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10 thoughts on “Updates”

  1. Satish Bhatia said:

    I am not able to download anything from this site. Am I missing the proper proceedure?
    You are doing great service to the art of our musical tradition. Thanks

  2. I am not able to open the “update files” . What is the proceedure for that?

  3. Aamir Raza Sherazi said:

    Aftab Bhai
    I am waiting for winter collection plz upload

  4. Dahri Abdul Fattah said:

    Mehdi Hassan Sahib is no more with us. waiting for posting regarding Mehdi Sahib, as his style of Ghazal singing is khayal style.

  5. Aadab Aftab ji!I really thankful 2 u 4 your great hard work!Will u tell me that When will your next collection come?

  6. When will come your next collection?

  7. Gayatri Ugra said:

    I am hunting for an old HMV recording by Ustad Latafat Hussain of Agra gharana: Raga Megh, “Aye ati dhoom dham” Please help me to find it.

  8. I m your great fan & waiting for your next collection!Will u tell me that when will u upload?

  9. Aadab Aftaab ji!How r u?I m your great fan & waiting for your next collection!

  10. hello how r u all? no new recordings for quite sometime so turning to old uploads from time to time. Umeed ali khan: very clear in diction, very nice taan improvisation and very distinguished lineage, loved bilaskhani todi by him, thanks take care.

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