Videos of Ghulam Hassan Shaggan at is pleased and honoured to launch our video section with an exclusive presentation of four brief video clips of Ustad Ghulam Hassan Shaggan’s music:

– Gaud Sarang: Bandish attributed to Bhaskarbuwa Bakhle
– Desi: Bandish attributed to Mian Allahdiya Khan of Kohlapur
– Kafi Kanra: APMC 2006 performance
– Bhopali: Tarana and singing style demo

Click here to view the new video section and afforementioned clips.

We feel that it would be appropriate here to include extracts of an introduction by Gerard Kurdijan, long time promoter and music producer of the Ustad :

Ustad Ghulam Hassan Shaggan is one of the most authentic voices of our time. He sings in the style of the gharana (school) from the city of Gwalior in North India, which is also the burial place of Mian Tansen, who lies next to his spiritual master, the Sufi Saint Muhammad Ghauth Shatari.

Shaggan Sahib is a profoundly religious man, humble and devout in his attitude, who practices his singing rigourously everyday. However he remained confined to his homeland refusing to give concerts elsewhere. Then after 35 long years, the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music at last managed to persuade him to leave his country again. His latest work can be heard here where his is accompanied by his son Qadir Shaggan.

This important figure of Pakistani classical music is a repository of musical knowledge, and here in the space of three ragas and a tarana, he not only displays the whole range of his art – depth, density and unusual sense of ornamentation and rhythm, a selection of rare, very old compositions – but also gives us a nostalgic glimpse of a period and culture that is possibly disappearing into oblivion.

Gerard Kurdijan, 2001, copied from Ghulam Hassan Shaggan “Noor Jahan” CD notes, purely for informational purposes

At this junction, we are obliged to thank the following people for having directly or indirectly made these recordings possible: Gerard Kurdijan, Saqib Razzaq, Hayat Ahmad Khan, Mazhar Shaggan and Omar Pervaiz.

Please join us in thanking Shaggan Sahib and Qadir Shaggan, and in praying for their health and well being. Moreover, as a good man once said, “Awareness is a great thing, and support even greater”.

Suhaib Kiani

Note: Contact numbers provided on the Ghulam Hassan Shaggan page.

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