10 thoughts on “Nazakat Ali & Salamat Ali

  1. One of the greatest singers of Hindustani classical music, real gems.
    But, I feel they did not get their due respect & care either in India or in Pakistan. Can be a symbol of oneness of the people of both countries. Both countries should open centres one in Hoshairpur in Punjab, their birth place, and another in Lahore where they resided

    1. prabhu ji aap bilkul sahi farmate hai,,,,u. nazakat ali salamat ali mere liye bhagwan se kam nahi….asal me main to enhi ka bhagat hu….ye itne mhan hai ke koi bhi shabad me inki tarif nahi ho sakti,,,i love tham more than anything in the world…..aur aap bhi salamat rahe

      1. sach me ye to rago ne dharti par avtar le liya hai,tha mai kabhi nhi kahuga. kyuki ye hameaha maijood hai. sach me ye khud Rag ke bhagwan hai. mujhe inse zyada koi azeez nhi.

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