Amir Khan & Protima Banerjee – Bageshri

We presently learned from Mr. J. S. Pande and Dr. John Campana that the Khamaj thumri by Amir Khan – posted on the website yesterday – was sung for a film called kshudhit pashan, meaning “hungry stones” – a Tagore story.

John just kindly shared another charmingly dealt Bageshri bandish sung for the same film by Amir Khan and Protima Banerjee:

Amir Khan & Protima Banerjee – Bageshri


PS Transcription by Dr. Hassan Azad:

Bageshri: Ustad Amir Khan and Potima Bannerji

Alaap: mdnsrsn/sgmdnnsmgr—-s—n—d—m^d—n—d—mg—ggr—rgm—gsr—s—

Asthai: 0:25 snsrs^ndmdnd(pmg)grgmrs/ snsrs^ndmdnd(pmg)grgmrs/
0:39 ndns(m)m/dmd-/mdm-gr-gmrs/
0:46- repeat mukhra

Antra: 0:52 ggmdnnss-snsgrsndnd-repeat-
1:06 ggmd mdns-srn-d-mdmg /-mgrs/
1:13 repeat mukhra
1:21 dn-sg-gm—gmd—mg—gmdgmgmd—n—d—pmg—grrs

1:39: s—mgmd nns——-nsgrs—nsgr—rrsn—dnnd—-^mg—rrs—

2:01 ggrs sgmdmgm/gmdnsgrrsn sgsndmdnsrrsn srrsn / srsn dndm mgrsns

2:56 ggrs snsg rrsnsgrr snsrsndmgrsns

Kaisay kate rajni ab sajni

Piya bin mohse raho na jaiya

Garri pal chin moray joug say bittat hain

Un bin jiya atthi akulaay

Naina moray daras key paiyasay

[2:28]Aasha jhootay daet dilasay

Mann ka panchee rowaat tarapat

Maanat nahi mann

Vocabulary: Ati=very, Joug=century, Akul= betchain=restless

27 thoughts on “Amir Khan & Protima Banerjee – Bageshri

  1. To all Sarangi Music Lovers,

    It is a great moment to have and to listen to two newly added recordings of Legendary the one and only Late Ustad Amir khan Saheeb.

    It is a rare recording and I think thoes who have kindly shared it with all of us (Sarangi web site music lovers).Should be appreciated.

    I do hope that we will be able to hear more and more from Ustadje in the coming future and my request will be that any one is so generous to share his music so please share it fully not a part or a section of the raga I wish to have it in full lenght and get full enjoyment from what we have never heard.
    Because, such a people like Amir Khan, Bade ghulam Ali khan, Ustad Sarhang of Afghanstan, Ustat Salamat Ali khano of Pakistan these people will never can be found it take generations that an artist is born in the same way.
    May God rest their soul in peace.

    With kind regards

    Ali from Holland

  2. To all Sarangi Music Lovers,

    It is a great moment to have and to listen to two newly added recordings of the legendary, the one and only Late Ustad Amir Khan Saheeb.

    It is a rare recording and I think those who have kindly shared it with all of us (Sarangi web site music lovers) should be appreciated.

    Thanks very much for mailing me this bageshri sung by ustadji & promitaji.

  3. hello taimur–

    You have an error in the opening line of the words for the bageshri bandish. it is not “kaise kate sajani”, ie “how do i slice up my lover”–that would be very cruel!

    it should be “kaise kate rajani, ab sajani”, ie “how will we spend this night?”

    thanks for posting the khamaj thumri, which is superb, and so much better than this bageshri piece, dont you think?


  4. Thank you very much for the recording. the female voice is misspelled, it will be PROTIMA BANERJEE.

  5. I think, the Bagheshri piece is as exquisite as the Khamaj one. Can I request someone, Vinay perhaps, to decipher as much of the lyrics of the Bagheshri as can be done. It’s so much more pleasure when you know the exact words.

    Thank you.

