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  1. Deepak. P said:

    Your work is commendable and deserves wholehearted appreciation. It is an amazing collection of rare and exquisite pieces of both sarangi and vocals; also some unique pieces of sarinda put together makes it the best ever collection under a single roof – and that too for free download. It has revived the hope of getting access to quality music without paying heavy amounts. Thank you exceedingly.

    Deepak. P, Sarangi artist, student of Ustad Faiyaz Ahmed Sarangi, Bangalore, India.

  2. I was searching for sarangi music online and then I happened upon this most wonderful site. I almost started to cry when I heard Abdul Latif Khan play for the first time… such heart warming music. Sarangi to me has always been mysterious, but now it lies deeply in my heart. Thank you for this site.

  3. You folks deserve an award for this site, especially for the sarangi clips.

    Some suggestions:

    1. Please get some samples of Gopal Mishra and Sagiruddin Khan, Abdul Majid Khan and Shakoor Khan. I shall send more names when I remember them. In fact, I have solo samples of Shakoor Khan and Abdul Majid in my personal collection, and of Gopal Mishra in accompaniment. [I live in Baku, Azerbaijan, but might be in the US in March 2006, briefly.]

    2. Please include the signature tune of Radio Pakistan. This was played by Hamid Hussain, who, as you might know, was from Rampur.

    And, oh yes, what is the monument displayed on your site?

  4. Some more observations:

    The photo captioned as Sabir Khan is of Sabri Khan of Ambala. There was another sarangi player caled [Haji] Ghulam Sabir, of Kanpur. I have samples of him too, accompanying Badey Ghulam Ali and also of Saghiruddin, who used to be in Calcutta. He accompanies Siddheshwari Devi in a commercial recording. Unfortunately, no photos.

    Yes, I noticed that the monument is in Chakwal.

  5. Saleem Chaudhary said:

    Awesome site! Thank you.

    Saleem Chaudhary

  6. I am truly amazed with exceptional vocal audio selections from great ustads and pandits. Great website for music lovers and keep up the good work. I will definitely contribute with providing vocal audio from great ustads.

  7. vinay pande said:

    As everyone else says, a superb website! Thank you very, very much.

    Your effort to restore the sarangi to its rightful place in Hindustani music is to be commended. It is an unmitigated tragedy that it is losing ground to the horrible harmonium. But that also reflects what has happened to Hindustani music in the last 50 years – much of it, lamentably, a result of partition. You complain about the sorry state of classical music in Pakistan. Things aren’t dramatically better across the border…

    Above all, I appreciate the fact that everything on your website is gracious and in good taste – the music, the graphics, the photographs and the language you use… So thank you also for restoring civility to discourse.

  8. hassan sheikh said:

    An excellent update to the previous version of this website. The choice of text, pictures and the selection of music depicts finesse and refinement worthy of its designer. It’s amazing to see this nascent website grow so fast in a short period of time into probably one of the best archives of North Indian Classical Music available online. It speaks volumes about the effort and hard work gone into it, which is commendable and appreciable!

  9. I don’t have words to express how this very site has broadened my horizons when it comes to music.

    Thank you sarangi.info people.

  10. Dr. Kashyap said:

    Why only one recording of Ustad Allah Rakha Khan? Can you come out with more of Ustad Allah Rakha Khan’s recordings? He is a very touching sarangi player with certain aspects better than his Ustads. Any recording available of Ustad Nazim Ali?

  11. Dr. Kashyap said:

    My observations while listening to your rare clips :-

    Bundu khan :- 1. Shudh kalyan – Seems to be a piece of
    bhopali from disc LKDE 20004 (1974) by
    EMI pakistan ltd.
    2. Sampurna chandrakauns : – Is it similar
    to more famous kaunsi kanda!

    Nathu khan :- Purbi :- this rag ends at 26:09 min.and
    another recording of madhuvanti starts.

  12. Truly great site. I have downloaded about 115 pieces from this site, but it will be really great if Raga Chayyanat by greats like Amir Khan or Bade Ghulam Ali is posted. Raga Hameer by Bade Ghulam Ali is really marvellous. It is a 1956 recording, sung in an August assembly that included Pt. Omkarnath Thakur.

  13. zulqarnain said:

    It is a pleasure to know about this site – a place which contains a wealth of fine art beauties. I wonder if you could add Jaijaiwanti by Roshan Ara Begum and the traditional Pahadi of Kasuris. Please also try to introduce the dimensions of semi classical music like thumri, dadra, kafi, etc.

    Keep it up.


  14. Borun D. Chowdhury said:

    I can’t thank you enough for such a well organized site containing these rare gems. I have a piece of advise. Think ten times or more before heeding any advises because look and feel wise this site is wonderful. The content is marvelous so I presume whatever additions you will continue to make will be excellent.
    Having said that your search is not working properly in that it doesn’t show all the results from the site. I tried ‘Bhim Palasi’ but it didn’t seem to give me all the results. This might become a problem as the site grows in size.

  15. Salim Shamim said:

    I was overwhelmed when I incidentally found this site. I am much obliged to express my thanks and appreciation as Khurshid Sahib’s Raag Mala is available here. It is your tribute to Khurshid Sahib and also to music lovers around the world. Add as much of Malika Classikey Mousiqui Roshan Ara Begum on your site as you can, especially her Marubihag performence of 30 mins. She sang it in Pakistan as far as I know. Great work Taimur; I have become very fond of you and all the people who manage this site. Thanks to all.

  16. Sarangi is a wonderful instrument and it is a great pleasure to see al those recordings all together!! Also, the ragamala is a great thing!
    Thanks a lot.


  17. Adil Ghani Khan said:

    Absolutely wonderful site. Thank you so much. remarkable collection.
    I’d like to contribute two recordings I have. One is an incredible rendition of Kamod by DV Paluskar, and one is a really enjoyable interview cum recital by Bismillah Khan.

  18. deepak patel said:


    Really it’s a great site, full of classical music. Please add RARE AUDIO clips as much as possible. Also, give us brief details of each artist to make it more interesting.
    Good Luck! Keep it up!

  19. Mahesh Apte said:

    This is a great website. I really appreciated your efforts in providing this musical treasure. Keep up this good work !!!

  20. Re Dr. Kashyap’s comments on Bundu Khan false “Shuddh Kalyan” I also have the fuller Bhupali, total length 10.30, presumably from the lp Dr. Kashyap mentions.

    Also coming with the bhupali cassette I was given back in the early 80s were a 13 minute darbari, a pilu just under 10 minutes, and a 4.20 min bhairavi.

    Can anyone confirm these together with the bhupali form the complete LKDE 20004 (1974) lp?

    BTW great site, a real treasure chest!

  21. Dr. Kashyap said:

    Re: Mr. Allen’s inquiry

    From the literature/recordings I have the said album contains following Rags : rag-sagar, darbari, bhopali, pilu, bilawal bahar.
    Time wise it should make two lps- may be it is a set of two lps.
    Time durations mentioned by you are approximately the same as in lp.
    The bhairvi is not the part of it. The famous rec of bhairvi is from his ’48 disk.

  22. Iqbal Farhad said:

    Dear Sarangi.info website management,

    Sarangi.info has put immense effort to collect the rarest in classical music. My regards to all contributors who have brought the oxygen for all music lovers. Especially hats off to Mr. Riaz Ahmad Barni for commenting on the great composition by great Fardia Khanum “Hai Yaha Naam Ishq Ka Lena”. I have been browsing the web for many years but couldn’t succeed getting this number. I had heard this gazal from Radio Lahore somewhere in late 70’s and loved one of the great ever harmonium sangat and Farida Ji’s Velvety voice. I always remembered it by the special feature of harmonium and I guessed it could be from Ustad Sadiq Pindi Walay, Nazar Hussain or Ghulam Ali but knowing the name of harmonium player as Altaf Hussain. Many thanks for this research.

    Another addition of Shubbha Mudgal has taken me to the end of a long standing search. I have seen some performances by Shubbha on ZEE Bangla 5 years ago. I couldn’t trace the vocalist even in Indian music sites. Still I am so anxious to listen another great performance by Shubbha Jee (Raga Jaunpuri). I have never had so beautiful Jaunpuri as I liked from Shubbha Jee. My salute to the artiste and the contributor. Just to mention that the performance of Jaunpuri by Shubbha Mudgal was accompanied by a female Tabla player.

    I would also like to request the contributors to contribute the finest work by Late Ejaz Hussain Hazrawi as Ghazal Singer. Nawazish Ali Hazrawi is playing at PTV but the great maestro Ejaz Hussain Hazrawi had unmatched qualities in harmonium playing as well as in Ghazal singing. I remember Ghalib’s ghazal sung by Late Ejaz Hussain Hazrawi (Ishq Mujh Ko Nahin, Wehshat Hi Sahi) and Asar Us Ko Zara Nahin Hota) and Ahmad Faraz’s (Ab Ke Hum Bichhrday To Shayad Kabhi Khawabon Main Milen).

    Hope I haven’t taken long to express my overwhelmed feelings.

    Warmest Regards,

  23. Thanks to Dr. Kashyap’s reply – I have realised my error in putting the Bundu Khan Bhairavi in with the other files – I should have said the Ragsagar based on Bhairav (my version 12mins 46).

    If the version I have as “Bilawal” (7 mins 16) belongs with the others, this makes a total length of some 53 1/2 minutes for the tracks, too long for one LP but not enough for two, so I am still a littled puzzled as to the discography here…

  24. My enquiry is not related to the current discussion going on.

    I want to know from where can I get Ustaad Amir Khan’s taraanaa in darbaari kanada; “yaar-e-man beyaa” (drut khayal in ektaal).

