Dear Visitors, is back online. All the music has to be re-uploaded, which means, the audio links will not be functional at present. We cannot say how long it will take, but we will keep updating you as we make further progress.

For now, the following sites have been fully restored:

Alifbépé – Taimur Khan’s homepage

APMC – All Pakistan Music Conference

Ghani Khan – Life and works of Ghani Khan

8 thoughts on “Greetings

  1. Congratulations! Good to see you guys back, and do carry on the excellent work you’ve been doing all this while.

  2. Dear Music Lovers,

    Just go on YouTube and search for sarangi-ustad hussain baksh-amritsari and upload to your websites. It is masterpiece work (Raga Hindol and Raga Multani)

    Would like your websites to have such gems of music


    Ajmal Hussain

  3. Hi Congratulation to be back on scene. Keep it up and tell me how can I be of some help to you.You are doing sabab ka kam

  4. Congratulations to be back. Kindly upload some thumris and dadras of ustad Umed Ali Khan. All the friends are invited. I( am also looking for Piyar Nahin Hae sur se jisko by Ustad Amanat Ali& Fateh Ali Khan live recording other than that film piece.

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