8 thoughts on “Salamat Ali & Sharafat Salamat – Gorakh Kalyan

  1. Dear
    As a radioprogram maker in The Netherlands for the Concertzender I enjoyed your latest video very much.

    My compliments

    Freek Reijmerink

  2. Ustad Salamat Ali Khan and Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan were the Singers of the Century.

    Shaukat’s comment about the Persian Poetry renderings has compelled me to explain this phenomen.

    Persian Couplets are sung in the Tarana format of the Raag. First is the
    Vilambit (Slow) followed by the Drut (Fast) and then comes the Tarana (Superfast). This format was added by Hazrat Khwaja Amir Khusro in the rendition of the Raag and the Persian Couplets are all that of Hazrat Khwaja Amir Khusro. Mostly the Trana Bandish were composed by Hazrat Khwaja Amir Khusro and then only these two singers composed their own Taranas of different Raags. There is lot more on this but may create controversies and I do not want that. Suffice to say that other singers do use Persian Couplets but these are only sung in the Tarana Format at the end of the rendering.

  3. Dear Taimur or Nampreet,

    Can you please make this video available either on YouTube or preferably in MP3 audio format. As I have suggested in the past, I really love this recording and I do not like the interface of site it is currently on.

    I would hate for it to disappear some day randomly. If there are no copyright issues, please, please make this recording available in downloadable format in the Salamat Ali Khansahib section of sarangi.info

    Very very much your shukurguzaar!

  4. sir,

    i have no words to thank you. i cannot explain how much i am enjoying this site. i have just one request: please try to include more thumries.



  5. i am keen to download this ghorakh kalyan sung by salamat ali khan
    please send me this file thru mail

  6. Dear Fellows,
    I am a physically handicapped person and my only passion is Indian Vocal Classical music by Ust. Salamat Ust. Nazakat. and Ust. Sharafat. Will someone tell me how to download their various recitals for free as I do not earn and these collections are very costly. My e mail id is nandkishore_t@yahoo.com Kindly contact. Thank.

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