    I know that it is included in the recording:
    AMIR KHAN: A Bouquet of Rare Live Concert Recordings (Cassette 2: STC 850351)

    But I am not able to find it. Can anyone please guide me, or if anyone has a recorded version that can be emailed, or uploaded on the website.

  25. This is really a great site and a great effort. Hats off to promoters – one suggestion though: is it possible to post raga in .mp4 format as it is highly compressed as well as good in quality compared to 32 bit wma? Kindly do the needful.

  26. zulqarnain said:

    well,does anybody know abt BASHIR ALI MAHI(nephew of mian barey ghulam ali khan n barkat ali khan) and ALI BUX ZAHOOR…i have heard there few thumriz n kafi s ..really found them marvellous…..

  27. Sir,

    Is there any way I could learn to play the sarangi?

  28. mehreen ali said:

    hi! i have seen taimur khan’s program today on PTV1. well done for doing such an exclusive work. but try to use this instrument in a modern way in some music songs which looks western as well as eastern. Ur ambitions r high but to excel in this competition it is necessary not to restrict ur self to only one instrument. But well done that instrument sounds so sweet & it can be the love of any one’s life.

  29. Malik Mahmood Iqbal said:

    I have no word to praise such a person like Mr.Taimur Khan. These are the kind of people who keep the tradition alive, I am sure that his efforts would grant a new life to this dying music instrument.
    I watched his program on PTV1 here in Kuwait and I salute the way Mr Touseef is progressing in this unique talk programme.

    I have a suggestion if the management of this great site consult PTV to get some recordings of many great stage shows of classical music. One show had been compered by Mr. Quresh Pur with the title of “AAP KI KHIDMAT MEIN” and B/W times by Great Mr Ishfaq Ahmad. the title of programe was “NIKHAR”.

    Thanks a lot for offering a space to write bad english.

    Malik M Iqbal

  30. Tela Muhammad Khan said:

    Dear Taimur Khan
    I saw you on PTV today late in the night. You are really doing a marvellous job. Words, as you know, often fail to convey our appreciation whenever we encounter something marvellous! Music is perhaps the best medium to carry our emotions and convey our message.

    Keep it up and be encouraged by the thought that there are people out here who share the vision of life that you have and can truly appreciate what you are doing.
    T.M. Khan

  31. Assalamualiakum Mr.Taimur,

    Once I was thinking that folk and classical music is dying out but now the talent and passion of Mr.Taimur make me optimistic.
    You have done a greate job by promoting sarangi and other classical stuff.
    But there is always a room for improvement.
    In this perspective please take these steps…
    * Easy availibilty of classical and folk instruments
    * Training programmes of playing folk and classical instruments
    *Update the website by adding running music related news on top of the main page

  32. Dear Taimur and webteam!
    priceless! dont have words to say more….. i have been told by so called classcial teachers that whatever they have is not availabe in pakistan ….. its so hard to learn classical music… nearly impossible.. but as i believed nothing is impossible and i got here searching for raagmala. found some cassettes at music shop and was looking if they are available in mp3 format. thanks a million!
    Dr. Bilal Fazal Shaikh.

  33. zulqarnain said:

    yes…i agree with MAILK MEHMOOD IQBAL……i have seen some clips of the program NIKHAR hosted by ishfaq ahmad…it would really be a great work to get those masterpieces which I would not hesitate to say, were classics..especially the performances of salamat ali,amanat fateh,ijaz hussain hazravi etc in tht program were brilliant……i reckon mr.FARUKH BASHIR is the man from whom u can get those recordings…i m also working on it but if mr.taimoor help us in getting those…it would really be a true feast for all of us

  34. Anil Kulkarni said:

    I was browsing the net for some quality stuff regarding classical music & your site has surely one of the best collections! Selective artists and their selective renditions is what makes your site special. Also, the downloading facility provided proves to be a blessing for music amateurs like me. I would like to appreciate your work wholeheartedly. I also hope to see lots of updates coming in vocal and sarangi section. Great Work. Keep up the good works guys – my best wishes.

  35. Sukhwinder Singh said:

    Kya Baat!!. I don’t know who you guys are, but you are doing fantastic work for classical music. Well done and keep up the good work. It’s very heartening to see people who still have love and affiliation for our innate traditions. My favourite has got to be so far, Ustad Fateh Ali’s and Amanat Ali’s Darbari and Nathu Khan’s Multani. Wow – great stuff. I look forward to listening to the rest of the archives. Best wishes to you all. Peace.

  36. Tayyab Mahmood said:

    I am very pleased to visit your website. I have to say that you are doing a great job for the revivel of not only sarangi but also our folk music.
    Moving aginst a storm (of new era pop) is actually a very strong move.
    And by the efforts of the people like you I think You will achieve your goal.
    May Allah be with you.

  37. ASSALAM O ALAIKUM. I’m very happy to see your unique website .I saw your program on PTV – i was nice. Main aik baat poochna chati hoon: Tansen kai dor main kya assal main diay jal othay thay jab os nai Deepak Raag gaya tha?

  38. j s pande said:

    for rabi and her question re tansen “lighting lamps”. could anyone work out how this energy transformation could be achieved? [if at all!!]
    the trouble is that what people must have meant to say was,”as if the lamps lit up” ,or , “as if the clouds burst forth”.
    and then someone deleted the words “as if”.

  39. Hi,

    My name is Nima Shams, and i am currently studying audio engineering at a London-basded college called Alchemea (by Angel underground station, Islington). Whilst studying here i have access to recording studios with professional equipment and i would be very honoured to record beautiful traditional instruments (such as the Sarangi). If you could send me an email telling me which instruments you want to record, how many people you are and what style of music you would like to record, i will get back to you as soon as i can. My email is;


    best wishes,

    Nima Shams

  40. Darshak said:

    When I saw your site for the first time, I felt that I had hit upon a treasure, and I was right! The collection is simply wonderful, and my heartfelt thanks to the compilers. Making it downloadable is quite useful, since I am able to listen to it any time, and share it with people who do not have internet connectivity.

    It would be nice if you could also organize the collection by ragas, so that one can listen to a specific raga depending on the time of the day.

    Thanks once again and with best wishes,


  41. Aslam o alikum ….meri age sirf 19 hay name umair hay lahore say belong karta hon……hazor main khud ik classical gaik hon main raag depak kay notes to janta hon “aroha and avrohana and thaat “but us ka ALAP mujhay nahi ata .hazor ik karm kar do mujhay us ka ALAP and ALANKARA ka method bata do plz…..WASLAM ALLAH ap ko jazay khair ata farmay AMIN.

  42. This site is simply the best site i have ever come accross!! The content stored here is nothing less than a treasure!

    I have found my choice of music, and I do not know how to thank you for building such a beautiful choice.

    Great going…Best of Luck.


  43. Somak Ghoshal said:

    Many thanks for putting all these invaluable recordings on the www. I hope this website is going to introduce many to the treasures of Eastern classical music. I am particularly grateful for having an opportunity to listen to the senior Dagars, who have been my musical models throughout my own learning years.

    All the best.

    • Mrinal Ray said:

      April 30, 2015

      Dear Dr. Ghoshal,

      I am writing this e-mail to request you to give me, if possible, the e-mail address of the artist Jayashree Chakravarty, who originally hails from Tripura. I chanced upon the article “Way of Looking” the other day, in which you have written about her works. I think it would be wonderful to get to know her, especially because I also hail from Tripura. Currently, I live in Canada where I came to pursue the Ph.D. degree in English Literature at the Université Laval.

      With warm regards,

      Mrinal Ray

  44. Amjad Ali Dars said:

    this site is such a fantastic one. n its a gr8 effort to promoting classical music wish u good luck.. and i request u that kindly upload some recordings of Ustad Majid khan (Sarangi Nawaz) n Ustad Fateh ali & Hameed Ali khan from (Gawalior Gharana).
    Thanx n best wishes.

  45. Amy Kumar said:

    This is one of the best Indian Music Website. Keep it up !!
    I want some more recordings of Pt Ulhas Kashalkar , Ust Vilayat Khan & Pt Bhimsen Joshi.
    Thanks !
    Amy Kumar

  46. L.S.,
    Keep up the good work. I am very pleased to hear the beautiful music.
    Yours sincerely,
    Arie (the Netherlands)

  47. shaan khan said:

    Hi, my name is shaan khan granddaughter of ustad majid khan and daughter of ustad mohammad sayeed khan better known as (khan bandhu). We are very pleased to see such gr8 work. KEEP IT UP. And would like to contribute in your work. You can contact us. My email is md_s_khan@yahoo.com. In the near futher you can also download music, information from this site :www.umskhan.com

  48. Hi,
    Can anyone tell me why there are no non-asian persons replying here?

    After 40 years of indian music (I am 54.75 years) I love it every day even more. Listening mp3’s in my car every morning heading to my work it wakes me up and smooths me down. I refuse to listen to western pop-music.
    Yours truly
    Arie Lautenbach
    biz ar y

  49. Khurram Mir said:


    OP once told me about you and somehow I downloaded this song from this site, but I never knew you were the person OP was telling me about.

    I am so amused to see this work. If I can be of any help do let me know.

    Very very good job.


    Oh! one more thing, why can’t we have a sarangi concert here in Lahore? It’s such a dying instrument of all the traditional ones in Pakistan. I so want to learn it too 🙂

  50. Rajesh Gupta said:

    This is one of the best sites related to Hindustani Classical Music apart from of course musicindiaonline.com which too has a large collection of classical music but not downloadable.

