Asghari Bai passes away

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Renowned Dhrupad singer Asgari Bai passes away

Tikamgarh,(Madhya Pradesh), Aug 10 (ZEENEWS.COM): Renowned Dhrupad singer Asgari Bai passed away here today after a prolonged illness. She was 88.

Asgari Bai, who was undergoing treatment for several ailments related to old age for the past year, is survived by four sons and three daughters, her family said.

Crowned with many awards, the artiste enthralled music lovers not only in Madhya Pradesh but across the country with her unique style and talent for decades. She was awarded the Padmashri on March 24, 1990.

A recipient of the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in February 1987, Asgari Bai was honoured by the Madhya Pradesh government with the Tansen Samman in December 1985 and the Sikhar Samman in February 1986.

Born in 1918 at Bijawar in Madhya Pradesh`s Chhatarpur district to a family of musicians, she learnt and nurtured singing since childhood.

Her mother Nazir begum was a court singer for the erstwhile royal family of Bijawar, while her grandmother Balayat Bibi adorned the court of Ajaygarh princely state.

Trained under the guidance of Ustad Zahur Khan, Asgari Bai acquired extraordinary expertise in dhrupad to reign as the main court singer for the Orchha dynasty. She was also invited by other royal families to treat music lovers to her spellbinding performances.

Known for her versatility and capacity to present a synthesis of diverse ragas and talas, Asgari Bai went on to regale the world of music and connoisseurs of art after the country`s independence.

Though she had to face hardship and difficulties when the royal families stopped patronising music and dance, the singer showed extraordinary tenacity to keep her style alive in a highly competitive environment.

Married to Agra-based businessman Chamanlal Gupta, she gradually won recognition from the state government and carved a niche for herself despite several ups and downs.

A host of distinguished persons from different walks of life, including Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, have condoled her death.

One thought on “Asghari Bai passes away

  1. I deeply mourn the death of great Asghari Bai, the virtuoso of Dhrupad. We are to lose the last links of the great generation as well with Ustad Bismillah Khan.

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