Amir Khan – Khamaj

There has been much mention here and there of Amir Khan singing thumris occasionally, privately, and quite well. The ones who possess them mostly cannot part with them for one vow or another of fidelity to some other demigod/collector, and so on – aside from ones posing far more primitive and incredible reasons.

Aftab happened to find one and just brought it here:

Amir Khan – Khamaj

It does not add to or subtract anything from Amir Khan’s reputation, but it surely is a tiny, delightful surprise set free…

He that observeth the wind shall not sow;
and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap.
[Ecclesiastes 11:4]


6 thoughts on “Amir Khan – Khamaj

  1. Sir,

    This fine piece of thumri is as nice to listen to as it is rare.

    Thank you for your efforts to publish the same.

  2. Thanks for this rare piece of Khamaj by Ust amir khan sahib.It is a great pleasure to listen to Ustad Amir Khan singing Thumri Khamaj.

    Nitin Arya,
    Indian Institute of Technology,Mumbai

  3. A humble thanks to all of you for providing us the oppertunity to hear such a
    marvelous piece of clasical rendation by the great Master.
    Thank you once again and May you live long.

  4. Wah kya baat hai!
    What divine piece of music from the great Khan Saheb.
    The purity of bhav and the raga ras of this fine thumri rendition truly makes me want to weep.
    It is indeed very tragic that such great music is a rarity today.
    I thank you whole heartedly for this effort.

  5. dear ayub sahib,
    why do you not hear the thumri piece?
    i have managed.
    yes i too have heard of the ghalib gazal or was it gazals? that ustad amir khan recorded in bombay. but have no idea where to find them.
    all the best

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