5 thoughts on “Shahida Parveen – Kaushik Dhuni

  1. Ah! Shaida parveen, Zahida Parveen, Ustad Ashiq Ali Khan, they were all from one School of music the great Patiala, and how befitting is this line of poetry, “zameen Kha gayee aasman kaisey kaisey”. It’s so painfully and abundantly clear that we are all nothing but passing travellers of time. How true is this when Ustad Salamat Ali once said “Artists come and go, but the Raag is immortal”.

  2. hello sir is it possible to download this video so that I can listen to it even without connecting internet?do reply thanks.forgive me if I have offended you.

  3. Shaukat Husain Sahib, Maashaa’Allah, you seem to have had considerable exposure to musical environment. Please do share your precious memoirs about these great artistes. Many anecdotes remain buried in people’s minds & are never shared. Often some discussions take place between a very limited audience who in turn have a responsibility to narrate the verbal history. At times such reminiscences can disclose important views & opinions & even technical info or hints & leads that might be useful to serious students of music & researchers like Prof Hasan Azad.

  4. Can someone please, please, please reupload this performance? Shahida Parveen is a spectacular singer and highly overlooked.

    I have wanted to hear this particular performance of hers several months now. Can’t find it anywhere. The original link disappeared.



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