Awais Afzal & Nazir Khan

Sarangi Archive:

We would like to thank Awais Afzal, Producer at Radio Pakistan, Rawalpindi, for providing access to the following recordings:

Allah Rakha – Kulaar Sarang, Darbari (a lovely Darbari recorded as an audition piece for the ‘outstanding artist’ category)

Bundu Khan – Todi


Vocal Archive:

Recordings made available by Nazir Khan:

Mohammad Hussain Sarahang – Aiman (vilambit & drut)

Bade Ghulam Ali Khan – Aiman, Darbari


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One thought on “Awais Afzal & Nazir Khan

  1. Re : Ustad allarakhakhan’s Darbari

    It seems the basic pitch of this recording is shifted to 4-5 notes on higher side ( G sharp) at present. Bringing back the pitch to D sharp makes the recording more beautiful & justifies the calibre of ustad.

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