    Great service to our culture and heritage!

    Keep it up.

    Rajesh Gupta
    Bangalore, India

  51. Shams Nadeem said:

    I am a very, very passionate fan of Roshan Ara Begum – she is really a supreme artist. I am very thankful to sarangi.info for providing me much knowledge and music samples of Roshan Ara Begum. I belong to Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan. My request to all visitors to this site is that if any of you has got a collection of Roshan Ara Begum, please contact me. My e-mail is beautyiztruth@yahoo.com and my yahoo id is ‘i_write_mornings_as_evenings’. I will be very thankful to you if you contact me. Just send me a single off line message and I will contact you. I really enjoy this site; it is a true gift for classical music lovers. Thanks

  52. Muneeb Fiaz said:

    This is a very beautiful & historical place.

    Muneeb Fiaz

    Chitti Sheikhan, Sialkot

  53. I am really very happy to see such a wonderful and superb website of Indian classical music. I am a fan of classical music and was in search of a good classical music website. This site has given me a new life. KEEP IT UP!!!! I hope to see (actually listen to) more and more raagas in in site.

  54. chiradip bhattacharyya said:

    First I would like to thank the person and the team who are instrumental in making this site. This is indeed an excellent site. If you want to improve the quality and standard of it even more you have to add some rendition of Khan Sahib Abdul Rashid Khan (he is 96 years old now and lives at SRA Kolkata),Vidushi Padmabati Saligram and Vidushi Dhondu tai Kulkarni.

    PS Do you have the ‘gujari todi’ & ‘bairagi’ recordings of Ustad Nazakat Ali & Ustad Salamat Ali? They are indeed excellent.

  55. chiradip bhattacharyya said:

    sorry to hear ustad bismillah khan is no more.

  56. chiradip bhattacharyya said:

    Khan Sahib Abdul Rashid Khan (Rasan Piya) was born in 1910, in the family of the famous musician, Ustad Behram Khan. Ustad Behram Khan had earlier left his native Gwalior and settled in Kasba Salon, near Rae Barelli.

    As a child Abdul Rashid Khan was under the training of his ‘Bade Baba’, Ustad Bade Yusuf Khan. This early rigorous training was followed up with further tutelage from his elders who had imbibed the Gwalior gayaki. By dint of sheer merit and extraordinary skill, he further developed this gayaki according to his own artistic sensitivity, retaining the native style of Gwalior. Apart from Khayal, Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan sings Dhrupad Dhamar and Thumri with equal ease and panache.He could be considered one of finest vocalists of our time.he is like living fossil. on 1st September 2006 he has a programme at GD Birla Sabhaghar Kolkata along with Pundit Ramashray Jha.

  57. chiradip bhattacharyya said:

    i know emphasis is on pakistani artists and i am very happy for that. but the description tagged with the name “North Indian Classical Music Archive”implies you will include various gharanas of “North Indian Classical Music”. gharanas most neglegted in this site is benaras Pt. RamNarayan being the exception.

  58. Michael Polevoy said:

    This is a superior web-site indeed. With dissemination of this brilliant musical culture the whole humanity becomes richer.

    And besides, this is one of the very few outlets available to give one a peek at the noble classical tradition of Pakistan.

    No “thank-you” words will be enough.

    And by the way, I do remember leaving a feedback several months ago but it never appeared here… are your guys having problems with your Guest Book?

  59. Thanks a million for this beautiful site. I just discovered it. It’s a pleasure to surf and listen to the recordings you have posted. It’s also beautifully designed.

    I cannot help compare your site with Rajan Parrikar’s sites where the guy just goes on and on about his own biases and spoils the pleasure. Instead of erasing walls between people, I hate to see it when people use music to build new ones!

    But your site is a HUGE and BEAUTIFUL exception. It is a pleasent experience to see that even if you have Pakistani musicians dominating the site, you have chosen some of the best Indians to be on the site. It is indeed touchign to see that you do not even mention this to put “show-off” ! You have just listed them all in one list..and it says a lot!!

    My personal thanks for letting me access to some of the finest artists from Pak. I love music from that part of the world; but knew very little beyond Nusarat and Nazakat-Salamat.

    I have two or three requests though:

    1. Can you also post some Pak semi-classical/ filmi music. I would love to see names like Noor Jehan listed among all these bigwigs.

    2. I think you have forgotten some biggest names in India. Pt Kumar Gandharva, Malini Rajurkar (or are they not that popular in Pak?).

    3. I would love to see some link between folk music and classical music explained/demonstrated in sites like these. Can you contribute?

  60. chiradip bhattacharyya said:

    Khan Sahib Abdul Rashid Khan (Rasan Piya) gave a super performence at GD Birla Sabha Ghar – Kolkata.he rendered some rare bandishes of khwaja amir khusroo and also some compositions of his own.he is surely one of the great exponents of “north Indian classical music.” i appeal to all the music lovers of the world to please visit kolkata to listen to him.he is the next best thing happened to kolkata after rabindranath tagore & satyajit ray. we are doing a grave crime by not making archive of his compositions.

  61. nachiket marathe said:

    hi i am fan of indian classical music. i want the names of websites which will enable me to download classical music free. thank you.

  62. Daniel Regnier said:

    What a great treasure this site is for friends of music! Bravo,

    Having been thoroughly trained in western music and having some modest ability to play the arabic oud, I am interested in learning to play the sarangi. Unfortunately, residing in a small and rather isolated Canadian city I do not have access to a teacher while a voyage to Pakistan or India shall not be possible iin the near future. Alas, it would seem that I shall be an autodidact, knowing very well that it is against the tradition.

    Can anyone tell me if there are any instructional books or web-sites with instructional material for a student of the sarangi, at least for acquiring some basic technique?

    With sincere thanks,

  63. Pankaj P. Dev said:

    This site is an asset for lovers of classical music. Me and all my friends to whom I recommended this site are in love with it. The collection is superb and arranged in a really beautiful manner. Thanks for this favour to lovers of classical music. Thanks for opening this treasure to us.

  64. Harsha Karkhenhalli said:

    ICM In ICU….But Only In India. (Indian Classical Music In Intensive Care Unit)

    Harsha Karkenhalli

    This is a question that could be in many people’s mind who love Indian classical music. Is it true that one falls in love with his or her culture only after moving away from it? Well I feel its not true, I say this keeping in mind the kind of popularity the bollywood stars have as compared to our classical musicians be it inside or outside India.. Nothing against the bollywood stars but the amount of publicity they get is unwarranted for the work they do and the talent they have compared to our great Pandits and Ustads. Then why is classical music not popular?. Is it because classical music needs a greater level of understanding to appreciate and enjoy…. While that might be true to a certain extent, but the way it has gone poorly noticed for many years in most parts of our country is really shocking. Ask a ten-year-old kid in Bangalore “who is the hero in Jogi” I bet you would get the answer before you could complete the question. Well just to refresh your mind and mine the answer is Shivraj Kumar. Ask the same ten-year-old kid, “ do you know who Mallikarjun Mansur or Bhimsen Joshi is”. Don’t be surprised to get a reply asking for the names of the films they have starred in.

    No sensible person would hold the kid responsible for his ignorance, but someone is….his parents, the local media, and our politicians to name a few. Why don’t parents encourage their children to attend classical music concerts instead of the first day first show every Friday. Even today it amazes me why the then Chief Minister of Karnataka Ramkrishna Hegde refused to fly the body of Pandit Basvaraj Rajguru from Bangalore to Dharwad when requested by his family members as they were short of funds. Leave alone paying for his treatment when he was alive, the government could have atleast shown some consideration to this great musician who along with Mallikarjun Mansur, Kumar Gandharv, Bhimsen Joshi and Gangubai Hangal(all from Dharwad in Karnataka) have played a great role in popularising Hindustani music in south India and all over the world. When these same politicians die you have AIR and DD playing Ustad Bismillah Khan’s Shehnai as background music for their mourning ceremony. What stops Doordarshan from broadcasting classical music in prime time at least once a week instead of the same old countdown of bollywood songs. Even bigger culprits are some of our private channels who have minted money for years, have forgotten about their duty to enlighten our people about the rich culture and music that we have and who along with Doordarshan have let Indian classical music sink in the ocean like the Titanic. So has it sunk completely????. It would have, but for some passionate Indians living outside India. Over the years Indians living abroad have developed a taste for Indian classical music and have started appreciating it. Pandit Jasraj once said “ it was a pleasant surprise for me when people clapped for 2 or 3 minutes after I finished an Allap in Raag Nayaki Kannad when I was performing in London, this never happens when I sing in India”.

    Of course anyone would like to visit a foreign country, but its true that these great artists get from Indians living outside what the locals have not given them i.e, respect for the work they have done. Though these people living outside are doing their best to keep the torch of Indian classical music burning for as long as it can, it would need the overwhelming support of the local Indians to keep it burning forever. Its time we realise that by not being an active part of this rich culture we not only are keeping ourself in the dark but are also contributing to the gradual decline in the quality of musicians we produce these days. It can be debated that classical music was never for entertainment, the musicians who were brought up in the “Gharana” tradition of learning considered it a form of prayer, but at the end of the day they are also humans who need appreciation for the work they have done.

    In a way Carnatic music has been lucky in this aspect as compared to Hindustani music because of the importance it gives to “Sahitya”. Carnatic music compositions are in the praise of the almighty and are also based on the mythological characters we have in our religion. Unlike Hindustani music most compositions are written down and passed on from the Guru to the students in this form, so it becomes easy for people to associate themselves with it. So it can be said that Hindustani music has ended up receiving a kind of step motherly treatment from our people.