  6. Vinay Pande and Kousik, thank you for the corrections.

    I agree with Arif Ahmed Khan about the beauty of this piece and Amir Khan’s taans.

    This is what it sounds like to me – I could not understand the last two words in the fourth line below:

    kaise kate rajani, ab sajani
    piya bin mose raho na jaaye
    gari pal chin more jub sai bitat hai
    un bin jiya * *

    naina more daras kai pyaasai
    asha jhootay daita dilaasai
    mann ka panchi rowat tarpat
    maanat nahin mann

  7. The information now available on the Bageshri of UAK and PB is an example of the potential of internet in pooling resources .
    What is still lacking is information about the composer of this asthai and about the artist Protima Bannerji .

    I also take this opportunity to appeal to all visitors of the site to give any information they may have about the composers of the compositions on the site , the date and venue where the recordings originate from; in general, any information of archival value.

    1. Artiste Pratima Banerjee is a versatile singer from Bengal. She was born in 1934 and passed away in 2004 at Calcutta. She had sung in many Bengali films and one Bollywood film, “Sahara” (1958). She has many private records in Bengali too. Pratima Banerjee was very good at rendering classical songs which she has done in many films, Bengali songs based on classical music and Hindustani Classical. She had recorded with Pandit A.T.Kanan also in film “Surer Piyasi” (1960). The song was “Piya Bin Jiya Mora”.
      About the song “Kaise Kate Rajani”, the composer is Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and lyricisr, Pandit Bhushan. It is from Tapan Sinha’s film “Kshudhita Pashan” (1960) based on Rabindranath Tagore’s writing. I have the DVD of the film. The film too is excellent!

  8. Thanks for yet another gem by the great Khan Sahib Ameer Khan. His disciple Promita Banerjee is impressive, too. Besides some typical film songs inspired by Bageshri (Chaah barbaad karegi Shah Jahan, Jaag dard-e-ishq jaag Anaarkali, Raadha naa bole naa bole Azaad, Aajaa re, paradesi Madhumati, Ghadi Ghadi mera dil dhadke Madhumati, Hamse aayaa na gayaa Dekh Kabeeraa Roya. Kanpur-based Indian website lists a Parveen Sultana Ji number (Shubh ghadi aaye) in film Raziya Sultaan (am eager to get it). I recall classical bandishes: (1) Ay ri ay mai(n) kaisay sajni, ghar jaaoon mitwaa tumre dhingwaa & (2) Kaun gat bhai. Late writer, vocalist & music teacher Shaahid Ahmad Dehlavi (editor “Saaqi”) taught bandish # 1 in Radio Music School programme “Sargam” (Radio Pakistan-Karachi, 1953-62). Bandish # 2 late Ustads Nazaakat Ali Khan–Salaamat Ali Khan Sahib sang live in Pakistani film “Baji”. [Can someone, perhaps Aftab Datta or Sadarang’s Saqib Razaq, kindly share this short Bageshri khayaal.] In the film, it was immediately followed by a lighter piece in Maalgunji (?), a raag resembling Bageshri: Sajan laagi tori agan man maa. Noor Jehan and Farida Khanum sang this composition of the late music director duo Saleem-Iqbal.

    Sitar virtuoso Ustad Rais Khan Sahib played a tuneful Bageshri for a PTV-Lahore concert c. 1980s (producer Farrukh Basheer, himself a disciple of late Ustad Shareef Khan Sahib Poonchhwaalay). Ustad Salaamat Ali Khan Sahib, who was among the audience, when requested by the compere for his views, generously praised Ustad Rais Khan Sahib’s performance saying he very skilfully played a raag that vocalists and instrumentalists usually avoid ( … due to its complexities(?).

