6 thoughts on “Gopal Mishra

  1. these recordings are amazing… i thought i was the only one with these… on TDK casettes. nice to find someone has converted these and uploaded for everyone..

    Some really special music that you just cant find these days…

    Nice one


  2. i have heared his live performance at langertoli,patna and number of times with syaram tiwari etc. i did not found this type of person who only for seconds play the raga and get clapping ignoring the main performer even begam akhtar

  3. oh god I was searching some tabla n dholki loops I just clicked on Sarangi, Guruji GOPAL MISRAJI was the classical player,I was hardly21 yr old I heard him for about 4 yrs regularly at Swatantra Bharat Mill music center near Akhada in those days their blind my guruji Janab masterji Rattan kumarji, classical singer Matege Sahab (shishya of Jawahar Lal mattoo )my guruji all used to sit from 7 pm to night 11 pm I used to listen n help them with Hrmonium Chords.THE Sarangi,n classical music run in my vains .ihave many golden memories. with great gurus of classical legends Janab Gopal Misraji.Thanx Ask.com to bring the past in light

  4. I met him briefly. The fingers of his left hand were mangled from playing. I learned from his brother, Hanuman Prasad Misra.

    My main teacher, Amir Khan, started his training as a sarangiya.

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