Ranadhir Roy, Radhika Mohan Maitra and Liaqat Khan

Closeup of an Esraj donated to Tokyo University of the Arts by the late Professor Koizumi Fumio's widow.

Esraj and Sarod recordings shared by Robert Messiah:

Professor Ranadhir Roy
Bilaskhani Todi 1
Bilaskhani Todi 2

Radhika Mohan Maitra
Bhairav Bahar
Des 1
Des 2
Gaud Sarang

Sarangi recordings shared by Kamran Nagi:

Ustad Liaqat Khan
Madhuvanti 1
Madhuvanti 2

8 thoughts on “Ranadhir Roy, Radhika Mohan Maitra and Liaqat Khan

  1. Wah ! the bilaskhani todi on esraj.
    Prof Roy seems to just hold your finger,
    lead you into the ocean of Bhairavi,
    and gradually makes you suspend
    along with waves of the raag
    which seem to generate naturally
    with some devine intension
    I feel blessed
    — — regards

  2. Is the Madhuvanti 1 file by Ustad Liaqat Khan corrupt after about 23:04 minutes into its playing time? Could not get to hear the complete recording of this piece. Would be grateful if you can re-upload it here. Thanks in advance.

  3. This collection of Radhubabu appears to be from the lesson tapes he used to send Kalyan Mukherjea while the latter was away at Cambridge. In the Des2 clip, Radhubabu says in Bengali, “… and there’s a new gat in Bhairavi, but I won’t give it to you now. You better come back to learn it!”

  4. and what a gorgeous des bandish this is, arnab! do you play it?

    note the tiny gamak at the close of the second phrase of the mukhda. this is what separates truly great musicians from mere hacks.

  5. Dear friends who give us this wonderful site:

    Thank you for this labour of love and immense service to Hindustani classic music lovers everywhere. If I can be of any service in anyway please do let me know … I would like to see this continued.

    Also Dr. Khan who has files on eSnips has done every one a great favour by his efforts. He has files by wonderful singer Beera Aashiq (Peshawarwale). What is known about this amazing musician? … perhaps those in the know should document this information so he is not forgotten.

    A small request …. how does one download files from your site if one has a Macintosh. I do not seem to be able to do it.
    Thanks in advance

  6. It would be important and fair to know who was the tabla player on:
    1. – Ranadhir Roy Bilaskhani Todi esraj mehfil private recording
    2. – U.Liaqat Khan’s accompaniment
    If it is possible, of course.
    Both Tablaiyas deserve to print out their names.
    Otherwise mahathanx for the files.
    Laszlo Hortobagyi of Hungisthan (www.guo.hu)

  7. Tabla player in the tracks of U. Liyaqatali is Irshad hussain khan, a grand son of a great sarangi player U. Munir khan. I can post the pic of cd jacket if somebody wants it. -Dr. Kashyap

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