Aftab’s Fall 2010 Collection

Crow On Cherry 桜花鴉図 Kyoto, Kubota Tosui, Japanese, 1841–1911


vuhii ik baat hai jo yaa;N nafas vaa;N nak’hat-e gul hai
chaman kaa jalvah baa((i;s hai mirii rangii;N-navaa))ii kaa

it is that same thing that here is breath, there the scent of the rose
the glory of the garden is the cause of my colorful-voicedness

Perhaps there are times of inherent excellence,
As when the cock crows on the left and all
Is well, incalculable balances,
At which a kind of Swiss perfection comes
And a familiar music of the machine
Sets up its Schwärmerei, not balances
That we achieve, but balances that happen,
As a man and woman meet and love forthwith.
Perhaps there are moments of awakening,
Extreme, fortuitous, personal, in which
We more than awaken, sit on the edge of sleep,
As on an elevation, and behold
The academies like structures in a mist.

from Notes Toward A Supreme Fiction by Wallace Stevens

Abdul Rashid – Gunkali (Vichitra Veena)
Abdul Sattar (Tari Khan) – 10.5 Matra (Bombay)
Abid Hussain – Bhimpalasi (Rudra Veena)
Ali Ahmed – Gorakh Kalyan (Shehnai)
Allaudin Khan – Nat (Sursringar)
Altaf Hussain – Aimen
Amanat & Fateh Ali Khan – Multani (14 Years old)
Amir Ahmed Khan – Mian Ki Todi
Ashiq Ali Khan – Hindol Bahar
Ashutosh Upadhyay – Teentaal (Pakhawaj)
Aurangzeb Rangi Khan – Shahana (Shehnai)
Azmat Hussain Khan – Gauri
Badi Motibai – Sindhura (Thumri)
Bundu Khan – Sindhura
Birendra Kishore Roy Choadhury – Lalit (Sursringar)
Chote Ghulam Ali Khan – Asavari
D.V. Paluskar – Chayanat
D.V. Paluskar – Khambavati
Dr. Parvatikar – Pilu Pahadi
Faheem Mazhar – Jaunpuri
Faiyaz Khan – Gaud Malhar
Faiyaz Khan – Vibhas
Faiyaz Khan – Aimen Kalyan
Farida Khanum – Shankara
Fateh Ali & Amjad Ali Khan – Durga
Fateh Ali Khan – Kaushik Dhuni
Fateh Ali Khan – Shudh Sarang
Fateh Ali Khan – Kedar (Tarana)
Gajananrao Joshi – Megh
Ghulam Hassan Shaggan – Mian Ki Todi (Radio Pakistan)
Ghulam Hassan Shaggan – Puriya Dhanasri (Radio Pakistan)
Ghulam Hassan Shaggan – Thumri
Ghulam Taqi Khan – Nayaki Kanada
Ginde, KG – Jhinjoti (Dhamar)
Gopeshwar Bandyopadhyay – Bilawal Ki Prakar
Hamid Hussain – Jaijaiwanti (Sarangi)
Hamid Hussain – Maru Bihag (Sarangi)
Hussain Baksh Gullo – Bhopali Todi
Ijaz Hussain Hazravi – Ae Chehra (Lalit)
Ilyas Hussain Khan – Desi Todi
Ilyas Khan – Chhayanat (Sitar)
Kabir Khan – Marwa (Sitar)
KG Ginde – Jhinjoti (Dhamar)
Kumar Prasad Mukherjee – Kedar
Laddan Khan – Khamaj (Sarangi)
Lalmani Misra – Multani (Vichitra Veena)
Master Vyas – Bhopali (Jaltarang)
Meena Lodhi – Malkauns
Mohammed Afzal & Hafiz Khan – Pilu
Mohammed Hussain Sarahang – Kafi
Mohammed Juman – Kaushikdhuni (Thumri)
Moinuddin & Aminuddin Dagar – Multani
Moinuddin & Aminuddin Dagar – Shahana (Alap)
Mubarak Ali Khan – Purvi (Bade Ghulam Ali’s younger brother)
Mubarak Ali Multani – Kaunsi Kanada
Mushtaq Ali Khan – Kafi (Sitar)
Mushtaq Hussain – Sarparda Bilawal
Nabi Bakhsh – Ahir Bhairav (Sarangi)
NarayanRao Vyas – Vibhas
Nasir Ahmed Khan – Chandrakauns
Nasiruddin Sami – Barwa
Nazakat Ali Khan – Mian Ki Malhar
Nazar Hussain – Malgunji (Sarod)
Netai Basu – Patdeep (Sitar)
Nirmal Guha Thakurata – Purvi (Sitar)
Nisar Hussain – Bihag
Noor Zehra – Nat Bhairav (Sagar Veena)
Radhika Bundhkar – Shree (Vichitra Veena)
Radhika Mohan Maitra – Nat Malhar (Sarod)
Rajab Ali Khan – Bageshree
Rasik Lal Andharia – Gorakh Kalyan
Rasik Lal Andharia – Shree
Ravi Kichlu – Bageshree
Sadiq Ali – Pilu (Rudra Veena)
Salamat & Sharafat Ali Khan – Nat Narayani
Salamat & Sharafat Ali Khan – Ahir Bhairav
Salamat Ali Khan – Patdeep
Sanjoy Bandyopadhyay- Hussaini Kanada (Sitar)
Saptarshi Hazra – Bageshri (Sitar)
Satyakinkar Bandopadhyay – Bihag
Shahid Pervez- Puriya Dhanasri (Sitar)
Shahid Pervez – Shyam Kalyan (Sitar)
Shahida Parveen – Bageshree
Sharafat Hussian – Bhairav
Sharafat Hussian – Gorakh Kalyan
Sharif Hussain – Pilu (Sarod)
Siyaram Tiwari – Darbari (from Patrick Moutal’s website)
Surendranath – Chayyanat (Sursringar)
Swami Vallabhdas – Nat Behag
Umeed Ali Khan – Madhuvanti
Vijay Raghav Rao – Amritvarshini (Bansuri)
Wahid Hussain – Bhimpalasi