    Rajan Parrikar Sahib’s essays, one of the most exhaustive & illustrated online ICM sources, include an exclusive on Bageshri ( that also discusses Maalgunji, Raageshri, Rajeshwari and Durga (Khamaj Thaat). Parrikar Sahib also mentions the composer (Ustad Ali Akbar Khan Sahib?) of Ustad Amir Khan-Promita Banerjee item from the Bengali film Some more Bageshri-inspired Pakistani items coming to mind are:

    Sarod-nawaaz, vocalist & composer par excellence Ustad Nazar Husain’s beautiful composition sung in person by Nighat Seema-Taj Multani for PTV-Karachi (c. 1970s): Sajnaa kaisaa jaadoo daaraa.

    Ghayr kee baato(n) pe aakhir a’itebaar aa hi gayaa (Agha Hashr Kaashmiri), Farida Khanum, PTV live concert “Sangeet Dhanak” (1971)
    Jal bhi chuke parwaanay, ho bhi chuki ruswaai (Shehzaad Ahmad Shehzaad), Farida Khanum, Radio Pakistan (Karachi Station version was the best)
    Chayn ab mujh-ko tah-e-daam to lainay daitay, Tairay fitnay kahee(n) aaraam (Saifuddin Saif), Ghulam Ali, Radio Pakistan
    Poochhtaa jaa maire marqad se guzarne waalay, Kyaa guzarti hai teri jaan pe marne waalay, Ghulam Ali, Radio Pakistan
    Daikhiye aaj ye kyaa rang hai maikhaanay kaa, Ghulam Ali, Live concert recording, EMI (Pakistan)
    Chaman mei(n) rang-e-bahaar utraa to mai(n) ne daikhaa (Muneer Niyaazi) Ghulam Ali
    Pehli si ab wo anjuman aaraaiyaa(n) kahaa(n), Rajab Ali, PTV
    Rangwaa de chunariyaa dhanak mei(n) piyaa, Humaira Channaa, composer: Mujahid Husain (s/o late Saarangi maestro Nathu Khan Sahib), PTV. // Thanks again & kind regards!

    1. But Pratima Banerjee was not a disciple of Ustad Aamir Khan. She had taken taalim from Prakash Kali Ghoshal and later on Bhishmadev Chatterjee.

  9. Sharing Saqib Razaq’s swift response: Quote:
    Dear Riaz saheb, I have the original LP of the soundtrack of ‘Baji’. I’ll onvert it to wav or … format & will send you. Your post on Bageshri was informative; other famous ghazals in this raag are: Dil Ki Baat Labon par La Kar by Mehdi saheb & Ghulam Ali saheb’s Khatir Say yaa Lehaaz Se.
    Incidentally, I have just come back from a concert by Ghulam Ali saheb, also included performances by Rajan-Sajan Mishra and the legendary Birju Maharaj. It was the first time I saw Birju ji live, still dazzled to such breathtaking layakari. Regards, Saqib.” (> Unquote

  10. Adaab Barni saab !

    Can you tell which films following items sung by ustad amanatali (with ustad fatehali & others)are from

    – Baje chhum chhum tere ghunghru
    – Data tore dwar
    – Mora jiya ja
    – Piiya dekhan ko
    – Piya nahi aye
    – Pyar nahi hai
    – Yaar ko maine
    – Ye arzoo thi

    Thanks in advance

    – Dr. Kashyap (

  11. Greetings,
    Let me say just one word and that is (Thank you) to those contributing these rare recordings of late Ustad Amir Khan Saheb to the Sarangi Site.
    Wah Wah
    What a voice and what a performance by him he was a real legend.
    May God bless his soul
    I would kindly request any one who has his recording so please share it with us and lets us hear him more and more.
    I have nothing to say further except THANKS
    Allah Hafaz,
    Ali from Holland

  12. Wah!
    A veritable pearl from the fathomless ocean of Ustad Amir Khan Saheb’s gayaki. This wonderful Raga Bageshri composition is so replete with pathos and yearning, it does complete lyrical justice to the words.
    The crisp opening taan sets the appropriate mood for what follows.

    The initial “uthaan” of this cheez offers a fleeting similarity to that of “Aaj saha na jaye birha..” a masterly rendition in the same raga from the Atrauli Jaipur gharana legend Smt. Kishori Amonkar.

