sab kahaa;N kuchh laalah-o-gul me;N numaayaa;N ho ga))ii;N
;xaak me;N kyaa .suurate;N ho;Ngii kih pinhaa;N ho ga))ii;N

not by any means all! some became manifest in tulip and rose
what faces/aspects there will be, that became hidden in the dust! (Ghalib)

There is not much difference amongst human beings as for the pursuit of entertainment, culture and prosperity. The fools only want it for themselves and impose vanity, machismo, violence and aggression on others out of greed and as a sport, for petty ends, out of utter mindless frustration, and partly define the concepts of stupidity, holy simplicity, and tragedy.

Humanity depends on the realization that everyone has a role to play, or ideally, should have a positive role to play. The role of mere conquerers and hoarders of wealth and value is absolutely negative, and only wins abhorrence of the mindful posterity. Wisdom, art, and similar extensions of a humane conscience are all that survive with attributes of ecstasy. Much and many have passed by unnoticed, undocumented, and unrecorded. The noblest characters of Homer’s epics—Hector being their epitome—trusted the fact that they must live nobly in their day, and possibly live on in their sons or in the songs of the poets. Keeping all the major religions in mind, humanity is often concerned with some degree of permanence, continuity, even immortality in various ways. The soberest and safest interpretation can arguably be that we are all concerned with a certain measure of meaningfulness.

The birthday of this website was set for 28 January, but since it has just been upgraded and updated—from the inspiring open-source WordPress platform to the new artist pages, audio file uploads, etc.—there is no point in withholding the beautiful music for another day. Thanks to all the generous people around, we have collected a few more recordings. It is a perpetual joy to see so many visitors making this site meaningful by sharing music from their collections.

Nampreet Singh Kohli has sent us a DVD full of music and we have uploaded these recordings for now:

Bundu Khan – Chandni Kedara
Allauddin Khan (Esraj) – Ahir Bhairov, Bhairov
Munir Sarhadi (Sarinda) – Bhairavi, Bageshri
Ghulam Hassan Shaggan – Charukeshi, Deshkar

Aftab Datta is tireless as ever with online music sharing from his collection:

Amir Khan – Multani
Mohammad Hussain Sarahang – Bihag
Nissar Hussain Khan – Lailt
Vinayakrao Patwardhan – Lalita Gouri

Murad Ali has kindly permitted us to post his own recording of Raga Rageshri (published by Underscore Records and sent to us by Kamran Nagi).

Rajan Parrikar has kindly shared Bhai Lal Mohammad‘s Tilak Kamod.

Shahid Mirza of Lahore Chitrkar has contributed the following recordings:

Nabi Bakhsh – Chayyanat
Sabri Khan and Kamal Sabri – Marubihag

Saqib Razaq of has kindly contributed Sardar Khan‘s photograph and recording of Raga Multani.


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