49 thoughts on “Aftab’s Fall 2010 Collection

  1. Aftab bahi, I am absolutley thrilled to hear Shahida Parveen’s Bageshree, it is out of this world, and should be preserved for the posterity, it was one of the best Bageshri khyal I have ever heard, if not the best. God bless you, and just one question, do you have a video version of this item, if so please either upload it on here or youtube. I have yet to listen to your other items. Thanks once again, and keep up the great work you are doing for the humanity.

  2. There is an old recording of Moinuddin & Aminuddin Dagar: Morning Ragas (LP UNESCO around 1960?), ragas Bhairavi and Asavari, which is one of the best Dhrupad recordings ever made, though they are only about 20 minutes each. Do you know if this has been reissued as a CD, or do you have access to a good copy? It ought to be reissued but I don’t know whom to approach to this end…

    1. I have the same copy everybody probably does.
      But i ripped it from CD years ago. let me know if you want it

      1. So it has been on a CD! I have been searching for years but never been able to find it. It was originally on an LP made by UNESCO. Recording: Alain Daniélou.

        VERY interested if you have a rip!!!!!

  3. Great collection. Ustad Mubarik Ali Khan Sahibs (BGAK Brother) Purbi was an amazing find, Do you have any others by Khan Sahib or Bade Ghulam Ali khan Sahib that you could share with the universe.


      1. Vah Ji Vaj, Kya baat hai janaab. Outstanding musicianship. I am sure BGAKS was proud of his brother. He captured the essence of BGAK’s Gayaki and did justice to it. He was another sage, all on his own.


  4. awesome collcetion.i don’t know anyone whom to ask but anyone has goudmalhar and panchamkauns of amir khan sahib?

    lots of thanks for these again.

  5. Awesome collection! and what perfect print and verse and poem…..really appropriate. You found your own example of balance that seems to just happen!

  6. dear Mr. aftab,
    actually I have tried to download form the link you gave above earlier also but its broken so not possible to download anyway.can it be posted over here or some other means if there?
    thanking you;
    swaroop khan

  7. Concerning the Moinuddin & Aminuddin Dagar: Morning Ragas – you mentioned above that you had a rip-off of a CD?? I am very interested. Didn’t know there was a CD – have been looking for this for years – originally it was an LP (UNESCO: Dhrupads, recording Alain Daniélou, around 1960) …

    1. In effect it was never published as a CD. Rounder Records had bought years ago all the rights of this 1st UNESCO series published by Bärenreiter in Kassel, Germany starting in the early sixties. Rounder had published a number of records from that series but than – probably because they didn’t sell well enough – gave up the idea of coninuing this project. By now all the titles published by them are no longer available. You are by far not the only person who was waiting for this record – which was like a revelation for quite a number of people when it got first published in the sixties – to appear finally on CD. But I have recently seen that somebody has uploaded the record to Mediafire but at the moment I don’t remember where that was.

  8. Ah! I thought so. Couldn’t find the particular LP searching for Mediafire and Mohiuddin & Aminuddin Dagar….

    Since no CD has been published, all existing copies must be copies of the LP (apart from the master tape which we cannot access). I may put a copy on Youtube. It’s not perfect, but almost OK. If I succeed, I’ll send a message here.

      1. Thanks a lot! Downloaded them without problem. Good quality.
        Tried to upload my own copy to Youtube, but it was rejected as being too long. It seems Youtube only accept videos less than 10 minutes or something like that. Then people upload longer videos as Part1, Part 2 etc. But now there is a link, though it may be difficult to find for many.