    So at the end of it its all up to us whether we want Indian Classical Music to recover, stand up and start running in the years to come or forget about it and let it die in the intensive care unit.

  65. mukesh khanna said:

    I am so greatful to all the people associated with this site.

    lots of love and regards,

    mukesh khanna

  66. There is a photograph and biography of Munir Sarhadi at the site listed above. You don’t have one on your site, thought you should

  67. Asalamoalaikum.

    Very nice, very, very, very nice. I love sarinda music; also put rabab if you don’t mind, but this is very good work – our traditional sarhadi music. Thanks.


  68. Michael Polevoy said:

    This an answer to the message posted by Zulqarnain on
    March 25th, 2006:

    You can find unimitable, marvellous thumris by Bashir Ali Mahi issued by Shalimar Recording. This is one of the CDs of 15-CD set “Light Classical and Classical Music of Pakistan”.

    Here is the link:

    I bought it there. Delivery, service and packaging were superior, I received the whole set without a single crack.


  69. zulqarnain said:

    Michael Polevoy !!!
    i have dat set of cds realesed by Shalimar Recordings….itz a set of infact 57 cds by name of Music Pakistan.i m looking for da unpublished recordings of da mentioned vocalists…though Radio Lahore was kind enough to share many rare recordings with me but there actual archive is in islamabad and their policies are not clear in sharing their music.so i was just wondering if someone have ny non commercialised or unpublished recording of ny of da vocalist mentioned


  70. khawaja mohammed ubaid tariq said:

    jag mein agar sangeet na hota
    koi kisi ka meet na hota,
    ye ehsaan hai saat suroon ka
    ke dunya weeran nahi.

    I can’t explain my feelings about music. I like khyaal music and raag kafi.

  71. Ananda Chanda said:


    I am looking for recordings of duets of Shahid Parvez and Rashid Khan. There have been a few of these duet conerts. I was fortunate enough to hear one in New York at the Bengali Sammelan in July 2005 – the concert was outstanding – that recording is one to treasure and for students to refer back to learn.
    Please email me if anyone has a copy of this.

    Also please let me know if you have other outstanding recordings of this kind.

    ananda chanda
    1 917 861 6392

  72. chiradip bhattacharyya said:

    I want to listen to Darbari by Ustad Salamat Ali and Nazakat Ali. Alap consists of “gumani jagat”, drut bandish – “anokha ladla”. Somebody please upload the same.

    Why new itemsare not getting added?

  73. Dana Shinn said:

    I am so happy I found this site. Thank you.

  74. Safwaan Suleman said:

    This is a great website for many things especially to listen to the performances of classical ragas by your favourite artists. Being raised in Canada, I have no idea how and why I love India and its culture unlike my brothers. I am a young boy and consider myself abnormal because I do not like what other children my age like, even the ones with Indian heritage like me. I don’t know how but I simply love Hindustani classical music and I hope that the current musicians and composers can preserve its great tradition like past musicians have.

  75. as a musician who is barely scratching the surface of indian classical music, it’s very exciting to find a website so dedicated to it. Thank you!

  76. shariq khan said:

    adil from where did you get this collection,

  77. ajay parlikar said:

    I am an ardant fan of Dr.Vasantrao Deshpande.I did not get much about his recordings.I will be obliged if you can get his recording for Raag Bageshri.

  78. Hello from Milan, Italy.
    I recently discovered this music and i have fell in love with it, it’s so deep, powerful, hypnotic and marvellous.
    Compliments for the site and greetings to all the friends in India and Pakistan.

  79. Such beautiful music is a reflection of the beauty of soul…I feel like looking up at the sky full of stars…May god bless you…

  80. Kumar Mukherjee said:

    This is wonderful! I cannot express the happiness and nostalgic feelings that this site has evoked in me. I have seen the pictures and heard those great Ustads and performers of whom I had only heard of… not heard! You have given me a glimpse of the fantastic era that is, unfortunately, bygone. Being a student of late Ustad Munawar Ali Khansahib and a performer of the Kasur-Patiala gayaki, I applaud your noble endeavour and hope to see more work being done. I have one request that if possible, can we get to hear more of Barkat Ali Khansahib?

  81. Excellent site with great resources.

  82. Raviraj Singh said:

    I am very thankful for the efforts of the creators of this blog. Please keep up the good work with the site, it has been very informative and very inspiring to me as a musician. Thank you.

  83. I am sure that the people who created this site must have thought as if they were doing something very uncommon: nobody might visit it, or if by any chance, somebody does visit this site, they might need to answer some kind of curiosity based on very basic questions, and nothing more than that. But now, I am sure they must be knowing that amazingly, this music also has a very large group of admirers, which proves that this music has the same worth as any other music in the world. Well, instead of going into details, I think it is vital to appreciate their idea of developing a site like this, which might as well have been considered worthless. I salute everyone of them for this brilliant idea.

  84. I want to know, if you have any plan to feature other instrumental music than Sarangi also?

  85. Dear Visitors,

    Thank you for your heartwarming comments, encouragement, and contributions.

    As for other instruments, we will presently not be able to put together a collection of the same significance as we have so far managed for sarangi and vocals. Otherwise, of course, we are open to ideas, and would really like to extend this project with time.

    With gratitude,

  86. I was a kid when my father brought Bade Ghulam Ali Khansahib’s LP. I play Santoor and am a leading disciple of Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma. Khansahib left his mark on me which comes in my playing [Punjab has a lot to do with it too].

  87. I have just gone through a write up by Mr. Iqbal Farhad (March 2nd, 2006 at 8:09 am), in which he discussed a Ghazal sung by Farida Khanum (Hay Yahaan Nam Ishq Ka Lena). He was trying to find out about the composer of this Ghazal and also the harmonium player accompanying Farida jee. Although he mentioned a name, I’d like to correct this as I think the credit should go to the right person. So, Mr. Iqbal Farhad, that Ghazal was musically composed by Ejaz Hussain Hazravi sahib, and he also accompanied Farida Khanum in that recording. Please correct your record.

    As always, I can’t leave this site without praising its beauty and effectiveness. I wish the management of this site all the best.


  88. I am a tabla player playing for the last 20 years and based in USA. Having searched the internet for a place to find sarangi lehra for Tabla, I found Sarangi.info to be the ideal place where such a loop could be put up.

    The is website is complete in itself, very impressive. I feel putting up a few lehra pieces together will help maintain it’s already established image of the ‘Ultimate Sarangi resource on the web’.

    Will the management or any participating artists help putting a few lehras together? The tabla community will really appreciate it a lot. Everybody seems to be looking for lehra but not able to find any.

    If interested, Icould even assist in whatever way possible to get this going.

    Please contact me ( with any comments) for this altruistic effort that benefits the instrumental music community.

    God Bless

    Manu (manz1234@hotmail.com)

  89. namashkar janab i am arshad khan israj player i am son of ustad allauddin khan i am so happy to see and listen my father esraj that s very good . i want to meet you and i want to make my cd with you this is my contact no 09873019823

  90. karin kvity said:

    such a commandment to distribute beautiful music…

  91. I had read an endearing portrait of Bundu Khan in Sheila Dhar’s beautiful book Raga’n Josh. But it is on your website that I have first heard Bundu Khan today. I am really grateful to you…
    May god bless you…

  92. I have a question or may be it’s a mystery that I could not resolve ever. Why don’t we consider or title a classical music practitioner the real music promoter as we are all very well aware of the fact that it’s them who really suffer for continuing this art, no matter what they get and what they don’t get in terms of necessities of life? We all are very well acquainted with the rest of the story. I mean, examples are there in at least thousands, so please think about this. Please, please, please.

  93. Dr. Kashyap said:

    Can any body make out the sarangi player in the following clip recorded
    from radio ? clip is about 1.5 mb size with about 5 min. duration.


    Thanks in advance.

  94. Ive uploaded some choice tabla solo videos of some famous Pakistani & Indian Tabla Players on youtube. Enjoy…


  95. Any news about All Pakistan Music Conference Karachi?

  96. Dr. Kashyap said:

    Even though the exact name of the sarangi player could not be defined in the query posted few days back, it is somewhere around Ustad Ramzan Khan of Jaipur (Sikar).

  97. Hello,

    Ustad Fateh Ali Khan (Patiala) has started a classical music academy in Islamabad. If you are interested in helping with the promotion of the academy, please contact me at nadia@classicalmusicheritage.org

    For more information please see http://www.classicalmusicheritage.org

    Thanks a lot for your support!

  98. Shaukat Hussain said:

    I am so gratefull to the creaters of this unique website, as we lovers of our great classical music traditions have been starved for years by the High street stores, and recording companies who did not cater for this unique music, but they have garbage type of so called music in abundance.

    Big up to you, keep up the excellent work.

    P.S Could you please find some more material for ustads like Amanat Ali, Fateh Ali khan, and ustad Umeed Ali Khansahib. Thanks

  99. This is a wonderful website and a great discovery. Unfortunately, the condition of classical music and its appreciation in Pakistan is far from satisfactory. This is why such endeavours are glimmers of hope.
    Keep it up and I would be visiting this site regularly.
    Raza Rumi

  100. Biswajit Mitra said:

    I’m an ardent fan of Pt. Mallikarjun Mansur. Request more recordings of this great musician on your commendable website.

