sarangi turns six

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Slideshow: sarangi [1] [2] [3] at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art

baagh-e shiguftah teraa bisaat-e nashaat-e dil
abr-e bahaar khum-kadah kis ke dimaagh kaa

your garden in bloom, a carpet of the fruitfulness of the heart
the spring raincloud, the {cask/distillery}-house of whose mind?

Fayyaz Khan – Lalit (alap)
Hanuman Prasad Mishra – Puriya Kalyan
Kesarbai Kerkar – Barwa
Latafat Hussain Khan – Malti Basant
Nazakat Ali & Salamat Ali – Bhatiyar
Nazakat Ali & Salamat Ali – Multani
Ghulam Hassan Shaggan – Lalit
Uknown Artist – Yaman Kalyan
Umeed Ali Khan – Hem Kalyan

Zahoori Khan – Marubihag
Haider Bakhsh Faloosa – Tilang & Sindhi Kafi
Nazir Ahmed Butt – Miyan ki Todi
Azizuddin – Shuddh Sarang

Vilayat Khan & Munir Khan – Bilaskhani Todi

The first nine items have been shared by Aftab Datta, the next four are from Sahibzada Ghulam Ali’s collection accessed by Suhaib Kiani, and the Bilaskhani Todi was shared with us by Nampreet Singh.

15 thoughts on “sarangi turns six

  1. I am so happy with the success of and the joy it has brought (and will continue to bring) fellow music lovers.
    Ustad Nazakat/Salamat’s Multani has been in circulation for some time but we just had to post it so everyone can hear.
    Also, if anyone can identify the “Unknown Arist” we would appreciate it.

  2. My heartiest congratulations to Mr. Aftab datta & his team on sixth birthday of for untiring & generous efforts to spread old cultural heritage of North Indian classical music.

  3. Dear,

    Wish you a happy anniversary & may you continue to bring joy to all the music lovers across the globe for future to come!

    You have definitely enriched lives of many people like me by sharing wonderful rare music of old maestros!

    Hats off to team!



  4. dear,

    Live long …!

    Continue to enrich the lives of music lovers…!

    Best regards and humble prayers!!!

    Shubham Bhavatu!

  5. Congratulations on reaching the 6th. year of existence to Sarangi. Aftab Datta and team deserve all our kudos for their tremendous effort to bring the joys of classical music to the world-wide community of listners.

    As Bhimsen Joshi has sadly passed away, I request you to post his and other Kirana Gharana musicians’ renditions in due course.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Congrats on turning six years of laudable service to the music world.Thanks for the navaratnas uploaded by Aftabji.Can you please upload bhairav bahar vocal files.Thanks and wish Sarangi many more decades of melodious service.Nandakumar kurudi.

  7. Hearty Congratulations on the 6th Anniversary. Keep the good work going. Thanks once again for Aftab’s beautiful gems.

    Regards to the Team.

    Kaushal Soni.

  8. Dear Datta Sb, Dr. Taimur Sb, Suhaib Kiani Sb,

    I only wish to record my appreciation and gratitude also for hosting for so long as I believe it is one of the few sites for serious music for serious listeners. Please convey my profound regards to your all team members who spare time and energy for maintaining the site despite their own regular jobs and engagements.

    May I avail this opportunity to ask for little more attention to its technical side which off course can be improved and quality enhanced.

    My regards and best wishes for all of you

    Javaid Ali Khan

  9. thanks taimur ji.
    the unknown artists rendering yaman kalyan is (perhaps) bhimsen joshi.multani by ali brothers in out of the world ! thanks to aftab bhai for sharing it.

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