The video coverage of APMC Karachi’s Annual Festival 20-22 January 2006 was televised by Geo TV on 21 July 2006. It was a pleasant surprise to see Buland Iqbal, the son of Ustad Bundu Khan, playing Raga Aiman on what seems to be a freshly varnished sarangi innovated by his father. Buland Iqbal Sahib is also a cello player.

Buland Iqbal – Aiman


Zafar Ali Khan was another relatively unknown musician at the APMC Karachi Festival 2006:

Zafar Ali Khan – Sohni

Note: The audio clips were recorded from television speakers with a digital voice recorder and Buland Iqbal’s image captured with a cell phone camera. Zafar Ali Khan’s photograph has been contributed by Saqib Razaq.