  101. Biswajit Mitra said:

    Continuing, it would be a pleasure to me if you can load any live recordings of Pt. Mansur, especially in concerts and informal gatherings. He used to bring out his best in those gatherings – the sheer electricity could be felt. The special ones I’m looking for i) Shibmat Bhairav, ii) Bihagda (not Ek Nishabd !), iii) Nat Bihag, iv) Adambari Kedar etc.

    Bihari, Savani, Malvi, Tilak Kamod, Vihang are available over internet. These are some of the best I’ve heard in my life.

  102. What a wonderful website! I discovered it while websurfing yesterday and dabbled into the night and today was forced to buy some CDs on Amazon!

  103. Amogh Ghaisas said:

    This is wonderful work and a valuable documentation indeed. I want to congratulate whosoever have contributed in developing this website and in gathering such precious recordings.

    Attempt should continue to contact individuals who may have in their private collection some of the published or non-published recordings of such doyens of the classical music of the olden times and they should be pursuaded to add all these recordings on this website.

  104. S Aamir Raza Sherazi said:

    Thank you for introducing Indian Classical Music here. I am so grateful to the creators of this unique website. It a big dispersion of classical music. I am a student of classical music and am from Gwalior. Now I am so glad and happy to see and downloading this music You really have a great KHAZANA of our great classical music traditions. Big up to you, keep up the excellent work.

    P.S Could you please find some more material for ustads like Tawwakal Khan and instrumentals like Shahnai by Ustad Alamgir Khan, Rangi Khan, and also add Ustad Sadiq Hussain Faislabadi, Fakhre-e-Punjab?

    Thanks and regards,
    S. Aamir Raza Sherazi
    Faisalabad, Pakistan
    Mobile: 03216619087

  105. Prasad said:

    Great Work!!!

    Glad I found you!!!

  106. Aftab Datta said:

    Does anyone have Mallikarjun’s Shudh Sarang?
    I will be happy to trade this for anything.

  107. Mokhan Khandwe said:

    Great site. Provides some of the rarest of rare ragas. Thanks and keep it up.


    Mohan Khandwe


  108. Biswajit Mitra said:

    Dear Mr. Aftab Datta,

    You seem to be a follower of the great man – jiska man mein sur. Incidentally, I do not have his Shudh Sarang, don’t remember hearing the same from him either (By the way, Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan has a unique Shudh Sarang), but I have some of his greatest pieces like Bahaduri Todi, Savani, Kafi KaanRa, Lalita Gauri, Gauri, Malvi, Yaman Kalyan, Bihari, Nayaki KaanRa, Gaud Sarang, Tilak Kamod etc. I have a CD with 72 pieces (big, medium and small) of Pt. Mansur. Would you like to have them? I need big Bihagda and Shivmat Bhairav. Do you have them?

    Thanks and regards,
    Biswajit Mitra

  109. Aftab Datta said:

    Hello Biswajit:

    I think I have most of those Mansur tracks you listed.
    I have Bihagda and Shivmat Bhairav if you are interested.

  110. Poorav said:

    This is my first post here, but I just wanted to express my gratitude for this wonderful website. Please keep it up. I have some rare collections myself that my father has recorded through the years of attending many concerts of these great musicians. It would be an honor to share some of these, and to expose the genius of these musicians.

  111. Biswajit Mitra said:

    Dear Aftab,

    I hope these pieces (Bihagda and Shivmat Bhairav) are long playing (20-25 mins). I have the short takes on these ragas, and these only aggravated my passion to listen to the longer versions of these ragas. I long for your help. Please let me know the mechanism of transfer. My mail id is mbiswa61@yahoo.co.in.

    Kudos to the great man. Coexistence of a performer and a pundit in one soul is a rare phenomenon even among great musicians, but it is even more rare, if not impossible to find out, that simplicity and intellect transcend to one’s music simultaneously. More later.

    Thanks in anticipation,

  112. Abdul Fattah Dahri Dadu Sindh said:

    This is superb site. I am really lucky to find it. I am lookinf for the classical vocal recordings of Ustad Akhter Hussain Khan the fathe of Ustad Amanat & Fateh Ali Khan. Also thumri Mene Lakhon ke bol sahe sitamgar. tere liye sung by ustad Barkat Ali Khan and some Daddras, thumries and Ghazals Sung by Ustad Umeed Ali Khan, Currently two ghazals sung by ustad are available with me in very low quality recording on cassette

  113. zulqarnain said:

    Hey Abdul Fattah Dahri Dadu Sindh !!!
    i do got few dadras, ghazals and thumris of umeed ali khan and barkat ali khan. all are of broadcasting quality
    provide me wid ur mail address
    or mail me at zulqarnainkalyar786@hotmail.com

  114. Abdul Fattah Dahri Dadu Sindh said:

    Dear Zulqarnain

    Thanks for responding. My e-mail is dahriaf@yahoo.com

  115. Hi Poorav
    Kindly post the rare collections 🙂
    Also, can anyone post full lenght Ahir-Bhairav of Amir Khan

    Sincere Regards

  116. Sangeet Mishra said:

    I want to add Pt. Santosh Kumar Mishra (sarangi player of Banaras Gharana) to this site. How can I do this? Please inform me.

  117. अजित वडनेरकर said:

    सुंदर संकलन है। अभी तो सुनना बाकी है। विस्तार से फिर

  118. i likes to collect the music of Bade Gulam Ali.Can anybody help me?

  119. One of the users mentioned earlier that there is non-availability of sarangi lehra for tabla practice on the internet.

    I was able to download the sarangi loops from http://www.kritiarts.com/lehra.htm and worked great for tabla performance.

    Hope this helps someone.


  120. pranshu said:

    Magnificent site…having marvelous collections of verious legends….i am really lucky to find it….

  121. kudos to you guys…the site is phenomenal…after there was a confusion about a recording whether it was Pt.Ramehs Misra or Pt. Dhruba Ghosh….Im keen to listen to Pt.Ramesh Mishra….As a typical human being Im insatiable and crave for more music…this time for Pt. Ramesh Mishra’s music…It would be an act of kindness on you if you could consider my request and upload any recording of Pt. Ramesh Mishra…

  122. Vamanan said:

    Dear Sir…
    In such a short compass, how much feeling Omkarnath Thakurji shows in his rendition of Neelambari…My evening is made…Hats off to you for this great service…

  123. shrikant barhate said:

    Dear Sir,

    May God bless you throughout your life. I was ecstatic when I saw Ustad Aamir Khan Saheb’s Bhatiyar. It is beyond words to express my gratitude towards you. He visited us to open that one single window to divinity. And when he died I was two years old. So although I missed an era, I thought that window still being kept open through your wonderful work. Thank you does not capture the appreciation.

  124. Amazing collection; I am really thankful that someone has taken the pain to post such amazing ragas and and made them available for download.

  125. Abhishek Mishra said:

    Hi, I am a big fan of Sarangi Maestro Kamal Sabriji. I just heard his Basant; what a beautiful recording! No doubt Kamalji is an amazing star of Sarangi today…

  126. Abdul Fattah Dahri said:

    I want to see the recordings of ustad Allah Dino khan Noonari & Khair Mohammed khan the great Classical singers of sindh. All the friends are invited to upload

  127. Ravindran said:

    Dear Friends,

    Kindly help me hear/download ragas bageshree, padtdeep, and kafi in full length (vilambit-drut) of legend ustad amir khan saheb. I will highly appreciate your efforts.

    Looking forward,

  128. I have moved from the wordpress blog to http://www.razarumi.com

  129. Ravindran said:

    Hello poorav:

    Kindly post rare recordings/audios of legend ustad amir khan specially bageshree, patdeep, madhukauns to me.



  130. This is UT… Do you remember me? AKU, music festival… How are you? Very pleased to discover you’re online, man. Stay in touch…. I’m leaving the address of my blog… Drop in…


  131. Major B V Naik said:

    Dear Sir
    I have found a very good site fro listening to clasical music. I intend to visit it frequently & listen to good music.Thanks

  132. Abdul Fattah Dahri said:

    I want to see the semi classical recordings of ustad Amanat & Fateh Ali Khan and Umeed Ali Khan. Kindly upload .

  133. David Snyder said:

    I add my thanks for this invaluable site. May the sarangi continue to inspire mankind to its highest potential.

  134. Dr. Kashyap said:

    Anybody having info on Afghani sarangi players of past & present ?

  135. plz upload multani by ustad salamat ali khan nazakat ali khan

  136. Bhuvanesh said:

    Hi, it would be great if you could post some recordings by Parveen Sultana.

  137. Does anybody know if there is video footage available of Abdul Latif Khan performing (preferably on sarangi, but any instrument)?

  138. I think at last I have found my destination to quench my thirst of classical music, to know it’s true form…..I am really greatfull to you all associated with this website and at the same time want to be a part of this family.

    Also I would like to know about Ustad Ashiq Ali Khan and Ustad Umeed Ali Khan and their recordings. Please feel free to mail me.

    Thank you all.

  139. Thank you !

    I found on your website two recordings which I have been missing for 20 years, Gopal Mishra , sarangi,
    Ragas Maru Bihag and Jog.
    The Maru Bihag I recorded from AIR but the tape was accidentally erased and the Jog I only had fragments of
    and always wished I had the complete recording.
    This brings back memories from Benares where I was at BHU and actually saw Pt. Gopal Mishra at the house of Pt. Kishen Maharaj in 1976 , probably his last concert, he passed away shortly after.

    A long lost treasure finally reappears, I cant tell you how happy I feel at this moment.


    Max Flury

  140. Shanti Raval said:

    Thanks for the great site. I’m looking for info on shehnai/ clarinet–do you have any more material on Ustad Rangi Khan and Ustad Alamgir Khan?