    By the way, isn’t Protima Banerjee the sister of the great sitar maestro Pandit Nikhil Banerjee?
    It is common knowledge that the sitar maestro was profoundly influenced by Khansaheb’s gayaki, when the latter imparted music taalim to his sister.
    Nikhilji wonderfully and successfully imbibed and integrated quite a few finer technical and aesthetic facets of Khan Saheb’s gayaki in his own style of sitar playing.

    I thank you for this composition.
    Rajendra Teredesai

  13. Respected all,
    I have rare 5 audios of Ustad Amir Khan. it was all recorded in a very private and personal music concert at someone’s residence. Please allow me to share these with all. show me the way to UPLOAD it on the website, so every one can use it. my email id is who so ever interested in these 5 please show me way to publish it on the internet.
    1. bageshree(25min), 2. Jansamohini(13min) 3. puriya(50 min) 4. malkauns(21min) and 5. hansdhwani. (26min) . It is a treasure. let the world use it. It may not be heard by anyone yet. i am also going to share this with some other websites
    from: bhrugu pandya.

  14. Dear Mr. Panya, We would love to listen to these recording that you mention. Apart from, you can also upload in and share the links with us.
    Thanks and really appreciate your coming forward with these recordings.

  15. Dear Bhrugu Pandya,
    Let me just start by saying that for me, just to read your post is a most joyful pleasure. While I can only imagine what a treat it will be to hear the recordings, more than anything else I salute your attitude and approach towards sharing the music.

    In my view, all private recordings of the great men of ICM are “amanats” entrusted to the custodians by the legends and gods. And it is (and should be) a great joy for all of us to play our role as “ameens” in returning these back to the spirits by making the best of these wonderful mediums that we have at hand…be it,,,, patrick,, or… all are means to avoid the hellfire that awaits those who believe these to be their perosnal possessions and jaagirs.

    While I shall try not to get carried away any further, I would just like to reiterate that while it is a small pleasure for us at to be but a small part of this mini-revival of ICM brought on by the internet….the real purpose for us has not been to seek the appreciation and credits of listeners and collectors, but to share and revel the joy of the mausiquee…

    Having said that, even I have to take my hat off to Aftab Datta for his summer collection of evergreen proportions…and while I have a lot to say on the individual pieces…I am very happy on seeing and hearing the excellent Durga by the very young sarod player, my “garaaeen” Mr. Asad Qazalbash…..

    Many thanks for reading….and bearing with me this long.


  16. Dear Mr. Ganguli,
    Thanks for your suggestion. now i m uploading it. as soon as it is uploaded, i will declare the ADDRESS to download / listen, in this same forum and some other forums/websites too.
    please keep watching ….
    sorry for any delay, in hope of your cooperatin, ever. thanks.
    — bhrugu pandya

  17. While this will ultimately make its way onto a full update, it is my pleasure to share with you the first of the afforementioned recordings of Amir Khansaheb from Bhrugu Pandya – Bageshree (downloadable from the following weblink):

    Understand from Bhrugu Pandya that this recordings have been made available by an aged listener, grate fan of KhanSaheb Amirkhan, Ustad. He
    does not wish to reveal his name (identity) at all. According to him, this were recorded in a live concert in Santacruz, Mumbai in 1973.

    On behalf of all listeners, I would like to thank Bhrugu Pandya and request that our sincere thanks may also be conveyed to the “aged listener”.

  18. Dear listeners,

    These are the five marvelous NEW recordings of khan saheb Amirkhan (recorded in 1973,in a private concert). This are published nowhere till date (by any company or individuals). Very fresh and published recently by the grace of god. Download and listen when u r alone and feel sublime.






    In hope, may the grace from above give us some more to listen and learn.

  19. Thanks dear bhrugu for your generosity to share ‘much hidden’ amir khan’s recording with the HCM lovers.

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