  9. Dear Aftabji,
    Once again you have shared jems from your treasure,I liked particularly renditions of Usrad Fayaz Khan saheb(my param guru,of Rasiklaa andharia.The dhamar file of Pt.Ginde sab is not opening!Thanks for the splendid music,Regards.Nandakumar kurudi.

  10. PS. It seems I spelled it wrong when searching.
    When searching for ‘Moinuddin and Aminuddin Dagar” it was easy to find.

    1. this is the first time i am hearing sharafat hussain khan and nasir ahmed me they are simply great artists.
      anyone has more of them which can be shared?

      by the way,thanks for such a collection.

  11. Dear Sir,

    Thanks a lot fot that, plz upload some recordings of ustad fath ali hameed ali khan hyrerabadi(gowalior garana)

    Aamir Raza

  12. Dear Aftab,

    Greatly enjoyed the music in your collections. Accept my gratitude. Do you have more of the great Altaf Hussain Khan apart from the one in your Fall 2010 Collection/ Do you know where I can procure more concerts of this enchanting singer?

  13. treasures heaped upon treasures. as always! the revelation for all of us (from the bharatiya side of the idiotic border, when will it come down??) has to be wahid hussain. do also check out his lacchari todi posted by “noharbani” on youtube. tx a ton, aftab!

    1. We are all full of conflicting desires and emotions. History is full of accounts of brother killing brother for the usual reasons. But, for the overall progress of society, we try to keep our thirst for blood in check.

      Why can we not learn from Europeans? Must we like them go through devastating wars to realize that there is a better option available?

      Yes, the divide is irreparable- even real brothers choose to live separately. But it does not mean that we should stop cooperating in promoting what we find of value in our personal lives.

      Hostility and suspicion are present everywhere. There are constant fights between peoples of different ethnicity in Pakistan- who all have the same religion. Making them realize that dialogue is a better option than unwarranted and continuous violence is something one should seriously strive for.

      The merchants of violence would certainly not want peace anywhere, but we should not fall for this.

      When I was a student in USA- way back in the 70s- my best friends were from South India- because of our common love of classical music. We did realize our differences but that did not mean that we should order our lives on a foundation of hatred.
      Our culture does bind us, but borders will stay, simply because too much centralization is not good. They could become irrelevant, but that will not happen in the foreseeable future.

      Ego is the greatest enemy of cooperation. Just look around you and you will find in your immediate environment many self imposed borders. And this includes the field of Music too.

    1. Without a doubt! Its actually amongst the recordings closest to my heart and I cannot thank Mr. Moutal enough for putting it online.

      The only other Pt. Siyaram recording I ever came across was a CD Taimur had from early nineties which had 3 or 4 rags including Jaijaivanti and Shankara which I believe are on the site. These however are not comparable to the Darbari but are nevertheless unique and powerful in their own right. Apart from that I remember briefly discussing Pt. Siyaram with Richard Widess of SOAS who had heard him in person at some stage, who pointed out Pt. Siyaram’s gharana lineage in a chart he had. From memory he is somehow related or close to the Mullick family. Guess, thats all I know of him but would definately like to get some more info on the great man!

      Aftab, thanks for the recordings and the hardwork! I think we would soon have to come up with some title like “Aftab-e-Sangeet” for you! Hats off!

  14. Thank you for that thought Dr. Hassan. I agree it will take a lot to repair the damage done. History is being rewritten on both sides all the time, and that itself is a sad fact and suffocating. I just want to keep doing what we are doing. Then people will have choice but to see…even within Pakistan and India are mixes of different cultures…so the idea of India vs. Pakistan due to cultural differences isnt even an accurate thought.
    when you said “Ego is the greatest enemy of cooperation” you have a good point. If it was over real injustice or ‘evil’ that would be one thing, but individual or class ego widens the gap as a whole where they will have less in common.

    My wife met a fellow the other day and he said he was from India. Since she is is familiar with our culture (she is European) after a few minutes she prodded him again and he admitted he was from Pakistan. I couldnt believe it.

  15. Thanks for the uploads. However, would you please check Radhika Mohan Moitra once again? Is that Natmalhar, or Gaud Malhar. Did I hear prominent use of GRMG and the like?

  16. i cant stop listening to hamid hussain’s gorgeous jaijaiwanti. the drut bandish (shyam sunder dekhan ki aasha) was the first khayal we were taught as kids.

  17. Eid mubarak and a bundle of thanks for all the uploads dear aftab you once uploaded lakshan geets volume 2 shahana by akhter and zakir ali can you do it again please also I am very much interested in ustad qudrat ullah khan who is featured in raagmala in bhairvi, kalingra,shudh todi and paraj if dear aftab or dear someone else has his recordings I would love to hear him (other than raagmala recordings) those of u who have not heard these 4 from raagmala do so specially shudh todi and bhairvi thanks.

  18. fantastic music collection..allauddin khan’s nat is great 🙂
    Is there hem,puriya,hindoli of him or ustad hafiz ali khan sahb,dear aftab sahb?

    great job |”

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