sarangi turns seven

A Gathering of Holy Men of Different Faiths - Mir Kalan Khan (active ca. 1730–80) | | Click image for larger view.


dauRe hai phir har ek gul-o-laalah par khayaal
.sad gulsitaaN nigaah kaa saamaaN kiye hu’e

again thought runs on every single rose and tulip
having made a hundred gardens measures for the gaze

On this pleasant occasion, we want to thank all the friends and visitors of for their contributions, comments, appreciation and encouragement. This project flourishes because of you. Music updates will be forthcoming everyday for the next seven days as a part of this seven-year celebration.

Warm regards,

PS See this post for the music update: The Seventh Spring

25 thoughts on “sarangi turns seven

  1. Hi There,



    I am member of SARANGI INFO. since last FEW YEARS …

    SARANGI happens to be the MATURED INSTRUMENT among all …

    Very Many THANKS for giving us this FEAST for last SEVEN YEARS …

    Could we get the UN-HEARD INSTRUMENTAL as well as VOCAL LIVE

    Performances ??


    it was shown as LIVE SITAR – by Unknown Artist ..
    It was a WONDERFUL PERFORMANCE by all means ..
    I am not in a position to locate that one, once again ..

    Could SARANGI INFO. locate that, and SUCH OTHER PERFORMANCES ??

    Hats Off to the Entire SARANGI INFO. TEAM !!!

    KEEP IT UP …


  2. many happy return of the day. and very many thanks to wonderful collection / downloads of the masters’ recordings, which will be in our hearts thru the efforts of sarani team . longlive the musice of masters for the next generation of music lovers. … deepak gurjar

  3. though a novice in Indian Classical music, I enjoy reading your news letter and I get absorbed in savoring the beautiful paintings that are featured in them. Thank you.

  4. Oh, I missed wishing many happy returns of the day. And yes, I did not understand the remark “Your comment is awaiting moderation”


  5. may the seven lead to seventy..and beyond.
    renewed thanks to all of you for bringing an element of peace and joy into our lives

  6. Congratulation and best wishes for the whole team for working untiringly to preserve
    and promote classical music.It is a noble cause.God bless you all.
    Javaid Ali Khan

  7. My dear Sarangi,

    i remember when my brother, your dad, taimy , discussed bringing you into the world. How excited he was! how happy we were! you have no idea how much you are loved and how much has been sacrificed for you! stay blessed and keep growing! It has taken the effort and dedication of a lifetime to make this possible!


  8. Number seven is indeed very significant ! Seven oceans, seven skies, seven paradises, seven colors in rainbow, seven days in a week, seven notes in a saptak, and same seven yrs to our

  9. Heartiest Congratulations. Keep up the good work. You are doing extremely noble service to the music of the Indian sub continent.

  10. yes indeed dr kashyap. what a wonderful and generous gift this is!
    on some of these very early recordings he was accompanied by akhtaribai on harmonium. i wonder if its these two or the the other adana bahar which also recently surfaced.

  11. If you have any recordings of these vocalists of delhi gharana ustad hilal ahmed khan sahib,ustad chand khan sahib, ustad usman khan sahib and ustad nasir ahmed khan sahib’s lalit,bilaskhani todi,jogkauns,puriya,bageshri,yaman etc.pls try select in your next collection!

  12. BUNDUKHAN LIFE (URDU SCRIPT) – Some of the pages showing life of the ultimate in Sarangi playing late U. Bundukhan.This was a generous gift from a good friend long back. Thought of sharing it with the real bundukhan lovers. Unfortunately it is written in Urdu language, so help will be required from urdu knowing friends. My urdu knowledge at present it below average so not able to translate it. I have been told that it is very old style of urdu not very much in current use.
    Here is the link –

  13. What happened to the announced:
    “Music updates will be forthcoming everyday for the next seven days as a part of this seven-year celebration.” Did I overlook something?
    Anyway, congratulations and many many thanks for all the musical jewels.

  14. Congratulations for completing seven years. Dr Kashyap please restore above links to public.

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