tanpuras played by
sheela raj, annkatrin jepsen, marianne svasek, pierre hansen, friedrich glorian

nashv-o-numaa hai a.sl se ;Gaalib furuu(( ko
;xaamoshii hii se nikle hai jo baat chaahiye

1) growth and nurture is from the root/origin, Ghalib, for the branches/derivatives
2) from only/emphatically silence emerges the speech/idea/matter that is needed

hai rang-e laalah-o-gul-o-nasrii;N judaa judaa
har rang me;N bahaar kaa i;sbaat chaahiye

1) the color of tulip and rose and eglantine is each one separate
2) in every mood/aspect/’color’, a demonstration/proof of spring is needed

ya((nii bah ;hasb-e gardish-e paimaanah-e .sifaat
((aarif hameshah mast-e mai-e ;zaat chaahiye

1) that is, in conformity/proportion to the going-around of the {wine-glass / measure} of qualities,
2) a mystical-knower always intoxicated with the wine of Being is needed