A note on sharing music

ay taazah-vaaridaan-e bisaa:t-e havaa-e dil
zinhaar agar tumhe;N havas-e nai-o-nosh hai

oh fresh-arrivers at the ‘spread’ of the desire/affection of the heart
beware, if you have a desire/lust for flute and drink (Ghalib)

It is a joy to be able to share music with others and to receive invaluable contributions from generous and goodwilled individuals. Even so, a number of times, I personally seem to have given offense by way of not posting the contributions soon enough or refusing to post them at all. I would request you all to please understand that this website is nothing more than a domestic venture supported entirely by three friends who have other preoccupations, and it is not possible for us to reply to all messages we receive. Every time you intend to share an audio file, image, text or link, please keep in mind that whatever we receive may or may not be posted at our discretion. Moreover, we do not yearn after and derive no pleasure from any ‘exclusive’ or ‘rare’ recordings which cannot be shared with everyone online. Everything special we have sooner or later appears on the website.

If you still feel like sharing music, please contact us and send audio files in mp3 format via yousendit.com.

With best wishes & gratitude,

Taimur Khan

10 thoughts on “A note on sharing music

  1. “Consistency is religion. Consistency is art. If you are not consistent with what you say, forget Art, it is not your domain.” G Lopez

    Dear visitors,
    how did you like the recording of Malkauns by Late Ustad Amir Khan Sahab? This was sent to them on good faith based on following:

    On 5/8/06, “Taimur Khan” wrote:
    Thank you for sending the Malkauns recordings. It will be published on the website the next time I update it.

    Warm regards,

    On 5/3/06, ceo@synews.co.in wrote:
    Good morning,
    Here I am sending the requested Amir Khan Sahab recording. This is encoded in WMA 9 format, 32 Kbps. On my machine it plays back well, please check it on different machines before uploading.
    Thank you.

    C Parthapratim

  2. Awesome Website .. I admit that I know a little about the technicalities of classical music but it is always a treat to listen to.

    You’ve got comprehensive content. It would be a great help if you upload some documents explaining the basics of classical music so readers can understand various things in the tracks. For example, the commentries of Khwaja Khurshid Anwar.

    once again nice website … Two Thumbs Up !!!

  3. If someone has Qawali sung by Bade Ghulam Ali Khan please share it with us here. I have a clue. Some archive in Jalandhar keeps such recordings. Also, Rasoolan Bai seems to be absent on this site, would someone please share her old songs?


  4. Dear Taimur,

    Great Job ! …such websites will definitely help in creating better awareness & will be a great help in reviving North Indian Classical Music…

    I am a die-hard listener of Indian Classical, both vocal & instrumental…but this website is just awesome….

    Kudos !

    Also, if there is any such website dedicated to North Indian Classical Instrumental Music….pls do let me know…


  5. Your site has given me hours – no months – of listening pleasure, which i would like to return in some way.

    The one thing i find difficult to access on the net are lyrics of bandishes. i have many with me, and would like to share them. for some i know who has sung them, for others, i am not sure. But I can only send them written in roman script, and with no notations. Is that ok? Can you give me the email at which i can send them?

  6. here are some bandishes that I have collected.

    1. Raag: Yaman Kalyan

    Sung by Girija Devi

    Taal – Ek taal
    Laya – Vilambit

    Sthayi: Paiyyaan tore laagun
    Itani binati mori maan
    Antara: Momada shah piya apane man ki
    Kahin na maano man maani

    2. Raag: Yaman Kalyan

    sung by Girija Devi

    Taal: Teentaal,
    Laya: Drut

    Sthayi: Na jaanu kaisi preet lage mohan sang
    Antara: Sun ri sakhi tu to bhayi re baanwariya, yeh kaisi anareet

    3. Raag Shankara

    Taal: Teen taal
    Laya: Drut

    Sthayi: Shankara mahadeva deva
    Sewaka sab jaake
    Antara: jatha joota seesha ganga
    Bahan teri ati prachanda
    Gauri aradhanga sang
    Basma ang saaje

    4. Raag Yaman

    Taal: Ek Taal
    Laya: Vilambit

    Sthayi: Salona re mora saiyyan, ata hi navela
    Antara: Mauli mehendi pacharanga chola, aaj suhaag ki raat

    5, Raag Bhatiyar

    Sung by Pt. Jasraj (Album Golden Voice, Golden years)

    Taal: Ek taal
    Laya: Madhya

    Sthayi: koi nahin hain apnaa
    Rain ka sapanaa
    Antara: Samajh bhooj mana mere
    Jo chaahe karanaa
    Neeta hari bhajanaa mana mere

    6. Raag: Gurjari todi

    sung by Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki (and also by Pt. Jasraj, but the wordings of antara 3rd line are slightly different there)

    Composed by Manrang

    Taal: Teen taal
    Laya: Drut

    Sthayi: Chalo sakhi sautan ke ghar jaiye
    Maan ghate to ka ghat jaiye
    Pi ke darshan paiye
    Antara: Ye jeevan anjali ka paani
    Samay gaye pachathaiye
    Manrang Prabhu ko praan milaiye
    Tan ke tapan bujhaiye

    7. Raag: Gurjari todi

    Words by Khusro, music composed by Ustad Amir Khan. Has also been sung by Rajan and Sajan Mishra, Pt. Amarnath, and many others.