  141. Hi,
    I am looking for the 12 june 1977 recording of Pran Nath at the Holland Festival in the Netherlands.
    It is a Jaijaiwanti in teental with Terry Riley (tabla), Marion Zazeela en La Mounte Young tampura.
    I have only 40 minutes and 6 minutes interview.
    Who has the complete rendering?

    Arie Lautenbach

  142. surrender kumar said:

    Such a great website!! I loved Ustad Umeed Ali khan and Ustad Hamid Ali & Fateh Ali khan. Can anybody upload or send me personally some more recordings of these three great Classical singers?
    my id: surrender.k@gmail.com

  143. I have just been listening to Rag Jog by Gopal Mishra, sarangi, which I downloaded from this site. It is indeed the same recording I had in fragments.

    Does anyone have any data on this ? Was this a concert, AIR National Programme or a local broadcast by the AIR Varanasi Kendra? Any data would be much appreciated , I want to track this down and find the most original version possible and digitally restore the sound in my studio here in the UK.

    After listening to this I have given up all hope of ever playing Rag Jog on a sitar. I will not even try. Not ever. It is impossible. Sarangi, vocal, flute, yes, sitar , no. Some great master can maybe do it , I cant.

    If there is any raga that should not be played on a sitar it is Jog. But, that is my personal feeling, I would love nothing more than somebody proving me wrong.

    If anyone can provide information on this particular recording I will be most grateful.

    Thank you all,

    Max Flury


  144. Hassan Azad said:

  145. Thank you very much for the link.

    I have to listen to this and hear how the Ustad has approached this great raga.

    May I again express my appreciation to everyone connected with this website.

  146. aftab datta said:

    Hi all :
    i have a request. Does anybody have a copy of Asad Ali’s Mian Ki todi (Agra singer, not beenkar) OR Latafat Hussain Khan’s Barwa?
    Id be willing to exchange for it.
    Please let me know if you own, or know someone who can get a copy.
    Thanks in advance.

    Aftab Datta

  147. aftab datta said:

    Latafat Hussain of the Rampur/Bhindi Bazar gharana from pakistan.
    Not the Agra fellow

  148. amjad hussain said:

    This letter is in reference to Soumik’s letter.
    I must tell you that they always competed with each other. No one was the master and no one pupil, but only worthy opponents. And it is not an easy job to distinguish between them. But one who sings with ALANKAR is Ustad Umeed ali khan(Gwalior Gharana) and the other is Ustad Ashique Ali khan(Patiala Gharana). And If you want more recordings of them, then contact me I can provide you their other recordings as well.

  149. amjad hussain said:

    Abdul one of his recording is available at http://www.sadarang.com/gwaliorgharana.htm His Bhopali is available there. Hope you will enjoy it.

  150. Shailendra Mishra said:

    I was hoping to get some more music of my favourite singer “Aftabe Mousiqui” Khan Saheb Ustad Faiyaz Khan Saheb, but just saw two rendations – one in Jaijaiwanti & other one in Bhankar.

    This site can make a link to the sangeet research academy website using the following url:


    Lot of good stuff here though, can somebody also upload Nazakat Salamat’s Bairagi Bhairav. I have heard it just once at a freind’s place. It was magnificient.

  151. To share heaven and the galaxy:
    Internet and classical music on Bundu Khan

    Are there any recordings of Veena Dhannamal, anywhere across this universe?

    highest regards
    Arie Lautenbach
    the Netherlands

  152. i have a request. Does anybody have a copy of Asad Ali’s Mian Ki todi (Agra singer, not beenkar) OR Latafat Hussain Khan’s Barwa (pakistan)?
    Id be willing to exchange for it.

    Aftab Datta

  153. Dear Aftab,

    I have a Latafat Hussain Khan Barwa but I don’t know if it has anything to do with Pakistan.

  154. there are two latafat hussains. that is why i asked.

  155. I see. Well mine is the Agrawal then.

  156. aftab datta said:

    Thank you though

  157. Debashis Chowdhury said:

    Thanks for excellent website and generous sharing with music lovers.

    I have been looking for a rendering of Yaman Kalyan by Bade Ghulam Ali Khan and Munnawar Ali Khan. The drut bandish is “Kinare, kinare”. Do you happen to have a copy to share …

    Best regards.

  158. Rahul S Gogate said:

    This is a superb site! My compliments! It’s a real treat for people like me, who are absolutely dedicated to, and mesmerised by Classical Music! I have managed to get my ears on to some very great music so far… so I am a great admirer of all the artistes and maestros featured on this site. I am looking for a ‘mahiya’ by ustad Barkat Ali Khan, titled ‘Bagon mein pade jhoole’. Please, please, please get it for me! Thanks!

  159. Rahul S Gogate said:

    hi… i want to share some rare recordings with you and all and feature them on your site… how does one go about doing that?

  160. shrikant barhate said:

    Dear Siyar and others,

    Your site continues to enchant me. Sometime ago, when I came across Amir Khan Saheb’s collection on your site, my soul was ecstatic. He is not only called a ‘Sahasrabdika Gayak’ (singer of the milenium), and rightly so, but also that he represents the ethos of the subcontinent. I am from India and I understand some of you are from Pakistan yet our collective and only universal identity as human beings is so finely framed in the composite framework woven by our passion for one of the tresures of God i.e. Music. I am sure Khan Saheb and others who have gone beyond the curtain must be praying for you to Him.

    Your work I see, especially when I make a point to read the possitive comments by visitors, in the context of the universality. God bless you.

    Anybody with semiclassical treasure of Amirkhan saheb and more diamonds from Vasantrao Deshpande; especially Patmanjiri? Please people, understand the thirst!

  161. Dr. Kashyap said:

    Any info available about Ustad Salamatali’s teachers Pt. Pran Nath & Baba Naththu khan(probably hussain bux gullu’s father ) ?

  162. aftab datta said:

    Does anybody know if a Desi Todi, Puriya Dhanashree, Shudh Sarang, or Shree exists by Fateh & Amanat Ali…and is willing to share them? Ill be happy to exchange if you wish….

  163. hi
    does any1 ave the allah jane maula jane bandish in raga gujri/miyan ki todi by ustad amir khan? if u have it or know of where i could get it from , your help wud b most deeply appreciated.

  164. Kishor Shah said:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful site. I am thoroughly enjoying the recordings you have on this site.

  165. satindra said:

    I have been looking for mp3 files of Abdul Karim Khan sahib’s 4 or 5 minutes recordings erstwhile available in 78 rpm records. Just a few of them are available for download at http://www.cooltoad.com – one needs to create a free account there, of course – make sure you run pop-up ad stopper before you download. Where can I get mp3 files of Abdul Karim Khan’s song on Bhairavi(“Yamuna ke teer”), Tilang thumri, Lalit and so on?

  166. Hemmige S Prashanth said:


    A great website; great recordings. Thank you very much for making the works of our great artistes available to all!

    A small suggestion. People have uploaded great recordings, however they are not in appropriate folders. Can they be moved to the correct locations so that it is easier to search. For example – https://sarangi.info/2008/05/11/aftab-dattas-summer-collection/ should be ideally under the corresponding artiste folders under ‘vocal’, ‘sarangi’ etc.


  167. OOM IS MY LIFE said:

    Hi friends

    If I want to share some good piece how do I post/ upload that.


    Music is my life

  168. aftab datta said:

    Hello Friends:
    Enjoy this AMAZING Chandrakauns by Liaqat Ali kindly provided by Dr. Kashyap Dave. Let me know if there are any downloading issues.


    • i am ina great need of shrafat hussain khan’s savani,malati basant maluha kalyan,raisa kanada,darbari etc. pls hurry!

  169. you have filled our lives with music. thank you so much. god bless you.

  170. Ali Zaman Jafri said:

    It’s a very good site, and I request you to kindly upload more pics and vocals of Ustad Chotay Ghulam Ali Khan Sahib. If you don’t have them, please contact me.

    Awaiting your prompt reply.

    Contact # 0300-8448520

  171. aftab datta said:

    @ Ali Zaman Jafri
    Whats your email?

  172. vinay pande said:

    it would be so good to hear a chhote ghulam ali khan recording of the calibre of his superb alhaiya bilawal. the later recordings ( eg gara) were probably made when he was very old.

  173. Prashanth said:

    Dear All,

    Can some one point me to Ustad Amir Khan’s Basant Bahar? I found (may be a sample on) on YouTube “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlYpOCrqP94” and it is unbelievable!


  174. Narayanan Balamurali Krishnan said:

    I am really thankful to S/Shri Timur khan and all associated with this website for bringing out this website. Really fantastic collections. I am enjoying listening to my choices close to my heart in Amir Khan, bade Gulam Ali Khan etc. Thank you so much. My special thanks to Aftab datta -WOW what an asset of collections he has and that too he is preapred to share with with us. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!

  175. Deal all,
    Thanks to the moderators who maintain this site..a job for God.
    Can somebody send me mp3 of yashwantbua joshiji on abhay.geneticist@gmail.com.

  176. Ali Zaman Jafri said:

    Dear Aftab Datta Sb,
    Thanks for your keen interest,my mail address is


    U can feel free contact me at any time

    Thanks your patience plz


  177. i could not find site for down load of indian classical music until i reached sarangi.info through sheer chance and not through search engine .

    buck-up & keep up your task Cheers &BEST OF LUCK

  178. purushottam kulkarni said:

    unbelivable collection.Its GOD’s bliss to u all. May I personally thank u for this marvlous collecton made available to public. will u please make available various ragas sung by Koushiki chakrabarti?
    Purushottam kulkarni

  179. aftab datta said:

    Hello Friends:
    I would like to share a few tracks with you all, and encourage others to do the same for rare and unpublished music (using the available file sharing services).
    Please be careful not to re-upload music which has been published on other sites such as orkut, esnips, etc. But, feel free to refer to them if you think there is a track we would be interested in!

