8 thoughts on “Abdul Karim Khan”

  1. satindra chakrabarti said:

    I have been looking for AK Khan’s ‘Lalit’ for a long time. This is no other than what we find at:


    Here we need to click on the red icon under ‘audio clip’ on the same line with ‘Lalit’ appearing in the table. It however appears to me that the ‘Lalit’ under this audio clip is shortened by a few seconds or may be ½ a minute from the actual length of what I have in my audio cassette. This piece of song (Lalit) sung by Abdul Karim Khan I had played ~40 years ago on a gramophone machine with 78RPM record. If somone happens to know where to get mp3 format of this I’d ever remain grateful.

  2. sanjib kumar panigrahi said:

    this is a best web site for raga sangeet

  3. You can find the music of Abdul Karim khan at the above website. Enjy!

  4. or google.co.in and search hindusthani music abdul karim khan

  5. This is best search for me of Ustad Abdul karim khan Saheb.

  6. Hassan Azad said:

    Pl change the label Bilawal to Yamani Bilawal.

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