Produced by Khwaja Khurshid Anwar

Ragamala is an compilation of brief raga renditions by the most well known Pakistani Kheyal singers, each preceded by Khurshid Anwar’s commentary. The ragas are arranged under the following ten thaats:


17 thoughts on “Ragamala”

  1. rajendra bhatia said:

    Many thanks for spreading fragrance with so much love.

    I have enjoyed the Ragamala, especially the Panjabi compositions which one does not hear very often. The little Darbari piece is marvelous and deeply touching in its simplicity.

  2. Thank you Taimur! Thank you!

  3. This is a fantastic collection. Thanks a lot for sharing these gems with us!!

  4. Incomparable!!
    A labour of love.
    Thanks for making this music availaible at one place.

  5. Dr. Mohammad Hanif said:

    I would feel incomplete without experiencing your priceless treasure. May God bless you with the zealous energy to continue reaching the hungry people of fine and performing art.

    Great regards,

    Mohammad Hanif, PhD
    Troy, Michigan USA

  6. Jayaram philkana said:

    Dear Khurshid saab, please accept my sincere appreciation and thanks for uploading and organizing this treasure trove of information. Regards, Jayaram

  7. sandip keravadekar said:

    wounderfull collection in one place, nice event, many many thanks to you

  8. Emanuel Sahayam said:

    On behalf of sincere lovers of classical music , I would like to show my appreciation to you for this Himalayan task. Not everyone is fortunate to have access to a good master. Is it possible for you or anyone reading this to provide info on the alaaps and chalans of Ragas(this is a big ask and a very challenging task for many).

    I would like to correspond with someone who has a good knowledge of the ragas.

    Emanuel Sahayam

  9. Hi Sarangi.info
    I am a regular visitor of Sarangi.info for last 4 years.
    I am thankful to the Sarangi.info for letting us to download this healthy and wealthy music. Sarangi.info is the treasure of Hindustani Classical Music.

    I want to make your attension here please:

    In Ragamala there is a song in Raga Pahadi (Keherva) in Bilawal Thaat by Ustad Salamat Ali Khan.

    It may be the Punjabi language (But it is not). But to me it seems Mandiyali dialect of District Mandi (Himachal Pradesh, India). Becouse each and every word of the lyrics has a meaning in Mandyali/Mandiyali (मण्डियाली/मण्डयाली). So I am sure it is Mandiyali as I am from the same district and I am also a Pahari.
    The Lyrics goes as:


    MuNjo Bharosaa Jaani Teraa
    O Daghebaaz MaaNuAan
    Bharosaa Kittaa Teraa
    MuNjo Bharosaa Jaani Teraa

    मुञ्जो भरोसा जानी तेरा
    ओ दग़ेबाज़ माणुआँ
    भरोसा कित्ता तेरा
    मुञ्जो भरोसा जानी तेरा
    Word Meanings in Respective Language/Dialect
    Munjo (Mandiyali)=Mujhko / Mujhe (Hindi); Mainun/Menun (Punjabi)

    MaaNuAan (Mandiyali)=Maanav/Aadami/Insaan/Manush/Manushya/Purusha (Hindi); admi/manukh/purakh/puras/banda/insan(Punjabi)


    Narendra Thakur

    • Thank you so much for uploading this. It is very educating and I highly appreciate the effort that has gone into uploading 94 Ragas. It would immensely help me to understand the basics of a Raga as a student of ICM. I would always be indebted to you.

  10. jageshwar kewat said:


  11. Great work I salute to khursheed sahab .sir ap ne tamam classical music lovers per bohat bada ehsan kia hey thanks. God bless u .

  12. Rishabh Sinha said:

    I find myself very fortunate to find this site. Thanks a lot for making this treasure available to those who deserves it.

  13. Naveed Mukhtar said:

    Hi! Sarangi.info
    I’ve found this precious treasure today after searching for many years and i am very happy to day. Thanks a lot for making this treasure available to those who deserve it. Thank you so much for uploading this Precious Treasure. God Bless You.

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