1888/89. Ustad Abdul Majid Khan represents Ustad Bandu Khan of Delhi and Alladiya Khan of Atrauli in sarangi and vocal music respectively.

  6. The raag durga by abdul majid khan posted here is followed by raag bhopali in the same track. Actually it is a rec of one of his rare 78 rpm record containing durga & bhopali total duration making over 6 min.

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