5 thoughts on “Bundu Khan”

  1. Sudipto Marjit said:

    I recently heard a concert of Janab Sarwar Hussain, who is with ITC SRA and plays the sarangi at a SPICMACAY concert. I think what he played was one of the finest demonstration of Raga Basant Mukhari that I came across in recent times. Please include some of his recordings in this site

  2. Here is a precious document on sarangi Nawaz U. BUNDUKHAN TRANSLATED IN ENGLISH from original urdu script, .

    • The file is private and cannot be viewed by others. Kindly change the status so that it can be viewed. Thanks a lot. –

  3. Mukund Shirhatti said:

    on youtube there is a AIR programme in tribute of bundu khan. The part 1 of the recording is there but part has been blocked. can anyone tell me if saregam has the whole programme in a disc? or if someone can upload it here it would be great as well

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