ay taazah-vaaridaan-e bisaa:t-e havaa-e dil
zinhaar agar tumhe;N havas-e nai-o-nosh hai

oh fresh-arrivers at the ‘spread’ of the desire/affection of the heart
beware, if you have a desire/lust for flute and drink (Ghalib)

It is a joy to be able to share music with others and to receive invaluable contributions from generous and goodwilled individuals. Even so, a number of times, I personally seem to have given offense by way of not posting the contributions soon enough or refusing to post them at all. I would request you all to please understand that this website is nothing more than a domestic venture supported entirely by three friends who have other preoccupations, and it is not possible for us to reply to all messages we receive. Every time you intend to share an audio file, image, text or link, please keep in mind that whatever we receive may or may not be posted at our discretion. Moreover, we do not yearn after and derive no pleasure from any ‘exclusive’ or ‘rare’ recordings which cannot be shared with everyone online. Everything special we have sooner or later appears on the website.

If you still feel like sharing music, please contact us and send audio files in mp3 format via yousendit.com.

With best wishes & gratitude,

Taimur Khan