    Taal: Teentaal
    Laya: Drut

    Sthayi: Man ke panchi bhaye baanware
    Aisi been bajaaye saanware
    Antara: Taar taar ki taan nirali
    Jhoom rahi sab man ki daali
    Peer nirali, been bajaayi
    Khusro, sab mil gaavore

    8. Raag: Gurjari todi

    Sung by Ustad Munawar Ali Khan

    Taal: Ek Taal
    Laya: Madhya

    Sthayi: Bhar daroongi rang son
    Apane pritam ko
    Ab ke phaag mein
    Antara: abir gulal ab ke maloongi
    Bhar pichakaari sab rang loongi

    9, Raag: Gurjari todi

    Sung by Faiyyaz Khan
    Taal: Teentaal
    Laya: Drut

    Sthayi: garawaa mayi sang laagon
    Aanand bhayilawaa more mandarwaa
    Antara: sagari rain more jaagat beeti
    Bhor bhayi ghar aayilaa
    Phulawan sej bichaaoongi anganaa Harakh harakh jas daaroongi harawaa

    10. Raag Ramkali

    Taal: ek taal
    Laya: vilambit

    Sthayi: piyarwaa jaago bhor bhayi
    Jaagat saari rain gayi
    Antara: auran dhingawaa rain ganwaayi
    Mose karat chaturaayi

    11. Raag Puriya dhanashree

    Taal: ek taal
    Laya: vilambit

    Sthayi: Ye saanjh bhayi aaye na piya
    Mora aakulaaye re jiya
    Antara: kaase kahun kaise dheer dharoon
    Soutan ke sang kare rangraliyaan

    12. Raag; Multani

    Taal: Teen taal
    Laya: Madhya

    Sthayi: phulawan sej bichaaoon sakhiri
    Aaj aave more shaam sundarawaa
    Antara: mangal gaavoon chowk puraavoon
    Palakan se magh jhaaroon sakhiri
    13, RAGESHREE: (Sung by Pandit Mani Prasad)

    Vilambit Ek Taal

    Sthayi: Aayo at matawaro Sanwaro
    Shringi Naad Bajaayo

    Antara: Kaan mein kundala gala mein mala
    Ghar ghar alakh jagaayo

    14. Drut Teen tal (madhyalaya) – sung by U. Amir Khan

    Sthayi: Beguni ko guna deeje data
    Tumhare karam ki hai mohe aasha

    Antara: Sakala jagat mein naam tiharo
    Tuma more thakur main tora daasa


    Vilambit: Ek Taal

    Sthayi: Rasa bhin bhin aaye
    Sab mila mangal gaaye

    Antara: badara umada ghan ghumad chaaye
    Sadarang mana bhaaye

    16. Drut: teen taal (sung with these words by Shubra Guha)

    Sthayi: Mondar baajyo re, baajyo re
    Sugara sugara nara nari mila kara hi
    Anand rahas jas gaayo re mangala ra

    Antara: ek samadhin sanga chowk puraavo
    Ek samadhin gara daaroongi harawa
    Ek has has ghis laayo re sandala ra

    17. Bandishes in DESI

    a. Naiyya mori sung by DV Paluskar
    Taal: Vilambit Ektal
    Sam on Bh of bhayi

    Sthayi: Naiyya mori bhayi puraani
    Khevata sadaa matavaara

    Antara: Aughat ghaat soojata nahin
    Aan pari majadhaar

    b. Sung by Balasaheb Poonchwale – Niranjana kije
    Taal: jhaptal (vilambit)
    Sam on ran of niranjana

    Sthayi: Niranjana kije mal mukta mere
    Parataap soun ahamadajoo ke

    Antara: tu hi noor tu hi bhoop
    Tero hi guna gaavoon
    Seva karake sab
    Jeeva jantu tere

    c. Sung by Pt. Sudhindra Bhowmick
    Taal: Ektaal Vilambit
    Sam on ha of har

    Sthayi: Mera man har leeno re bataiyya

    Antara: ghara ki sudh bisara gayi hai
    Na jaano ka keeno re bataiyya

    d. Sung by many artistes
    Taal: Drut teen taal
    Faiyyaz Khan sings in Madhya laya, but others often sing faster, especially Basvaraj Rajguru
    Sam on a of adaarang

    Sthayi: Saanchi kahata hai adaarang yaha
    Nadi naav sanjog

    Antara: Kaun aave kaun jaave
    Daana paani kismat laave
    Yahi kahata saba log

  7. This a wonderful site.

    All, new singers and old alike would benefit by the contrite and brisk compilation of the Raagas and the narration along with.

    It is a source of joy and delight.I wish more new compositions could be added as well

    I, immensly enjoy the site and wish it grows more so !

  8. Dear Miss Radha,

    Thank you very much for providing the text of bandishes……………! God bless……!

    Roshan Francis Martis
    Mangalore, Karnataka, India

  9. hello Radhaji, Though It is not of much relevence but I think In Raag Todi you have mentioned Pir Nirali which is in my opinion should be Pir Nizami refering to Hajrat Nizamuddin saheb Aulia of Delhi, ustad of Amir Khusro saheb.may be some artists of Indore Gharana use nirali bur instinct forces me to believe that Khusro always used to mention the his guru’s name. if you have some access to Goswami gokulotsavji, this confusion may be cleared either side as I have heard him singing this bandish many times.once savita deviji also renderd this bandish in a morninng concert in nehru park.Please enrich my knowledge in this context.

    Mukul goel

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