10 thoughts on “Mohammad Hussain Sarahang

  1. Listening to these recordings, one knows why he was so acclaimed. Every recording, regardless of how many times one listens, is fresh with new learning. Not only that, but his mystical voice carries us into deep meditations on the beloved. Thank you for sharing such wonderful recordings.

  2. I don’t have words for the great Ustad Sarahang. Listening to his priceless raga’s makes me more than happy. Thank you for posting these wunderful raga’s. regards from London

  3. Listening to Ustad Sarahang proves the great saying “Music is what feelings sounds like”. I dont know music but I can feel, Ustad always balance my emotions and stops me from going to extremes. Choice of Ghazal and fitting it into suitable Raga reflects his knowledge of music and poetry “always the best”…. I am not good writer and I cant write what I am feeling and what I am thinking. but I can say… I love Ustad Sarahang and I always think why I didnt see him alive…. miss you ustad. (Thanks alot for these posts)

  4. I am moved by the rendition of the ustad Rag Hansdwani.
    I would love to have the Bandeshi for the rag any chance.

    many thanks

  5. What a beautiful collection of classical songs by someone who was not an Indian but an Afghan, really impressive.

    Sunnil Kapoor

  6. His voice was a pure divine call. Words can’t express my deep respect and love for Ustad sarahang and poetry he choose for his songs. Simply the best.

  7. His voice was a pure divine call. Words can’t express my deep respect and love for Ustad Sarahang and poetry he chose for his songs.

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