Cello, Violin & Morin khuur

Mstislav Rostropovich plays Bach´s Suite for Solo Cello in C Major: Bourreé
ORTF, Paris, December 1962
Click here if the video is not viewable.

Heifetz & Eric Friedman – Bach Double Concerto (2nd movement)
Click here if the video is not viewable.

Yet another clip from the filmed masterclasses at the University of Southern California, with Heifetz and his pupils.

Erick Friedman was Heifetz’s prodigy, and was undoubtedly amongst his favourite students. Friedman’s playing took after Heifetz’s in many respects, most notably, his tone and phrasing. This contributed to his frustration; he never could escape the shadow of his teacher’s legacy.

This clip contains a reading session of the Bach Double concerto’s 2nd movement. Wonderfully expressive playing, and at times, one has difficulty telling one player from the other; so similarly did they play. Heifetz recorded the whole work with Friedman at RCA.

Morin khuur

Monjaa, performed by Chi Bulico on the morin khuur
Click here if the video is not viewable.

This is a song about a girl named Monjaa who marries and must leave the eastern part of Inner Mongolia to go to the quite different lifestyle of the western region. It is a very famous folk song from the Horcin area.

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