Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, S.C.R. Bhatt & K. G. Ginde

Aftab Shahrukh Datta hereby responds ineptly to the state of emergency in Pakistan by sharing a dhrupad, a khayal and a whim:

S. C. R. Bhatt & K. G. Ginde – Kedara

Bade Ghulam Ali Khan & Munnawar Ali Khan – Kafi Kanada

I love those old days… I really love the past. I am going to grow a handlebar mustache and go to work in a dhoti, and those old wooden slippers with a single peg between the toes…

19 thoughts on “Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, S.C.R. Bhatt & K. G. Ginde

  1. Dear Aftab,

    I love the old days too but before you grow a handlebar moustache and go to work in a dhoti wearing those old wooden slippers with a single peg between the toes, I want to tell you a story.

    This is a story that the late Hayat Ahmed Khan narrated about why BGK went back to India. It is most likely apocryphal but quite plausible and it relates also to our ongoing discussion about the knowledge and appreciation of ICM.

    Well, here is the story as I heard it. BGK was living in Lahore and there was a theft in his house. With his handlebar moustache, wearing a vest and dhoti and shod in old wooden slippers with a single peg between the toes, BGK went to the nearest police station to lodge a FIR. Not surprisingly, he was asked to wait outside the SHOs office. After about 45 minutes, BGK sent word that it was BGK who was waiting outside. From inside came the following loud response: “OYE MOTAY, TAINOON KEYA AY INTIZAAR KAR”. BGK left the police station and went to India because Nehru and Patel had been begging him to return and were prepared to send a private plane to transport him back. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were at the airport to receive him.

    So when you go back to the old days go back as the nawab of Tonk and not as a great classical musician in Pakistan.

    Thanks for the posts, by the way.

  2. I agree! Way before the partition. Not that things were great before then, either.

    But my wife would never let me grow a handlebar mustache at 31 years old, so I have time to pick a favorable time-period for all musicians.

    That is such a sad story. I have a few others like that.

  3. We have been wondering if the sarangi player in Bade Ghulam Ali Khan’s Kafi Kanada could possibly be Bundu Khan. Please let us know if you have any information on this particular recording.

    Aftab, I found this pair for you:

  4. this is about identifying the sarangi player in the badey gulam ali kafi kannada recording.there is an announcement at the start which marks it as an all india radio recording.
    the length of the recording is over 30 minutes. which means this was not a regional radio station recording but more likely from one of the national programmes of music.
    let me clarify.
    when a performer was recorded at one of the regional radio stations-including delhi -as opposed to the national broadcast he typically recorded for a day s broadcast, 2 pieces of exactly 30 minutes length and one of 15 minutes length.
    the national programme of music used to be broadcast saturdays 2130 hrs onwards for exactly 90 minutes.
    since this recording is just over 40 minutes long, it is probably from a national broadcast.
    the date of the recording suggests a period not before 1954 and not after 1963 or so.munawwar ali came to accompany his father only after about 1954 .and in any case i doubt very much if recordings before 1954 even exist of national programmes of music. many of them were simply erased to re use the tapes!
    the later date is to mark the stroke that badey ghulam ali suffered. i cannot be sure as to the years but i think the stroke came after 1963.because i have 1963 recordings in which his voice sounds unaffecte
    ed by the stroke.
    this would fairly rule out bundu khan as accompanist because he had left for karachi in or around 1954 .
    the tone of the sarangi does remind one of bundu khan s instrument but then i HAVE heard similar sounding sarangis played by other instrumentalists.
    so, if this a national radio broadcast recording ,and all these recordings used to be made before a live audience in studio no. 1 of all india radio delhi, we must look for accompanists who were usually featured on delhi broadcasts.
    to be sure, they need not have been staff artistes of all india radio delhi. haji ghulam sabir of kanpur often broadcast from delhi and so did sabri khan of ambala.
    i have never heard sabri khan of ambala play an instrument with that tone. though again, he cannot be ruled out.
    shakoor khan , who frequently accompanied artistes on the national programme was a staff artiste of a i r delhi. and to my recollection, did sometimes play an instrument of that tone.
    which leaves the discussion pretty much up in the air!
    but i would guess -and mind you this isonly a guess- that the accompanist was either shakoor khan or haji ghulam sabir of kanpur.

  5. I’m from Hyderabad Deccan and writing this from Switzerland, where I live currently. I’m responding to Mr. J.S. Pande’s message.

    I have a feeling that the Kafi Kanada posted on the site is an old-age recording of Khan Sahib and the magic Sarangi artiste accompanying there could possibly be Ustad Ghulam Sabir Qadri or Ustad Saghiruddin (more likely). I shall nonetheless try to find this out from my aunt, Begum Zahir e Yar Jung. If successful, I shall have it posted on the site. Frankly, I haven’t spoken to her for ages.

    Incidentally, Mr. Pande, do you have any of Bade Ghulam Ali khan Saheb’s well-recorded gems. I’ve got quite a few of them, but they are all badly recorded. I should be pleaased to hear, in this context, from you or anyone else reading this message. My e-mail address reads as follows:

    With all good wishes to all music lovers, and a respectful thanks to the owners of,

    Ali Khan

    1. Dear Mr Alikhan
      The address you have indicated does not exist any more.Any way, my brother Vinay visits Zurich quite frequently.Between us we have a modest collection.
      If you like you could contact him at

      Best wishes,

  6. Can confirm the Kafi Kanada is an AIR broadcast from the National Programme of Music. Accompanists are Ustad Saghiruddin Khan on sarangi and Ustad Mohammad Ahmed Khan on tabla. The performance is from a period following Bade Khansaheb’s stroke.

    Kind Regards

    Saqib Razaq

    Unpublished till date. Very new for all. Download and enjoy.
    Best download through Mozilla FireFox Browser.





  8. dear tamour sahib

    how are you well its nice pics of bade khan sahib kindly post the pic of USTAD NAQI ALI KHAN grandson of ustad bade ghualam ali khan .we have seen his two videos on you tube plz add these on your site as well .

    thanks. well also if any have madam noor jehan stage musicical show kindly share with me i will be thankful email me at

    sajan from dubai.

  9. Ture…!!! Really i miss those days..It was so pure form of music during that time was like a meditation rather than rubbish noisy syncing.

  10. Does anybody have the rendition of a Sadhra, “Vidyadhar gunian so kaha kariye” in a very rare Raga Khat, sung by Pt. K.G. Ginde Saheb?

  11. hi Aftab!

    Do you have K.G. Ginde saheb’s rendition of a Sadhra in Raga Khat -” Vidyadhar Guniyan so kaha kariye…” ?

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