Ram Narayan – Allaiya Bilawal

This video from Nampreet Singh‘s collection was telecast by ‘Star Utsav’


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Saadullah Bashir

Aftab Datta

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5 thoughts on “Ram Narayan – Allaiya Bilawal

  1. Wow, I love Ram Narayan Ji’s beautiful sarangi pieces; everyone is a masterpiece… I have so many questions regarding sarangi’s…

    1. where in India can i buy them?
    2. are they better in Pakistan as I am willing to go there to purchase one as well… I would like one of the highest quality and would like to know where to buy it from…
    3. and would there be any learning material available for me, such as books, cd’s etc.?

    Thanks for all your help… this is a wonderful site.

  2. It is very difficult to get a good sarangi fresh or old ones. However older sarangis which are much played are better – irrespective of their repaired look. It is said that more it is played, more the wooden channels are opened. This adds to the tone of the instrument. Fresh sarangis are no better than furniture to work only as a show piece

  3. the producer’s preference for showing the bowing and the camels ruined the experience of watching this great composition. most of the brilliant fingerwork was not captured. how disappointing.

  4. Dear Mr Aftab,
    It is a great pleasure to send my warmest regards as well as my sincere comments to you on behalf of your magnificent work as the founder and organizer of this lovely music site.
    I have been visiting your site since many years but, I had no opportunity to be in touch with you.I have listened to the wonderful tracks you have shared with your Friends as well as some paragraphs about, the late poem Mr Khan Abdul Ghani Khan.
    It is to be appreciated that you have remembered this Nobel personality and mentioned about him in your web site.
    I am going to respectfully request you to share more of his poetry as well as his photos and I have to say if you need my support I will be glad to help you have some afghan classical master pieces such the late Ustad Sarhang and the late Tabla Master student of Ustad Mian Qadir Bakhash late Ustad Hashim Chashtay and some other classical performers.
    I would love to hear some tracks from late Ustad Vilayat Khan Aftabe Sitar as well some unheard tracks from the Legends such as Ustad Amir Khan Sahib, Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Sahib, Khan Sahib, Ustad Chote Ghulam Ali khan Shere Punjab, and many other masters in your next collection.
    Once again I admire your hard work I admire your passion and love for classical Music and I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.
    I wish you good health, long life and success in every field of your daily life.
    May God Almighty be with you and help you.
    With kind and brotherly regards,

    Fazal From Afghanistan now residing in Holland.

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