Aftab Datta’s Spring Collection 2010

Crows | Enamel on paper by Shahid Mirza ©2010. Shahid Mirza exhibited a fabulous series of crow and water buffalo drawings, among others, at NCA, Lahore this month. He has kindly granted permission for reproducing some of them on our websites.

Aftab Datta has patiently waited once again for these links to be created and the 95 audio files to be shared with everyone as a spring collection. This update was meant for’s 5th birthday celebration on 28 January 2010, but it was not to be.

1. Abdul Halim Jafar Khan – Abhogi

2. Abdul Rashid – Pilu

3. Ali Ahmed Khan – Todi

4. Ali Baksh Zahoor – Kafi of Ghulam Farid

5. Amanat Ali and Fateh Ali – Ahir Bhairav

6. Amanat Ali and Fateh Ali – Marwa

7. Amanat Ali and Fateh Ali – Miyan Malhar

8. Amir Ahmed Khan – Ahir Bhairav

9. Amir Khan – Kafi

10. Amir Khan – Lalit (1960)

11. Arif Hussain Gujratwale – Narayani

12. Asad Ali Khan – Miyan Malhar

13. Asad Qizilbash and Akmal Qadri – Shree

14. Ashiq Ali Peshawarwale – Basant

15. Ashiq Ali Peshawarwale – Shankara

16. Aslam Khan – Triveni Gauri

17. Aurangzeb (Rangi) Khan – Ras Ranjani

18. Baldeep Singh – Chautal

19. Bundu Khan – Kafi

20. Bundu Khan – Shahana Bahar

21. Chote Ghulam Ali Khan – Miyan ki Malhar

22. Chote Ashiq Ali Khan – Shree Ranjani

23. Dr. Parvatikar – Suha

24. D. V. Paluskar – Shudh Sarang

25. D. V. Paluskar – Sindhura

26. Farukh Bashir – Marwa

27. Fayyaz Hussain Khan – Asavari

28. Fayyaz Hussain Khan – Kedar

29. Feroze Din – Desi Todi

30. Feroz Nizami – Multani

31. Farida Khanum – Nat Narayani

32. Ghulam Sabir Ambalewale – Shudh Sarang

33. Ghulam Sadiq Khan – Abhogi (AIR)

34. Ghulam Sadiq Khan – Puriya Dhanashree

35. Ghulam Saqid Khan – Basant

36. Gopal Krishna Radheshyam – Todi

37. Govind Prasad Jaipurwale – Rageshree

38. Hasan Mohammed – Abhogi (surmandal)

39. Hashmat Ali – Naiki Kanada

40. Husnlal – Purvi

41. Hussain Khan – Jhaptaal

42. Ilyas Hussain – Puriya Dhanashree

43. Imrat Khan – Abhogi Kanada

44. Imrat Khan – Shree

45. Inayat Hussain Nizami – Jaunpuri

46. Iqbal Bano – Ghazal in Abhogi

47. Jitendra Abhisheki – Shyam Kalyan

48. Kabir Khan- Marwa

49. Lacchu Maharaj – Teentaal

50. Madhukar Dhumal – Puriya Kalyan

51. Masit Khan – Bhairavi

52. Meena Lodhi – Desi Todi

53. M. Kaleem – Woh Shookh Nigahon

54. Mogubai Kurdikar – Nayaki Kanada

55. Mohammad Sagiruddin – Shyam Kalyan

56. Mohammed Salim – Miyan ki Todi

57. Mubarak Ali Khan – Marwa

58. Mukhtar Begum – Chhayanat

59. Mukhtar Begum – Darbari

60. Murli Manohar – Puriya

61. Mushtaq – Kamod

62. Narayanrao Yas – Bihag

63. Netai Basu – Lalit

64. Nirmal Guha Thakurata – Chhayanat

65. Nirmla Devi – Todi

66. Nisar Hussain – Gaud Malhar

67. Parvatikar – Suha

68. Sharif Khan Poonchewale – Ahir Bhairav

69. Sharif Khan Poonchewale – Interview followed by Darbari on Vitchitra Veena

70. Rais Khan – Shyam Kedar

71. Rameshchandra Bandopadhyay – Puriya

72. Rasiklal Andharia – Abhogi

73. Rasiklal Andharia – Shahana Kanada

74. Ravi Kitchlu – Kafi

75. Roshan Ara Begum – Puriya Kalyan

76. Naseeruddin Saami – Lalit

77. Sain Ditta Qadri – Shudh Sarang

78. Salamat Ali and Nazakat Ali – Asa Mand

79. Salim Hussain – Bageshree

80. Mohammad Hussain Sarahang – Shudh Sarang

81. Sardar Khan Chandani Kedar

82. Sarwar Hussain – Shree (sarangi)

83. Ghulam Hassan Shaggan – Bahar

84. Ghulam Hassan Shaggan – Komal Re Asavari

85. Shahida Parveen – Chandrakauns

86. Niaz Hussain Shami – Lalit Bahar

87. Sharafat Hussain Khan – Asavari

88. Sharafat Hussain Khan – Bairagi

89. Sharafat Hussain Khan – Chhayanat

90. Surendranath – Basant

91. Swami Vallabhdas – Shree

92. Tarapada Chakraborty – Chhaya Hindol

93. T. D. Janorikar – Gavati

94. Umeed Ali Khan -Gorakh Kalyan

95. Wahid Hussain Khan – Multani

31 thoughts on “Aftab Datta’s Spring Collection 2010

  1. Greetings:
    I wanted to make a few notes…
    Arif Hussain Gujratwale – Recent All Pakistan Music Conference
    Ashiq Ali Peshawarwala (AKA Beera Ashiq) – A fantastic and unconventional artist from Peshawar that Dr. Ashfaq Khan introduced us to
    Aurangzeb (Rangi) Khan – All Pakistan Music Conference 1987, provided by Ally Adnan
