9 thoughts on “Sultan Khan”

  1. Prof. Balwinder Singh said:

    These people are mountain of music.

  2. Laiho Lugo Lugo said:

    … One of the best sounds, one of the most beautiful musics of the world … such a beautifull!!….
    Love, Union and Peace for all beings …

  3. Dr.Kashyap said:

    Raag Sehra by U. Sultankhan on sarangi – Tribute to My teacher Ustad Sultan khan. This is the name given by Him to this raag from the forbidden scale. Once he recorded this for radio & asked to cancel it saying it is too sad so should not be aired. What could be more sad occasion than this ? Mehdi hassan also sang one ghazal in this raag (Jab tere nain muskurate hai). Audio quality is poor due to limited resources. Here is the link http://www.mediafire.com/?mymehjkklvm

  4. One of the Best Sarangi player in world

  5. Michael Polka said:

    I am a non-Indian but sincerely love the wonderful unique sound of one of the greatest instruments invented by mankind, the Sarangi. I have a disk of the late Ustad Sultan Khan and have listened to it countless hours. It soothes the soul.

  6. Sultan Khan Sahib was melodious, soulful, full of pathos and grandeur. He was musician of musicians. RIP. Ayub Aulia-London

  7. That jaijavanti with Miyan Shaukat Hussain Khan Saheb subhan Allah
    Tabla sangat was too good.

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