  180. Dear aftab,

    Your generosity comes out in one or the other way ! I have been seeing you for more than 3 yrs, but hardly any change in this ‘sharing’ attitude.

  181. ustad amir khan said:

    here is one more exciting recording of Ustad Amirkhan’s.

    this recording is made available by that elderly person whose i refer as aged person this program was given by ustad amir khan in a public concert in mumbai, in the year 1954. tabla accompaniment is provided by Ustad mohmed ahmed. i would like to suggest the lerned listeners of ICM to listen this Zumra taal played by ustad mohmmad ahmed and find distinction between present day tabla players and the tabla accompniment provided by ustad M. Ahmed here.

    please convey your thoughts.


  182. Beautiful chandrakauns!

  183. Sanjeev Damle said:

    Dear Rasiks,
    I am extremely delighted listening to the fabulous musical treat on sarangi.info.
    I am interested if any of you have a Tabla recording of late Ustad Amir Hussein Khan or his son late Ustad Papa Hussein Khan.
    Thanks and Best regards,

  184. aftab datta said:

    thank you so much for the chandrakauns!
    very enjoyable.
    thanks again,

    • i would be pleased if you upload sharafat hussain khan’s malati basant,ramdasi malhar,bairagi,maluha kalyan,raisa kanada etc. i am in a great need.

  185. Great music. I like the ease with which [these great Hindustani vocal] music can be downloaded.

    By the way, if you are using Vista and (latest) Firefox, you can download by just clicking on the song [link] and save them, instead of right clicking and ‘save target as’

  186. mehram singh said:

    ustad amir khan sahib this is raag chandrakauns of the recording u r referring 2.

  187. Sanjeev Damle said:

    Hello all,
    Just wanted to share with you a nice website with lot of Tabla Gharanas and some excellent recordings:

  188. Niranjan Mahagaonkar said:

    Thanks for the valuable collections made available online. Commendable effort indeed , let the music flow beyond boundaries and bring peace and tranquility to all.

    My appeal to sarangi.info to include Shri Pandit Basavaraj Rajgurus collections and be made available.

    Thanking again!

  189. Ustad Amir khan Saahib said:



    here is one more exciting recording of Ustad Amirkhan’s.

    this recording is made available by that elderly person whose i refer as aged person this program was given by ustad amir khan in a public concert in mumbai, in the year 1954. tabla accompaniment is provided by Ustad mohmed ahmed. i would like to suggest the lerned listeners of ICM to listen this Zumra taal played by ustad mohmmad ahmed and find distinction between present day tabla players and the tabla accompniment provided by ustad M. Ahmed here.

    please convey your thoughts.

  190. Hey,

    just wanted to ask; does anybody here have a Rahimuddin Dagar Shree?
    Would really like it if u do and if so could you please send it to me, or upload it…?


  191. Dr. Kashyap said:

    Can anybody post the present status of son/grandsons or the art
    lineage of famous sarangi Ustads like Nathukhan, Zahoorikhan,
    Hamidhussain, Allarakhakhan, Ghulam Mohammad, Nabibaksh etc.. ?

    Say for example for U.bundukhan, there are(were) Umraobundu(son),
    Bulad iqbal (son), Nazir mohammad (nephew), Abdul majeed (shagird),
    M.Saghiruddin (shagird) as known players.

    From there too U. masitkhan(shagird & brother in law of Abdul majeed)
    & Dhruv ghosh ( shagird of M. Saghiruddin) can be traced.

    -Dr. Kashyap

  192. vinay pande said:

    just in case your readers have not heard— alan posselt has posted some extraordinarily good sarod recordings of radhika mohan moitra on his website. this is the address–
    patdeep, tilak kamod and basant mukhari with chatur lal on tabla. shyam kedar with jnan prakash ghosh. kamod, desh and bihag with shyamal bose.
    you haven’t heard great sarod until you hear radhubabu perform in his prime.

  193. Dr. Kashyap said:

    Ustad Bundukhan used to play self designed sarangi made from a bamboo. All the available recordings have that sarangi only. Anybody having the audio sample of Bundukhan playing regular sarangi ?

  194. With respect the Jhoomra taal theka pointed out by a contributor…A Taal is only perceived as such within limits. Human consciousness cannot make a taal pattern of anything slower than 3 beats in 2 seconds.Readers are free to consult a paper by the late Dr. B.C.Deva in support.Or to try it out.
    The ati vilambit is really a piece of nonsense where the tabla player fills in gaps between 2 maatras by tapping 4 times!!
    Has anyone tried to keep time in the sense of Khaali and Bhari with an ati vilambit theka? It is not possible.
    A slow ektaal is supposed to consist of 48 maatras!! Why not 120?Or 144?

  195. Dear Mr. Aftab Datta,

    Thanks for sharing the tilak kamod by Ustad Umrao Khan, it’s simply beautiful. I’d like to point you to my blog where you can listen to a tilak kamod recording by Ustad Nathu Khan sarangi-nawaz. It is from my uncle’s collection and was recorded at a private mehfil in Karachi:


    Included in the post is a review of the performance, written by Dr. Kashyap Dave — sarangi expert and student of Ustad Sultan Khan.


  196. ref. rupinder’s question re:allah jaane maula jaane sung by the late ustad amir khan…..you can hear a fragment on youtube. there is a clip in 2 parts called life story of ustad amir khan, which is a documentary produced by films division of india.you will find it on one of those 2 clips.

  197. aftab datta said:

    @ bohotkhoob…
    That is indeed a wonderful Tilak Kamod and an excellent writeup by Dr. Kashyap.

    I dont know if anybody has this but i am sharing an Amir Khan Mian Ki Todi. It is approximately 31 minutes long.


  198. Inayat Ullah said:

    It is wonderful site for those who are blesed with the sense of Ragas. Ipray for the long and healthfull life for those who had maintaied this beautiful site with lot of information of Ragas.

  199. vinay pande said:

    aftab-thank you so much for sharing your hoard of mushtaq ali khan recordings. i am hearing them over the holidays. the gaur sarang is beautiful.

  200. vinay pande said:

    add four more mushtaq ali recordings ( including one video-bhairavi) to aftab’s treasure trove.
    bihag, bhairav, bhimpalasi and the bhairavi i mentioned.

    until a few months ago we couldnt find a single mushtaq ali recording on the web. and now from rags to riches…

    add these to the radhika mohan moitra recordings i mentioned earlier and you will hear how sitar and sarod SHOULD be played.

    mushtaq ali was a superb surbahar player too. surely there are some surbahar recordings floating around somewhere? calcutta AIR perhaps?

  201. aftab datta said:

    Vinay, thank you for the kind words. I agree, Mushtaq was an exceptional musician.

    I would like to share Lakshan Geet v.2. I have been looking for this for a while, found it, and would like to share.


  202. sundersingh,b.g. said:

    Just heard the wonderful rendition of BILAWAL of the legendary Abdul Karim Khan saheb.
    Actually, my interest started with listening to a rendition of raga Gorakh Kalyan by the great Pt. Ronu Majumdar and I went on hearing all the great musicians listed by Parikkar in his take on Narayani and Gorakh Kalyan. Some more by Vidushi Kala Ramanath, Vidushi Smita Bellur, Ustad Rashid Khan, Pt. Jasraj ji, Pt. Basavaraj Rajguru, Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma, Vidushi Parveen Sultana and of course my favourite Bharat Rathna Bhimsen Joshi. A common thread in this has been Kirana gharana.

    However, there is not even a single piece of Raga Gorakh Kalyan. Please include this in the great sarangi khazana (The video under preparation is yet to be available)!

  203. Aftab Datta said:

    I want to share raag Amritvarshini by Budhaditya Mukherjee.


  204. Dr.Kashyap said:

    I have uploaded few rare sarangi tracks on my mediafire folder. Hope to add few more from time to time depending on the response.


  205. R.N. GAUR said:

    Dear Aftab ji,

    Rag Miyan ki todi audio file of Ustad Amir Khan Saheb is not available/playing on Medifire.com. It is either removed or renamed.

    Can you kindly re-upload this rare song or mail me audio file.


  206. here is another treasure trove–live, unpublished AIR recordings of d v paluskar, courtesy abhimonyu deb.
    there are approximately a dozen here–darbari, bhimpalasi, jaijaiwanti, bhajan etc. unfortunately some links do not work.
    we all owe an immense debt of gratitude to abhimonyu da for rescuing these from AIR burrocrats.
    ps thank you very much for posting these lovely sarangi recordings kashyap saheb.

  207. jaddanbai–
    if you are curious to hear what the great jaddan bai sounded like you can check out my esnips folder.( she was the mother of nargis the movie actress and a pupil of moujuddin khan of calcutta.)
    there are three old 78 rpm records here.

  208. Dear Dr Kahyap,

    Many many thanks for the fine sarangi recordings – much appreciation.
    Please do post more if your time allows – jewels indeed.
    With thanks,

    ps many thanks to all taking the time to share

  209. j s pande said:

    the item captioned pilu thumri by rahimuddin dagar on aftab datta s collection is NOT a thumri. it is a gazal of mirza ghalib.
    dil hi to hai na sung o khisht…..

