Asad Amanat Ali has been an integral part of our childhood memories as he frequently performed on PTV in those days. Even at such distance, separation is very saddening. Like himself, his eminent father and elder brother Amjad also died young.


Asad Amanat Ali dies of heart attack

LAHORE, April 8: Semi-classical singer Asad Amanat Ali Khan died of heart attack in London on Sunday, TV channels reported.

Hailing from famous Patiala Gharana, Asad was son of famous musician Ustad Amanat Ali Khan.

His great-grandfather, Ali Bux Khan, was the founder of the Patiala Gharana. His grandfather, Akhtar Hussain, was a prominent musician of his time who added to his repute by coaching two of his sons into becoming a formidable singing duo.

Of the duo Amanat Ali Khan, Asad’s father, died in 1974.

Fateh Ali Khan continues to enthral music-lovers in Pakistan and abroad, even though he had to make certain adjustments to his style after the loss of his partner and elder brother Amanat.

Asad owed much of his early recognition to his late father’s famous numbers.

Quite often his concert would round off with Insha’a Jee utho, abb cooch karo — a song that finds another ironic reference in Asad’s death.

Three famous people associated with the ghazal — Ibn-e-Insha’s as the poet who created it and Amanat Ali and Asad Amanat who sang it — all died relatively young..

Other than music and the family name, Asad inherited from his father a passion to act in films. But the affair was cut short after an unsuccessful attempt.

Asad was given the president’s award for Pride of Performance just two weeks ago, on March 23 2007.—Dawn

Asad Amanat Ali (poetry: Ibn-e-Insha)
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Shafqat Amanat Ali (modified thumri, previously sung by Amanat Ali)
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Amanat Ali Khan (poetry: Ibn-e-Insha)
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