    Baldeep Singh – Performance on an instrument called a Jori-pakhawaj
    Chote Ashiq Ali Khan – All Pakistan Music Conference, February 24, 1960
    Farukh Bashir – All Pakistan Music Conference 1987
    Hashmat Ali –All Pakistan Music Conference 1987
    Sarwar Hussain –Provided by Rakae Jamil
    Ghulam Hassan Shaggan – All Pakistan Music Conference, March 31, 1961
    Shahida Parveen – All Pakistan Music Conference 1987
    Niaz Hussain Shami – All Pakistan Music Conference March 3, 1961
    Swami Vallabhdas – Bangkok 1961
    Thank you,

  2. taimur–we have to submit aftab to the NIH for cloning. there arent enough aftabs on this planet, that’s the problem.

    now where do i start sampling this enormous feast he has served us??


    btw is that really d v paluskar singing shuddh sarang? doesnt sound like him…

  3. friends -on no account must you miss that kamod of mushtaq hussain! and what brilliant sarangi accompaniment…

    1. you have uploade laecture demonstrations under the name of latafat hussain khan but it is actually khadim hussain khan sahib.

    1. can you please share something rare of faiyaz khan like his yaman kalyan,mi malhar,goud malhar etc. so that we can hear this superb ragas through a great maestro.

  4. no other person in the world is as great as aftab. he is gifted by god to serve indian classical music and spread it. aftab ji you are great.

  5. Aftab Bhai,

    Would you have a copy of Shahida Parveen’s performance of Kaushikdwani?

    I think Nampreet Singh had posted it on this site and the link–which was a video–disappeared.

    If you can be of any help, it would be most appreciated.

    Many thanks.

  6. Mr.Aftab Datta,
    You have again done all of us music devotees great favour by uploading these classics in the spring collection 2010
    Thank you very much

  7. Dear Aftab bhai, what is the name of that website, that have collection of full raag megh presented by ustad fatehalikhan & rustam fateh ali. please reply me as soon as possible. Aapka Sumermal Singhi, Bikaner, Rajasthan

  8. Dear Aftabji,

    Thanks a ton for sharing such wonderful treasure.
    While browsing through quickly found one small error. Jhaptaal is by Amir Hussain Khansaheb & not Hussain Khan. This was LP by HMV of Amir Hussain Khansaheb & Ustad Ahmed Jan Thirkawa saheb on other side under title drums of India. I suppose it is out of print nowadays.

    Once again thanks for the treasure & really get your genome done as suggested by Vinay Pandeji. Re Suddha Sarang I too feel it is DVP only.

    Best regards,


  9. A magnificient Shree by pandit swami vallabh das(Guru of my guru Pt.Rama rao Naik.
    Tks for the splendid spring collection Aftabji.

    1. Hi Nanadkumar,
      It is a wonderful Shree and thanks to Aftab, if you whant to listen his more recordings please e-mail me, May be I can help you.
      Now there are very few who loves and appricate Agra Gharana.

  10. Hello everyone,

    I was just wondering, does anybody know who Murli Manohar is? I have never heard of him before and would like some more information on him. The puriya recording is truly beautiful.

    What a wonderful gift these are to us, Aftab ji. Thankyou.


  11. What a delight it is to listen to Pt. Rasiklal Andhari’s exquisite Abhogi. Million thanks yo you and Aftab.


    Balu Nadig

  12. Many thanks for an extraordinary website and collection; the recording of Shree by Swami Vallabdas esp. Magnificent and Uplifting to say the least.

  13. Aftab sahib

    I only wish to place my appreciation and gratitude on record for promotion and preservation of serious music through your untiring efforts.I would also like to
    pay my compliments to your associates especially Dr. Taimur Khan God may give you enough stamina and energy to sustain your endeavors.

    May I make a request also for an unknown duo Late Khan Muhammad and Shafi Muhammad who were never afforded adequate opportunity for performing on PTV or PBC. Their recording done in Afghanistan and private concerts are however available which merit sharing with lovers of serious music.


    Javaid Ali Khan

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