Buland Iqbal & Zafar Ali Khan

The video coverage of APMC Karachi’s Annual Festival 20-22 January 2006 was televised by Geo TV on 21 July 2006. It was a pleasant surprise to see Buland Iqbal, the son of Ustad Bundu Khan, playing Raga Aiman on what seems to be a freshly varnished sarangi innovated by his father. Buland Iqbal Sahib is also a cello player.

Buland Iqbal – Aiman


Zafar Ali Khan was another relatively unknown musician at the APMC Karachi Festival 2006:

Zafar Ali Khan – Sohni

Note: The audio clips were recorded from television speakers with a digital voice recorder and Buland Iqbal’s image captured with a cell phone camera. Zafar Ali Khan’s photograph has been contributed by Saqib Razaq.

7 thoughts on “Buland Iqbal & Zafar Ali Khan

  1. It is so nice to finally hear Buland Iqbal! I have waited for a long time to listen to him.
    Thank you, again. Does anybody have a recording of him playing cello??

  2. Hi

    Ustad Zafar Ali Khan is my Ustad, and the sohni which is sung by Ustadji is really a nice one.

    Allah Hafiz

  3. Ustad Buland Iqabl Sahab is a great Sarangi player and a musician. He has a great personality, very polite kindhearted, and belongs to a great musical family. I am very impressed with him and I listen to most of his songs for which he composed some fabulous music. I like his song “Duniya kise ka pyar main”.

    Live Long, may GOD give you every thing you desire and deserve.

  4. Can anyone please tell me where I can find ghazals sung by Zafar Ali Khan? If someone can tell me it will be very great.

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