  210. i think the music on this site is wonderful. my only concern is – are the artists ok with their music being posted? wouldn’t they prefer peope to buy their albums legally?

  211. I would like to ask all of you if you have heard Pandit Kumar Gandharva Rendering Tilak Kamod?I am informed by some authentic sources that Panditji sang the bandish “Tirath Tau Sab Karein…” once in doordarshan.And due to his distinct style the bandish became worth hearing.The pause and stroke between “sab” and “karein” aptly enriched the flavour of the bandish.Does anybody have any idea of where shall i find the recording.I would be greatefull if anyone uploads the bandish sung by kumar gandharva.I am quite aware of the fact that bhimsen ji has recordings of the bandish.I do have the recording with me.If anybody can enlighten on kumarjis tilak kamod rendering records….

  212. Akash Mitra said:

    Can anyone give me useful link to Kumar Gandharva sung tilak kamod?
    Please upload if anyone has the raga sung by Kumar Gandharva.

    • hello
      i have the recording in my personal collection, but i do not know how to upload it on this site.
      pl advise me on uploading and i will make kumar’s tilak kamod available

  213. kartvirya swaminathan said:

    Dr.Ishwarchandra Ramchandra Karkare has given his several music concert recordings for music lovers. List of Ragas you can hear on internet :-
    1. Lalit
    2. Bhairav
    3. Bairagi Bhairav
    4. Bhairav Bahar
    5. Suha
    6. Bihag
    7. Shankara
    8. Basant
    9. Darbari Kanhara
    10. Malkauns
    11. Puriya

  214. Aftab, you are requested by me for the recording of kafi kanada of Pdt. D.V. Paluskar if you have. Actualy, I have found this recording so many times but I could’nt get that.

  215. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been up all night listening to the ladies. Truly wonderful.

  216. Bharat Jani said:

    Am really happy to see that the site is back to life, wating fort he music to be uploaded.
    Would appreciate if some one can get Kumar’s Tialk kamod, as many have suggested and some recordings by Pt Kashinath Bodas except published by Rhythm House, Mumbai

  217. It is indeed a pleasure to see the site back to action with even better format. Compliments to all those involved in its progress.

  218. Christopher Klacsanzky said:

    The site files don’t seem to be working. the recordings give an error page. Also the Sarangi book is showing an error page too. I hope that everything becomes fine with the site again.

  219. Beginner in Sarangi. Looking for beautiful full sweet sounding sarangi to buy. Thankyou for this website. It will be a site I visit again.

  220. Parul Bhardwaj said:

    Parul , Delhi

  221. Ferhan Qureshi said:

    Last night in Lahore, Pakistan, Hindustani Classical music suffered a
    great loss with the untimely passing of Ustad Sharafat Ali Khan, the
    eldest son of the legendary vocal maestro Ustad Salamat Ali Khan.
    Ustad Sharafat Ali Khan was currently the leading representative of
    the Sham Chaurasi Gharana and was initiated into music at the young
    age of 7 by his father. His debut performance was given in Lahore at
    the Pakistan Center Al-Falah in 1968. Ustad Sharafat Ali Khan had
    toured worldwide (including Pakistan, India, the United States of
    America, Canada, Europe, Australia, Africa) and recorded extensively,
    first as a supporting vocalist alongside his father and later as a
    soloist. He was the recipient of numerous awards in Pakistan, India
    and abroad. Ustad Sharafat Ali Khan is survived by his younger
    brothers: Latafat Ali Khan, Sukhawat Ali Khan and Shafqat Ali Khan and
    younger sisters: Khaldah, Sajdah, Riffat and Majdah. Ustad Sharafat
    Ali Khan’s son and student, Shujaat Ali Khan is currently leading the
    youngest generation of the Sham Chaurasi Gharana and is performing
    Hindustani Classical Vocal in both Pakistan and India as a soloist and
    in support of Ustad Sharfat Ali Khan’s youngest brother, Ustad Shafqat
    Ali Khan.
    May he rest in peace.
    A recently posted you tube clip of Ustad Sharafat Ali Khan
    accompanying his father Ustad Salamat Ali Khan :
    Rag Saraswati

  222. Rajendrasinh Jadeja said:

    Since last 1 year I M using net and I was finding North Indian Classical Music since last 1 year but now I have seen that sarangi.info is the sea of music & will never like to come out of this sea

  223. Rajendrasinh Jadeja said:

    Aapka Bahot Bahot Sukriya jo aisi dhuniya ni nayab CHIZE yahan pe bikheri he jo kuchh chuninda logo k liye he me aapko pranam karata hu

  224. Abdul Fattah Dahri said:

    Dear Aftab

    Kindly upload some recordings of Ustad Amanat Ali Khan & Fateh Ali Khan and their Father Ustad Akhter Hussain Khan

  225. ranjeet singh rawlot said:

    bharatiya shashtriya sangeet ki seva ke liye dhanyavad

  226. I thank whomever is in control of this website. This is one of the best website and i wish one day you can upload videos as well…

  227. Abhimonyu Deb said:

    I don’t remember if I wrote about this before. I have uploaded some AIR recordings of Ustad Bundu Khan. Here is the link.


  228. R.N. GAUR said:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to upload some audio files of Ustad Amir Khan Saheb. Please let me know the idea, so that I can be able to upload.

    Thanking you,

  229. SUMERMAL SINGHI said:


  230. hello
    your collection is good and thanks for making so much available.
    how can i upload some of my collection, for example gangubai hangal, kumar gandharva etc on this site? is it permitted? please let me know how and the rules.

  231. Yasir Masud (PUNNU) said:

    Dear Guys.
    For the longest time there was something missing. A piece of me. Listening to the Sarangi being played once again has soothed my soul. I chose to write to you to convey my appreciation.
    What was my loss and is your too in the name of Ustaad Mubarik Ali Khan is really what compels me to write to you. Well done in not just paying your tribute to him but to all great artists who have been brought together under your banner.
    Yasir Punnu.

  232. Your site is amazing! There are so many rare and precious recordings. I can’t go to sleep because I want to listen to them all! Thank you so much for this. I am truly grateful!

  233. Neelesh Ishwarchandra Karkare said:

    Dear all,
    I have a very good audio-recording(.mp3) of Dr. Ishwarchandra Ramchandra Karkare (disciple of Pt. Pandurangrao Sitaram Umdekar & Pt. Gangadhar Bhagwat), Raag Bhairav (Gwalior Gharana cheez).
    How can I post it on this great site.

    plz show me right direction.
    e-mail: neeleshi@nsbindia.org

  234. Fawad Zakariya said:

    Taimur & team, I just discovered this wonderful site when clicking on my old link to APMC. Thanks for your wonderful work here. I have long been a huge fan of Rajan Parrikar’s site (including his SAWF articles) even though his occasional snarky comments are unfortunate.

    I am a native of Lahore and and love that city and for me it is a real pleasure to know that younger classical music fans are alive and well in Pakistan even though they are small in number. Keep up the great work here.

  235. Dr.Kashyap said:

    Young faces of old sarangi nawaz – this page is from an old magazine recovered from the scrap.

    Sarangi players associated with All India Radio

  236. Aftab/Taimur Khan,
    What a beautiful Multani of Nazakat and Salamat Ali khan and Lalit of Faiyaz Hussain Khan . It needs a very big heart to share with every one , not that many people can do it . those recordings are one of the best examples of that raags.
    Thank you again.

  237. aftab datta said:

    thanks jagdish. You were there from the start!

  238. Paramjit Sond said:

    Thank you.

  239. Gurunandan N Baindur said:

    Thank you. I love Ustad Bade Gulam Ali Khansahibs recordings. I have no words to express my gratitude.
    G Baindur

  240. Satindra Chakrabarti said:

    I have recently posted sitar + sarod recital by Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khanplayed by them in early sixties. Raag Bihaag and raag Maj Khamaj. Please type in ” Ravishankar – raag bihaag” in youtube search box. The one with a scene of a beautiful lake surrounded by green fur trees is where you’d find the song.

  241. Srinivasa Kumar Swarna said:

    Commendable work!! Thanks for the treasure trove!

    Srinivasa Kumar S

  242. Excellent site for wonderful music!

  243. Satindra Chakrabarti said:

    A 20 minutes recital of raag Gorakh Kalyan by Pandit Jasraj is now available for download; the link is here

    [audio src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/55358290/PtJasraj%20-Gorakh%20Kalyan.mp3" /]

  244. Satindra Chakrabarti said:

    I’m sorry,there has been some modification(not on the song, but the link): please try this one instead

    [audio src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/55358290/PtJasraj-Gorakh%20Kalyan.mp3" /]

  245. harsh thakor said:

    Real lover of our Indian classical music…

  246. Vishal Desai said:

    This site is the best music site in the world.It contains all classical music material but I have a suggestion please make different page for other classical instruments like sitar,sarod etc like you have for sarangi.

  247. Satindra Chakrabarti said:

    Hi there! I am very excited that there is somone living close to me and we both are N Indian classical song lovers. I live in Mississauga. I’d like to share whatever I have and expect same from someone with whom I share. Please visit youtube and type in the search box ‘Ravi shankar raag bihag’ (without ‘ sign, of course). In the search result click on the picture showing a lake surrounded by trees and blue sky above. Leave a comment there

  248. Words cannot express my thanks to you for puting up this site. I am discovering more than I could even think of the world of great vocalists of raagas.

  249. Many many thanks for creating this Gold. I appreciate the efforts taken by site owner to avail these rare classics to the world.

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