Munawar Ali & Sandhya Mukhapadhyay | Vasantrao Deshpande | Niaz Hussain Shami

These recordings have been shared by Aftab Datta:

Munawar Ali & Sandhya Mukhapadhyay – Jhana Jhanan Sur Jhankar
Raga Jaunpuri
Film: Jay Jayanti (1971)

Vasantrao Deshpande – Paraj, Jhinjhoti, Bhairavi


This recording has been shared by Mr. J. S. Pande:

Niaz Hussain Shami – Lalit (sadra)


The three wma files above are encoded at 64 kbps instead of the previous 32 kbps. I will try to continue this practice as internet and web hosting bandwidth allowances have happily/dramatically increased. Although the doubled file size may aggravate the problem of incomplete downloads for some users with dial-up connections, the sound quality will be relatively better.


9 thoughts on “Munawar Ali & Sandhya Mukhapadhyay | Vasantrao Deshpande | Niaz Hussain Shami

  1. All three items are good, and I appreciate you sending them to me, Taimur. Niaz Hussain Shami as people know hails from the Sham Chaurasi Gharana. I had the pleasure of meeting his son Fayaz Hussain, who took me to Lahore Radio Staion in 1982, where his father’s picture was hanging on the wall along with Bade Ghulam Ali Khan’s. It made me cringe to see extreme poverty his family was going through, and they had absolutely nothing. We Indians and Pakistanis must be the most inhuman, and stonehearted race on the planet, as we have no compassion for the torchbearers of fine arts in our wretched countries, because we don’t look after those who give us joy.

    Fayaz Hussain, from what I heard last, has lost his sanity (due to poverty and hardship) and is wandering in the streets of Lahore. I am not sure whether he is even alive now. We are all to blame, the Governments, and the people who these Artists entertain; we don’t deserve them.

  2. Oh, I have just also listened to Vasantrao Deshpande. He is simply brilliant, and justifies his connection to Patiala Gharana. This is the first I have ever heard him. He is someone I will add to my favourite singers’ list.

  3. First of all, THANKS to you all for maintaining this nice site. I am grateful.

    I am an ardent follower of any form of Indian Music be it Classical or Light Music. Being brought up on music since birth, my father Late Surender Soni was a Senior Music Composer at All India Radio, Delhi and had his compositins sung by many singers with great artists such as Late Music Director Jaidev, O.P. Nayyar, Ravi, Surender Kaur, Parkash Kaur, Narender Kaur, Asa Singh Mastana, Trilok Kapoor, Jagjeet Kaur, Penaz Masani, Sudha Malhotra just to name a few, I have been looking for such a site.

    Shaukat has rightly said that we are the most inhuman and stonehearted race on this planet. I know of many a Great Artistes dying in abject poverty so much so that no money even to take care of the last rites.
    Niaz Hussain Shami was a great artiste and a great Composer as well.
    He was the maternal uncle of Ustad Nazakat Ali Khan and Ustad Salamat
    Ali Khan and as far as I know also trained them.

    But as Shaukat said our Governments are to be blamed. Especially in Pakistan only a few singers are patronised and all others are left to the mercy of almighty. Ustad Salamat Ali Khan got all the awards, no doubt
    he was the Singer of the Century along with Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, but there were and are other artistes also and as you all know some of them took to Ghazals and other forms of singing to make both ends meet.

    Even in India, whatever little Government patronisation was there, it is no more. I know of the times when being a Radio Artist was considered to be a great honour and people used to feel honoured and used to put Radio Artist on their name plates and calling cards. All that is past now. Atleast here the Artistes get to perform in public concerts still and earn their keep no matter the Government is not giving as much support as they rightly deserve.

    Anyway it is quite heart warming that people like you are trying to keep the tradition alive. I only came to know of your site just a short while ago and am impressed with your collection and request all music lovers to add to this and keep it growing.

    THANKS once again

  4. Thanks for the updates. Downloaded Dr. Vasantrao’s recording. I think the name is misleading. That track contains three pieces:

    1st is Paraj where he sang two compositons: Laal Aaye & Pawan Chalat

    2nd is Mishra Jhinjhoti where he sang Saware Aaijaiho

    3rd is Bhairavi where he sang Na Maaro Bhaar Pichakari Jaa Main Tope Waari

    I hope you don’t mind.
    Thanks again.

  5. Thank you for including recordings of Ustad Munawar Ali Khan.
    I heard him often in Calcutta in the 80’s. A great singer with both a heritage and a style of his own.
    I dont know if he got the appreciation he deserved, at times the reception was somewhat lukewarm.
    I told him once that his music had that old world charm that is so rare now. He asked, do you really feel that ? I said yes, definitely, and a big smile appeared on his face.

    Thank you for this website, its a treasure trove.

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